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    08 October, 2021


It has been a while since we voted on our Club’s key foundation documents being the  Club’s Constitution and our By Laws. Friday 8th October 2021 is when we again endorse these defining documents with no changes recommended to our By Laws and recommended updates to our Constitution in line with Rotary International’s requirements.

Secretary Yannick emailed you full details on the 29th September which fully informed Members of what will be voted on this coming Friday.

One update is that we will count not only ‘Zoom Meeting yellow raised hands’, but we will also recognise any Member who simply raises his hand during the vote. We will take a screen capture to make sure we count all votes.

It was great to have a very informative presentation from Rtn Marcel regarding the “Baan Adri” Stichting Welzijn Zuid-Oost Aziē Foundation based in the Netherlands who contributed 550,000 THB via our Club to the Luang Sit Foundation. This donation will provide fee support for the Academic Studies of two Students as well as the fees for ten Assistant Nurse Students over 2021 and 2022. Thank you also to Jan-Willern Paijens the local contact here in Bangkok.

Thank you to PP Nigel for accepting the position as Chair of the President Nomination Committee which facilitates the process for approving (by Members) the President Nominee 2023-2024 and PE Patrick’s Board of Directors for 2022-2023. PP Nigel’s presentation summarised the relevant Articles from the Club’s Constitution and By Laws that specify how the Committee is formed, who qualifies to be a President Nominee and how you the Club Members approve the recommendations. Importantly, Members can nominate candidates by contacting PP Nigel or by nominating a candidate ‘from the floor’ during the voting process in November.

See you all online on Friday 8th October.

Finbarr O'Connor
President 2021-22

Thank you to our Members who joined us from overseas:

Rtn Arie Bloed (The Netherlands)      Rtn Elmar Lins (Austria)                    

Rtn Joe Ravenscroft (UK)                  PP John Quarmby (France)              

Rtn Mark Wolf (USA)

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Current affairs in Thailand
1st October, 2021

Guest Speaker : Voranai Vanijaka

“You can listen to lies or you can learn the truth on your own”

Voranai Vanijaka, a Bangkok based journalist, is no stranger to controversy.  He’s outspoken and not afraid to share his views with others through his writings, social media accounts, and more.  No wonder, then, that in his introduction to our October 1 guest speaker, Rtn. Mark Wolf said Voranai was the “best political commentator he ever read”.

With his impressive background which includes being the former editor-in-chief of GQ, Guru and BK Magazines (Thailand), it’s no wonder this dynamic individual’s words are noticed and read by many when he puts pen to paper.  He’s also heavily involved in shaping the minds of the new generation of leaders in this country through his work as a teacher at Thammasat University in the field of Global Media Industries and Political Communications. 

With no dearth of subjects to cover in his talk on “Current Affairs in Thailand”, Vorani held the attention of club members as he discussed the hot topics making headlines today in the Land of Smiles. 

This was not Voranai’s first time speaking to the Club, and he was happy to return with some remarks and a final surprise announcement.  Read on to find out more.

Voranai mentioned that over the past year and a half, he’s been spending his time going to supermarkets (because they're open) and attending/reporting on pro-democracy movements. He indicated that even though he’s been covering demonstrations like this for years, in the past 18 months, he’s experienced a number of firsts:  for example, he’s been water hosed (and not just once but at least 6-7 times) and tear gassed 3-4 times (something you don’t want to ever happen to you according to him).  Also, he almost got beat up twice by protest guards due to his short cropped hair, which often results in protestors mistaking him for an undercover cop!  But, he has been able to explain his way out of these confrontations each time and, often, is recognized by some of the protestors once he explains who he is.

Voranai’s overall analysis of the protests came down to the following:  he said he’d been covering these types of demonstrations for years, spoken to many people, and knows for sure that politically, these protests are losing steam and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  “Sling shots and firecrackers can’t beat rubber bullets and fire hoses.  No matter how many yellow rubber ducks get passed around, they (protestors) have no chance against sedition laws (116) and Lese Majeste laws (112).”  He believes that due to these laws and others, many protest leaders face long jail sentences which will, again, contribute to the loss of momentum to the movement.

He noted that on the political front, the coalition is at risk.  Allegations of attempts of vote buying to convince other politicians to vote against the current PM are swirling, but they still remain just that:  allegations.  Voranai added that over the next month or two, Gen Prayut will have a new political party to be called “The Thai Economic Party”, filled with powerful former civil servants, bureaucrats and strongmen from the provinces.  Prayut also, reminded Voranai, has his own political party, with 250 Senator members who will support him.

Voranai said that he was quite excited about the next election, expected within the next 1.5 to 2 years, but once the next budget is passed, the election could come sooner.  Campaigning has, for all effective purposes, begun already.

New political parties are popping up and protestors will also launch their own political parties. Voranai said that in the 2019 election, “we still weren’t quite sure who was who and what was what.  Many of us voted in 2019 for Gen Prayut because we wanted peace in the street.  But, many Thais are not pleased with his management of the country.”  He further noted that the Future Forward party was exciting back in 2019, but “many of us have run away from Future Forward which is now Move Forward” because of some of their policies.

Finally, he said, in 2019, many Thais voted for the Democrat Party thinking they wouldn’t join the government, but they did.  And other parties did as well.  “So, many of us in 2019 got it wrong.  What we thought did not turn out to be true….lack of transparency and confusion and many of us have regrets about the decisions we made.”  But, he believes, many will stick with Gen Prayut in the next election because the alternatives are not appealing. 

He said that on a personal note, he has been writing about Thai politics/society since 2008, has made a career out of it, and enjoys the attention at times.  His work has led him to comment on BBC and ABC, amongst others.  He said he had enjoyed all of these contributions, including, of course, his talks at the RCBS.  His teaching job came to him because of his writing, along with other teaching positions.  So, for over 10 plus years, “I have gained a lot by being a political commentator.  But as I look back, Thailand hasn’t gained anything.  In fact, Thailand over the past 7 years is even worse off.  Protests have evolved,  but Thailand hasn’t gotten better…it’s getting worse and worse.”

He then made a surprise announcement (for the first time in public) :   he said he was going into politics.  He will form (co-found) a new political party which he plans to launch next week. “I never felt the need to do this before, but the time has come.  I plan to act on issues, not just write on them.  I’ll see what the future holds, but in life if you don’t go for it, then what’s the point of living?”

In his thank you to Voranai, Rtn. John Fotiadis mentioned that on one of his social media pages, Voranai said he lives by the following motto:  “You can listen to lies or you can learn the truth on your own”. 

From his frankness, openness, and heart felt words to our club, it looks like he certainly lives by that motto!

Reported by Rtn Sanjeev Chowdhury

Reported by PP Nigel Hardy


Guest Speaker - Voranai Vanijaka
Rtn Mark Wolf introducing our guest speaker
Rtn John Fotiadis gave the Vote of Thanks
Rtn Marcel Dubbelman giving information on Baan Adri Project
PP Nigel Hardy explaing Presidential nomination process
Get well soon Rtn Mark Shaw
Lucky winner Rtn Leo Alexandersen
Rtn Joe Scuderi making a point
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15 October : 
Rtn Danu Chotikapanich
(RC Bangkok) on
"COVID outbreak management in a factory"

22 October :
Mr. Joseph Caceres (Julius Baer) : The Importance of China as a core asset class

29 October :  Classification Interviews : Rtn Tee Chayakul by
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      12 November : 
Mr. James Pitchon :  
       The Real Estate Market in       
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