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No. 2876
    25 February, 2022

It was a quiet week this week; one could almost say it was back to ‘normal’. We ate in the White Room for the first time since early 2021. We auctioned off Rtn Varin’s bottle of red that he won via our RHBBQ Weekly Raffle (subsequently purchased for 2,000 THB by Rtn Tyrone). Our tables were all set to seat eight persons. So for me it seemed like a relatively normal Rotary week.

Of course it’s never a ‘normal Rotary week’ unless there is a fierce exchange of emails and/or Line  Chat messages on a topic of the day. Hence I look forward to our Club Assembly planned for Friday 18th March starting at 11:00am at The Crowne Plaza Hotel where we all will have the opportunity to share our views on a multitude of subjects in a Members only forum. Note only Members can attend this one hour meeting. Your Guests should plan to attend our Friday lunch meeting by arriving at 12:00 pm.

At the Club Assembly PE Patrick will lead the process for us all to better understand the recent Membership Satisfaction Survey as we look for Members to present their views to clarify the data driven feedback that we have received plus the many remarks included. Sure email and Line exchanges give us pointers to sensitive issues, but it will be great to hear the voices from Members directly on a variety of subjects on the 18th March and then listen to counter views so we have a holistic perspective of how Members wish their Club to evolve over the coming years.

If you have opinions on any aspect of the Club, then please make sure you attend the Club Assembly on Friday 18th March.

Our annual Charity Golf Day is shaping up to be a very successful fund raising event for those who play golf with all teams now completed. Fund Raising Director Steve provided us with an update last Friday asking for more support by purchasing golf raffle tickets. For those Members who cannot attend our Friday physical meetings but would like to purchase multiple raffle ticket books at 1,000 THB per book, please contact Khun Khob who can make the necessary arrangements  to receive your payment and get the tickets out to you. Please support the raffle even if you cannot attend the golf day or the Friday lunches.

BTW, I forgot to mention the amount raised last Friday for the RHBBQ Weekly Raffle. It was 12,200 THB.

See you at The Crowne Plaza Hotel on Friday 25th February 2022.


Finbarr O'Connor
President 2021-2022

18 February, 2022

Our guest speaker Ms. Anntonia Porsild is only 25 years old and in such a short life span she is working as a model, student, activist, international beauty pageant title holder,  soon to be business owner and as of last week, an actress and singer as well. She has already achieved way more than what most of us achieve in a lifetime.  

Her accomplishments so far may seem as if they all came easy for her but as she said herself, "behind the strong confident woman walking down the stage of an international pageant broadcasted almost all over the world, was an insecure, scared little girl. I never in my life expected to even think I would be able to do something even remotely close to this. I was always very insecure about how I looked and even remember watching Miss Universe pageant in 2015 thinking to myself I wonder what it's like to be so beautiful, confident and smart to be able to do this."
When she decided to compete in Miss Supranational 2019 she faced a lot of negative comments on her weight, skin colour and looks since she still had braces on her teeth. After many sleepless and tearful nights and days of such comments made her realize that that was exactly why  she should do whatever she felt will make her feel confident  in herself because if one really wants to achieve something, one should do whatever it takes to get there and the only person to listen to is oneself.

After winning the title was expected to travel to 25 countries around the world but just as everything started rolling, COVID hit and and the borders shut down. This infact turned out to be a boon and she took it as a sign to show the world that beauty queens are not just a pretty face. She also had to put her money where her mouth is because during the pageant interview she had said she wanted to use her title to help people and this was perfect chance to do exactly that.
"I used my reign as Miss Supranational 2019 to give back to my community and with the help of pageant groups, fans, other beauty queens we distributed basic necessities needed during the peak of the pandemic. I also started a small foundation called The Little Steps foundation to gather funds to donate to schools in rural areas for them to build and create a better learning environment for students because these are the individuals that will become the future." 
Working so closely with the teachers, families and organizers in these rural areas was ca wakeup call for her. That is, in times of hardship and uncertainty, we are stronger together. We live in a fast paced society where we are constantly thinking about ourselves and forget that some people don't have the same access to basic necessities as we have. 

"We always say the grass is greener on the other side, but the reality is the grass is greener where you water it. So, I chose to water my own grass and now I have gone from pageant queen to business owner."

"I guess that through everything, my main point is that I am now able to say I conquered my fears - my fear of not knowing what to do next or my fear of nor knowing the outcome of something so I don't even bother to try. I am able to say I won this beauty pageant despite those who did not believe in me. I am able to create new experiences for myself while always leaving space to learn and grow from what I was scared of. Because the reality is, the only one stopping you to being the best version of yourself and achieving greatness for yourself, is you." 
Ms. Anntonia kept all us enthralled during her entire presentation and impressed one and all with her inner and outer beauty, intelligence, diligence and most importantly her compassion for her fellow human beings.

Reported by Rtn Rakesh Sodhia
Rtn Ron Livingston introducing guest speaker
Anntonia Porsild : Miss Supranational 2019 
Guest speaker Anntonia Porsild : Miss Supranational 2019 
Busy  PE Patrick Gauvain
Rtns Mark Wolf and Sievert Larsson
Rtn Bruce Darrington
PP Dougie Riach and Ann Chanita
Rtn Zafar Vasi and Ann Ferhana
Rtn Michael Bain and Ann Tum
Rtns Marco Casanova and Rakesh Sodhia
PN Aaron Henry
Rtn Marco and Eid Alexandersen
IPP David Record
P Finbarr and Khun Khob
Rtn Lalit Kumar 
Meet the staff of Crowne Plaza: Joy, Jill (meeting director), Aclair
Rtns Marco, Nicolas Leloup and Ann Satiranan 
Rtn Leo Alexandersen
Visiting Rotarians from RC Bangkapi P Francois Van Den Bosch and
Rtn Carmen Schuster with PP Peter-Michael Schuster
Rtn Steve Wilson appealing for raffle prizes for the charity golf tournament
to be held at Thana City on March 10th, 2022
P Finbarr O'Connor, P Suchan Khamjon from RC Bangkok Pattanakarn,
Guest speaker Anntonia Porsild and
P Mewadee Reowilaisuk from RC Siam Erawan
Rtn Nicolas Leloup giving the VOT
P Finbarr handing the COA to guest speaker Anntonia Porsild
Rtn Varin Sachayan winner of RHBBQ charity draw, receiving his prize
from Miss Supranational 2019

Photographs by VP Rod Vergara
Sister Louise, our long time partner at the Good Shepherds, wins Irish Presidential Distinguished Service Award
Message from Sister Louise to RCBS  members on winning
this prestigious award: 
The trip to Ireland in December went well and was very interesting for me to meet the President Mr. Michael Higgins and a few of the Irish Government officials. As you know, I have been out of Ireland for many years and do not follow-up the goings over there.

I really got a great welcome being the first participant from Thailand and having spent 56 years working with the poorest of the poor there.

From my group of 2020 there were 21 participants and from the 2021 group 22 participants. Each participant had a companion from their own country accompanying them. My companion was one of our Thai Sisters. There was only on disappointment, the banquet that was to be held at Farmleigh House was cancelled due to Covid.
Instead, it took place at the Merrion Hotel where we all had free accommodation for 2 nights.

It certainly was a great honour to receive this award but for me it was a humbling experience as I had not done anything out of the ordinary. It thanks to all our friends and benefactors who have  supported, donated and encouraged us down the years that we are able to reach out to the marginalized in Thailand.

We, Good Shepherd Sisters are eternally grateful to you for being our partners in mission and for supporting us down the years.

"Gratitude in the memory of the heart"
Yours gratefully,
MS Salisa Manowongkul, Catering Manager with Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel presents PP Tim with a complimentary voucher for two for their Sunday Jazzy Brunch with free-flow beverage valued at THB 7,988++ to be included in the Rotary Club of Bangkok South's Charity Golf Tournament Raffle.
Friday 4 March :
Wimintra Raj - TBC

Friday 11 March :

Fellowship Lunch + Open Mic 

Friday 18 March : 
11.00 am Club Assembly –
Members only

12.00 Guest speaker : TBC
Friday 25 March :
Rangsit Hiengrat - Air pollution from crop burning

Friday 1 April : 
Philip White - Quiz Day

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25 February, 2022
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