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July 8, 2022
Revive! Reinvent! Rejuvenate!
Vision for Rotary Year 22/23
Past Presidents, Immediate Past President, My Fellow Rotarians,
I’ve been a scoundrel for most of my life. Outspoken, hard to work with and outrageous at the best of times, but at the age of almost 75, I am grateful that so many of you have given me a chance to take up this role.
I think that is where we are at our best; when we support, educate and guide each other, helping each other to grow. That is when we display the best of our humanity. You must run to the rescue with love. Only then will peace and happiness follow.
We have been through almost two years of disruption. Disruption to our weekly meetings, our fund raising and services, but even in the face of adversity we have struggled on through zoom calls and face masks, and members succumbing to the dreaded pandemic.
In my opinion, that is now the past and it’s time to imagine tomorrow.

As our 60th Anniversary year segues into the next, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration that embraces 2022-23 RI President Jennifer Jones’ message of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). While RI is everywhere and Bangkok South is only here, we can still all do our part in building Rotary's global goals. It doesn't matter who you are, where you are from, who you love, what your religion or culture is; what matters is strengthening our club, our community and adapting to change for the good. Some of my key goals for RCBS over the next twelve months will be to:

In spite of a very challenging year, our Fund-Raising Committee has exceeded expectations; thank you, Steve. Our focus must remain on fund raising as much as our services, which are at the heart of what we do! We, the FRC, needs to maintain the momentum that Steve built up, develop and create innovative new sub-committees, grow with new members who are focused and committed to service above self, and reinforce our understanding the Four Way Test... a primary factor when considering new candidates.
I know it’s ambitious, but a key way that we can bring our club together is to have ALL members participating in something! I will challenge the Chairs of Committees and Sub-committees to please enroll new members and engage them in active roles. Us old farts should advise, consult, and pour drinks. This will strengthen our core, and thus our future. Just imagine that at the end of this Rotary Year, every single one of you will have participated in at least one of our committees or activities... Khun Khob is watching…

DNA modifies itself over time, strengthened by diversity. We can’t stop the evolution of what we create, and we don’t have the right to actively exclude people for consideration based on opinion alone. Enrolling new members or introducing new projects should be an organic process that fits the DNA of RCBS, and RI retrospectively.  
Our goals are set as a source of inspiration. These are some of our Board’s objectives in the coming year:

  1. Increase club membership by at least 10%. However, we should never lose sight of the core energy and good spirit of Bangkok South that has made our club great. Quality over quantity!
  2. I would like to see 30% of our club participating in Service activities, supporting Rtn. Nicolas.
  3. I would like at least 15 of our members involved in Rotary Action Groups (RAG) such as Rtn. Yannick’s participation in ‘Against Slavery’; the District’s new initiative Safe Roads/Save Lives that includes safe construction sites - something very close to my heart; and the banning of single-use plastics.
  4. I’m hoping that at least 10% of our club will attend this year District Conference now that Covid restrictions have been lifted.
  5. All of our Committee Chairs should attend the District Training Assembly in May ’23.
  6. We should aim to contribute at least Baht 400,000 to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund (i.e., PHF)
  7. We’re going to reactivate COINS, Kids Day-Out, possibly re-introduce Kids Day-In in memory of Rtn Mark Shaw; continue to promote our Golf events with Rtn. Worakit and seek out more CDWS projects.
  8. I’d like to investigate a Rotary Arts Festival (under FRC), and/or create a Scholarship program for students who wish to pursue a career in creativity: Photography, Graphic Design, Interior Design, etc.
  9. Continue the weekly Raffle from RHBBQ.
  10. Participate in the Youth Exchange programme which has a goal of 50 students on 3350 District this coming year. I hope PP Dougie, with active engagement from our new members, will continue to support this.
  11. Introduce more fellowship luncheons, dinners, and evenings out… GATS Night!
  12. Release more of our projects and achievements to the media.
  13. Create a stronger online presence through FB / IG / Tik-Tok / Google.
  14. Update our overall club ID, and website as per RI corporate guidelines
  15. Apply and participate in Global Grant and District Grant projects
  16. Implement DEI concepts to develop our leadership, culture, admin, fellowship, etc.
  17. Developing a Strategic Plan and Action Plan to guide our club
As a modern-day Robin Hood with my band of Merrie men, I believe we have an enthusiastic Board that is highly motivated in embracing these key goals, and introduce new ideas and new projects, drive growth, give back to those who are less fortunate and, of course, have a lot of fun on the way!
The support of the Board, the plethora of sub-committees and you, as active members, will make this Rotary year one of difference, change, diversity and good old RCBS irreverence!

Thank you, Patrick Gauvain.
President 22/23
Incoming President Patrick Gauvain and Delighted-to-be-Immediate Past President Finbarr O'Connor.
Board Members VP Sanjeev Chowdhury and VP Marcel Dubbelman. Rtn Ola.
Clockwise from top left:
PP Dougie - Sadly, the joke was a bit too blue to be printed in South Wind.
Rtn Dana - Raffle prize sponsor, and the real hero of every luncheon.
Rtn Marco, our Paul Harris Award winner informing the Club about the forthcoming trip to Chiangmai for the presentation of CDWS to local schools in honour of the late P Yod.
Returning Guest Gregory Pickett and Rtn Yannick.
Rtn Joe winning yet another bottle of wine, and adding fuel to the rumour that he just might be rigging the weekly raffle. He was unavailable for comment. Rtn Marco presenting the award with President Patrick.
Guest Mark Marshall, Rtn Ron and Rtn Frank.
... and lastly, Rtn Paul, your new South Wind Editor at Large, thanking Rtn Rod who stepped up at the last minute to take the photos of the luncheon - Huge thanks Rod!
Photographs by Rtn. Rodolfo Vergara
Rtn. John Fotiadis 
Rtn John Fotiadis with a clear message - Rotary Needs You!
Fund Raising Director, Rtn John Fotiadis, took to the lectern to thank Rtn. Steve for his work and achievements in '21/'22 and share his 7 Goals to building upon that foundation.

ONE - Introducing Succession Planning for FRC
Rtn. Steve has agreed to continue on FRC and will lead Strategic Planning subcommittee. Steve's idea to have a subcommittee dedicated to future planning works into the overarching goal of succession planning. Also within succession planning, it is my goal to have a younger chair for each FRC event/project matched with a senior consulting member.

TWO - Create Rotary Bangkok South CSR Packages for Corporate Sponsors
An idea introduced by Steve Wilson to me, and which we have already discussed. FRC wants to organize turnkey projects (linked between FRC and Service projects) that are a ready fit for companies with CSR available funding.

THREE - Introduce RCBS to Foreign Rotary Clubs
The goal is to develop relationships with foreign "sister"'clubs in at least 3 international regions, and initiate discussions for R2R projects whereby Rotarians in these other countries have opportunities to directly fund and participate in RCBS projects.
Rotary clubs in our home countries are looking for such R2R opportunities to effect real change directly, rather than contributing indirectly through non-Rotary entities. We will accomplish this by making a push throughout this year for travelling RCBS members to join a Rotary meeting wherever they travel, and having a ready summary of our many Service Projects like Kids Day Out, Water, Libraries, Hospice, Luangsit Fellowship scholarships, etc.

FOUR - Establish a Regular Link Between Service Projects and FRC
Part of my overall succession planning goal, this will help FRC to know what Services Projects needs in years to come and what long term financial goals FRC needs to implement through the Strategic Planning subcommittee to anticipate and implement funding to meet these long-term goals. This gives the next FRC committee and those that follow, a running start on meeting fundraising requirements.
I will have regular one on one meetings with Nicholas as chair of Service Projects, to share common concerns and plans on overlapping issues. I see it as the right hand knowing what the left hand is doing. Along these lines I have also brought on new members from Service Projects to FRC, to keep awareness and communication between both committees open and fluid.

FIVE - Revive and Reinvigorate RCBS Fund Raising Events
… Especially those that have been cancelled in the past due to Covid. How many of you want to see the return of Kids Day Out? Coins on Silom?

SIX – Found at Least Two New Large Scale, Branded Fundraising Events
These events will create greater public awareness, introducing RCBS to new groups and potential RCBS members that are otherwise unfamiliar with Rotary. Art festivals, motorcycle rides, bicycle rides, trivia contests, pepper eating contests, scavenger hunts, and even duck races have all been floated as new RCBS branded events.

SEVEN - Put the Fun Back into Fund Raising!
I don't want members to think of fund raising as a chore. I want fun in every aspect of fund raising.
For example, I enjoy riding motorcycles, I will help to organize the first Motary ride event to Moto GP this September. I will use this as an opportunity to introduce my biker gang friends to Rotary. To Meet other Rotary Club members with common motorcycling interests and also ride with them.
I want all FRC members to do the same, whether you are interested in art, golf, eating, or just sitting back with a good cigar and a nice single malt - there is a place for doing what you enjoy as part of fund raising.

Of course, I cannot do this alone. I need your help; and where I need your help, you can count on me to volunteer you to assist on meeting these goals.
Yes, I won't take No for an answer.
Please don't be annoyed or offended. Involuntary volunteering is just my way of saying, "Rotary needs you!"
Very truly yours
John Fotiadis
Friday 15 July
Tom Kruesopon - The Current Cannabis Industry

Friday 29 July
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