Other Projects

The Rotary Club of Bangkok South also undertakes many other projects, some on a regular basis, some as one-off arrangements. Some examples of both include (past or current):

  • A scholarship programme, the Luang Sit Fellowship Programme, providing financial assistance to needy students so that they can obtain tertiary education (see further information under Luang Sit Fellowships in the Sponsorship Options section)
  • Assistance with annual vaccination days at schools and health centres as part of Rotary International’s Polio Plus initiative, designed to eradicate polio from the planet
  • Funding assistance to the Books for Thailand Foundation, which imports surplus English books from the USA and distributes them free to schools throughout Thailand
  • Participation in programmes to provide mosquito nets to rural communities
  • Funding of a Career Day for Luang Sit Fellowship graduate students, to help them find employment by outlining career opportunities and teaching them how to complete resumes and conduct themselves in job interviews

Cooperative projects undertaken jointly with other Rotary Clubs, both in Thailand and overseas, and with other Clubs and Rotary International, such as:

  • Providing medical equipment for provincial hospitals;
  • Providing dental equipment for provincial hospitals;
  • Installation of Clean Drinking Water Systems in rural schools

We also help promote the development of the spirit of Rotary in coming generations by mentoring and fostering a Rotaract Club at Assumption University and an Interact Club at Bangkok Christian College. To both of these we provide oversight as well as financial assistance for designated purposes.

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