Today's Topic : Zoom Meeting : In - Person Meeting at Crowne Hotel, Fellowship Program
No. 2865
    3 December, 2021

Fingers crossed, Friday 26th November was our last ever Regular Club Meeting held via Zoom. The Crowne Plaza Hotel has taken the dust covers off the chairs, sparkled the glassware, chilled the beverages and fired up the kitchen. Now all they need is for the RCBS Members and Guests to come back and enjoy great Fellowship over a tasty lunch.

Rtn John Fotiadis spoke to us with regards to a new concept he is developing within the Fund Raising Committee called the Grand ‘Motary’ Charity Ride. It is in early days of development, but for those of us who have a motorbike (in my case a 150cc Vespa), it looks like there might be the opportunity to rally along together and raise charity funds for our Club at the same time. More on this as it develops.

An email was sent out to all Members on Friday 27th November which provided details on the process for Past Presidents should they wish to engage in the process to become the District Governor Nominee for Rotary Year 2024-2025. This process occurs every year, albeit later this year as it was restarted. Going forward, we will in a timely manner make sure that this District information is conveyed to all Members in its normal cycle for potential nominations from our Club.


We again learnt about the extensive planning that our Committees have in place to bring Members, Family and Guests back together over the next six months. Below is a summary to remind you:

Fri 3rd               Dec       The Crowne Plaza Hotel

Fri 10th             Dec        Indus Sukhumvit 26 (Fellowship)

Thurs 23rd        Dec        Annual Xmas Party at PP Nick’s (Fellowship)

Fri 24th             Dec        No Meeting

Fri 31st             Dec        No Meeting

Fri 7th               Jan        The Crowne Plaza Hotel

Thurs 10th        Feb        PHF Dinner at The Pacific Club (Black Tie)

Thurs 10th        Mar        Annual Charity Golf Event

Fri 8th               Apr        60th Anniversary Extended Lunch


Finally, on behalf of Secretary Yannick I provided a summary of key Board decisions and discussions from our November 15th Board Meeting. They are summarised below.

The following items were approved:

  • Minutes of previous meeting, on 18 October
  • Order a banner to recognize the club presidents (to be shown at our weekly lunch and other club’s events)
  • Award of a honorary Paul Harris Fellowship for Past Rtn Mark Shaw
  • new member Zafar Vasi to be submitted for members' approval
  • A 3 months limit for approved new members to join the club and pay their fees
  • Every potential new member will be required to meet with 2 nominated Club leaders and their sponsor before being processed for membership approval
  • 2 water projects: Plangsi school and Wat Wang Luang school
  • Meetings will resume live only, with the possibility of having special speakers through zoom
  • No installation event for Pres. Finbarr
  • Fellowship meeting at Indus on 10th of December
  • Christmas party on 23rd December at PP Nick’s house with the British Club as a caterer and Past Rtn. Stefan’s students singing Christmas Carols
  • Paul Harris Fellows dinner in February at Pacific Club Other items and information:
  • The board recognized the good work of PP Nigel and the nominating committee to select a President Nominee
  • The club has committed to send 10 members for Rotary International leadership training. PE Patrick to propose names and Pres. Finbarr to send them official note from the board
  • 2 library kits have been funded (by Rtn. Sievert and in memory of late Pres. Yod)
  • 1 ton of rice will be given by Rtn. Joe Scuderi, split equally between BBB and Sister Louise
  • Pres. Finbarr recognized the outstanding quality of the report on Ban Ari foundation by FORDEC

The primary focus at our Regular Club Meeting this coming Friday is Fellowship and there is no Guest Speaker. At 13:00 pm IPP David will recognise Members from last Rotary Year for various achievements.


See you all at The Crowne Plaza Hotel on Friday 3rd December.


Finbarr O'Connor
President 2021-22

Thank you to Rtn Elmar Lins who joined us (locked down) from Austria and
Rtn Joe Ravenscroft who joined us from Germany.


Speaker : Rtn David Lawrence
26th November, 2021

Guest Speaker - Rtn David Lawrence ....... zooming in on a very colourful background!

Rtn John Casella provided a warm introduction to our guest speaker Rtn David Laurence to provide insights into the recent surge of medical gloves fraud cases in both Thailand and abroad. Rtn David is the founder of a legal technology company named Pegleg Co., Ltd which provides legal management services and expat litigation insurance. Rtn David was formerly with Tilleke & Gibbins before joining as in-house counsel for Sri Trang Gloves and its parent company Sri Trang Agro-industry PCL, which is Thailand’s largest medical glove manufacturer. Rtn David was instrumental in the company’s expansion from 6 to 72 countries over 18 months and the eventual SET listing of Sri Trang Gloves in June 2020.

Rtn David provided a market overview of the medial glove industry highlighting that interest and prices have risen exponentially since the beginning of Covid. For instance, a case of nitrile gloves have risen from $19 per carton to $150 per carton not including shipping costs. Before Covid the medical glove industry was facing thin profit margins, volatile input costs, and high regulatory service costs in managing the various unharmonized jurisdictions that were mostly country specific. When the pandemic hit, many of the larger manufacturers started running out of inventory when clients were demanding more. As such, a new group of middlemen emerged in the industry to close the gap in discovering manufacturers worldwide who could fulfill the supply shortage.

In this environment, unregulated distributors and counterfeit gloves blossomed on the heel of surging global demands. The quality of the unregulated gloves also saw a steep decline, for instance by merging higher quality nitrile with less stringent quality vinyl produces gloves that would break and tear very easily. Forged documents and agreements, for example middlemen posing as “allocation holders” for large manufacturers, became more prevalent as buyers tried to secure PPE medical equipment at any price. Rtn David wanted to help the due diligence and education required for appropriate medical gloves sourcing by launching a free YouTube channel to help buyers named “5 minutes to save 5 million dollars”. This series of videos, which was created and hosted by Rtn David, can still be seen online.


Rtn David shared candid insights in the current environment for medical gloves, for instance, how fraud remains rampant as the many legal enforcement institutions remained overwhelmed and backlogged from the Covid crisis, thus it remains a “buyers beware” marketplace. He recommends that investors in medical gloves should remain very cautious, especially with a likely decrease in global demand coupled with increasing manufactured supply coming online in the coming months as previous investments in medical glove manufacturing start hitting the market. Questions from the crowd included Rtn Andrew who asked if inspecting companies, such as SGS, were unable to do their due diligence because of travel restrictions or other reasons, Rtn David replied that the fraudulent middlemen and sellers had discovered new ways in deceiving their customers, such as conducting “bait and switch” operations by replacing a previously approved shipment with a lower quality and unapproved shipment.

Rtn Matthew shared with us that he also recently experienced fraud in the PPE industry and asked what could be done to clearly identify fraud from a buyers point of view in which Rtn David mentioned that site visits with the manufacturer, while in a active production run, is the main tool to help identify potential partners. Rtn Sanjeev mentioned that Thailand banned the export of PPE early on during Covid and asked whether many buyers knew of that law, which we presume would have saved them from the subsequent fraud. Rtn David replied that he believes many buyers overlooked that law when making urgent sourcing decisions for PPE and suggested that most buyers will not get their money back from the fraud. Rtn Joseph ended our interesting discussion by providing a vote of thanks to Rtn David for sharing his insightful knowledge on this newsworthy topic.

Reported by Rtn Sunny Patel


Guest of Rtn Lars Svensson, Nils Helander tunes in..!
Gareth Winter, Guest of PP Tim Cornwall
CP Werner Kubesch, visiting Rtn from RC BKK DACH
Introduction to the the guest speaker by Rtn John Casella
VOT was given by Rtn Joe Scuderi
RHBBQ lucky winner is Rtn John Casella
Rtn Joe Ravenscroft zooms in from the UK
360 Hygiene Kits containing 2 cotton masks, 2 Nitrile Gloves, 30 ml Alcohol Gel and one packet of 10 hand wipes were kindly donated by Rtn. Rakesh Sodhia to the Blind School for Children with Disabilities on Monday 29th November. Miss Pornthip Kiatnaruemon, Director of The Christian Foundation for the Blind in Thailand Under The Royal Patronage of His Majesty The King  (Cha-am), is shown in the photo receiving the kits.
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Welcome back to the real world..! This handsome group of masked and unmasked bandits are in fact the Membership Committee who convened on 1st December to discuss various matters that included members attendance, potential new members, and the new Membership Satisfaction Survey that will soon be subject to an interesting special Club Assembly.

L to R unmasked: PP Dougie, PE Patrick, Rtn Manu, PP Vichai and Rtn Tony
L to R masked: Rtn Mark Wolf, PP Mark Butters, PP Tim, Rtn Rui, Rtn Ragil, PP Nick and IPP David
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Fellow Rotarians, please be advised that the Yearbook is now printed and available at the Roadhouse BBQ or The Rotary Office should you be in the area. Please check with Khun Khob as she is currently working from home and not regularly in the office. You can still access the digital version by clicking on the link below (140MB) to download and enjoy!
Friday 10 December : 
Fellowship Lunch at Indus on Sukhumvit 26

Friday 17 December : 
In - Person Meeting at Crowne       
Hotel, Program to be advised

Thursday 23 December : 
Christmas Dinner at PP Nick's
Residence at 06.30 pm. More
details to be provided

Friday 24 December : 
No Lunch Meeting owing to           
Christmas Holiday

Firday 31 December : 
No Lunch Meeting owing to
New Year

(Postponed until Further Notice)
60th Year Anniversary Dinner   
More details to be provided.
           Friday 07 January :  
           In - Person Meeting at Crowne
           Hotel  "Annual New Year
           Predictions" Presenters/MC to
           be advised

           Friday 14 January : 

           In - Person Meeting at Crowne
           Hotel, Program to be advised

           Friday 21 January :
           In - Person Meeting at Crowne
           Hotel, Program to be advised

           Friday 28 January : 
           In - Person Meeting at Crowne
           Hotel, Program to be advised

           Thursday 10 February :
           Paul Harris Fellow's Dinner at
           Pacific Club. More details to

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Attendance for 26 November 2021 : 39% (Zoom)Active Logged-in 35, Exemption Logged-in 7, Make-Ups 17, Absent 47, Total 106

Visiting Rotarians:
Local Club

CP Werner Kubesch                   

Gareth Winter                       
Lorenzo A.                        
Nils Helander                         
Paul Renaud                   
Sohil Zaveri                           
Zafar Vasi   


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