Coins on Silom is an annual, high-profile fundraising event held by The Rotary Club of Bangkok South along a section of Silom Road.

During this unique day-long event, (06.00 to 14.00), a broad strip of 3M red cloth tape is laid along the sidewalk on both sides of Silom Road and stands are prominently placed to display sponsor logos.
3M Thailand has been the event sponsor for Coins on Silom for many years, contributing the red cloth and self-adhesive tape placed along Silom Road.

Rotarians and other volunteers accepted donations from the public and each donor is invited to place a symbolic ‘coin’ sticker, bearing the logo of one of our platinum sponsors, on the tape to symbolize their contribution.

Coins on Silom Programme by Rotary Club Bangkok South
Coins on Silom Programme by Rotary Club Bangkok South

Each year Coins on Silom raises well over 1 million Baht, all of which goes directly to our charity projects.

Funds come from:

Donations from the public on the day

Donations deposited into coin boxes distributed around Bangkok

Donations by members, colleagues, friends, and acquaintances


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