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Rtn Danu Chotikapanich (RC Bangkok) on
"COVID outbreak management in a factory"
No. 2859
    15 October, 2021


Well done to the recognised quorum of Members for approving all of the amendments to our 2014 RCBS Constitution and reconfirming that there are to be no changes to our 2015 RCBS By Laws. Both of these key Club documents will now be registered and dated  with October 8th 2021. All Members will receive a soft copy soon and going forward we will include a soft copy of both documents with our New Member Welcome Kit. Thank you  Secretary Yannick for leading the Constitution & By Laws Committee and doing the ‘heavy lifting’.


Our Fellowship time from 12:05 pm to 12:30 pm continues to build a regular attendance and great conversations covering current events around the world. As you would expect the conversations are now moving on to when and where we can travel, which vaccines are recognised and updates on how different countries are opening up from what is an effective eighteen month lock down period. Fellowship Time provides a great opportunity for Members to engage and the conversations move pretty fast across many topics. Thank you to all of you who regularly participate.


Rtn Alan Brown spoke from Melbourne last Friday and it reminded me of a comment from DG Wiroon who said that the 2023-2024 Rotary International Conference will be in Melbourne, Australia. A good chance for many of us to plan ahead to leverage our Rotary Membership and visit a great city that will be open to a world of tens of thousands of Rotarians and friends. I couldn’t think of a better city to host such a major event.


Our Weekly Raffle has raised 258,343 THB so far this Rotary Year. Thank you again to Rtn Dana and Roadhouse BBQ for sponsoring our signature Club event. If you would like to participate in  the weekly raffle, please transfer 200THB per week (contact Khun Khob for bank details).


Winning Members so far are:
PP Narinder Sachdev                 Rtn Chris Trogh                Rtn Arie Bloed           
Rtn Manu Mekdhanasarn           Rtn Jan Cederwall            Rtn Nicolas Leloup
PP Nigel Hardy            Rtn Leo Alexandersen           PP Peter-Michael Schuster

See you all online on Friday 15th October.

Finbarr O'Connor
President 2021-22

Thank you to our Members who joined us from overseas:

Rtn Arie Bloed (The Netherlands)      Rtn Elmar Lins  (Austria)

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Keeping connected to Rotary while stuck in Melbourne

8th October, 2021

Guest Speaker : Alan Brown (RC Royal Hua Hin)


PP Dougie introduced fellow Rtn Alan Brown from the Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin to explain how he remained connected to Rotary while being under strict lockdown in Melbourne, Australia. Originally from Glasgow, Rtn Alan Brown studied electrical engineering before engaging in a career in ship building, steelmaking, foundries, locomotive, and nuclear power.  Rtn Alan has been a significant contributor to the Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin and is also the Chair of Inter Club Relations and the Chair of Thai Australia Intercountry Committee.

Rotary International has a good presence in Australia, which started with the first club of RC of Melbourne in 1921 and remains the current sister club of the RC of Bangkok. 

At present in Australia there are more than 1,100 Rotary Clubs with 30,000 Rotarians. For Rtn Alan it all started with the RC of Cheltenham when he met Rtn Peter Murie and Rtn Ian Risley. Rtn Alan made an active effort to engage regional DGs in order to gain relationships with other Rotary clubs in the area. While the RC of Cheltenham has been operating with Zoom meetings during this lockdown, they have been able to engage in activities with the Southern Autistic School, Speaker Nights, Secondary Rotary Market, and Fellowship.

For the Southern Autistic School, the RC of Cheltenham created an event with “sausage sizzle” BBQ, children’s game, amusements, and animal interactions, much to the enjoyment of the children and parents alike. They also host a weekly Sunday Farmer’s Market as an ongoing fundraising activity. 

When visiting the RC of Lilydale, Rtn Alan was introduced to several initiatives that caught his attention more specifically Days for Girls Talk, Wheelchairs for Kids, and Donations in Kind. For instance the Donations in Kind, which operates under RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service), where they recycle medical, school, and other general equipment. Rotary clubs collect items from local hospitals, schools, and businesses to help check, package, and dispatch to locations in need globally. Donations in Kind, at the facility in West Footscray, has shipped during the period  2000-2021 over THB 1.6 Billion in goods in over 600 containers to a wide range of countries. The Wheel Chairs for Kids has distributed 47,774 wheelchairs to over 90 locations worldwide, including 336 to Thailand alone.

Rtn Alan also attended for nine months, through Zoom, meetings at the RC of Noble Park - Dingley where he got involved with grape picking, picnic days, horse racing and fellowship activities. One expression at that club that resonated with Rtn Alan was “Friendhships in Rotary know no borders”. RC of Noble Park - Dingley also collaborated with Rtn Alan and the RC Club of Royal Hua Hin to support the Jungle Aid Foundation with a new truck sporting the Rotary Clubs respective logos as it travels from Hua Hin to the Myanmar border. At the RC of Nedlands & Joondalup - Perth in Western Australia, Rtn Alan helped with the Bridging the Silence initiative as a joint venture with RC of Khon Kean International and RAWCS to assist new born children with possible hearing deficiencies through audiology equipment. At the RC of Frankston Sunrise, Rtn Alan was involved with the golf day fundraiser that raised over THB 1.2 million for service activities.

Moving closer to home with important inter club projects opportunities driven by the RC of Royal Hua Hin, Rtn Alan explained two such initiatives: TELK and Thai Voices. RCRHH also helped in the construction of the Anuban Nong Khon School of Hua Hin with a sponsored classroom for TELK (Technology Enhanced for Learning for Knowledge). The Thai Voices project, pioneered by Rtn Dr. Keith Humphreys' efforts in Hong Kong, created the Panyankul School at Petchaburi to meet the needs of autistic children. There are now a total of 19 schools in Thailand with the Ministry of Education taking notice by adopting new teaching methods introduced by the Panyankul Schools. Rtn Alan hopes he can collaborate with other RC in Thailand upon his return to help scale this positive initiative even further. PP Dougie mentioned that it’s worth exploring further joint collaboration projects, especially in areas such as wheelchairs and education. Rtn Joe was kind enough to provide Rtn Alan a vote of thanks on behalf of the RC of Bangkok South highlighting his significant contributions and insights on how to keep in touch despite the hurdles that COVID restrictions have imposed on all of us.

On behalf of RCBS Rtn Joe Scuderi gave the vote of thanks.

Reported by Rtn Sunny Patel


Guest Speaker - Alan Brown
PP Dougie Riach introducing our guest speaker
Rtn Joe Scuderi gave the Vote of Thanks
Rtn Moto Kakiuchi dialing in from Japan
IPP Brian Anderson of RC Royal Huahin
Remembering our late Rtn Mark Shaw


Fellow Rotarians, on the afternoon of Friday 8th October we were informed of the passing of fellow Rotarian and friend to many Mark Shaw. He passed away whilst he was waiting further treatment for a breakage to his back having slipped on a ramp near his hospital.


You might recall we mentioned at a recent Friday meeting that Rtn Mark was experiencing a lot of pain from his breakage and the last photo we have of him is in our South Wind 8th October edition.


Having joined the RCBS in 2012, he achieved Perfect Attendance for eight consecutive years. Even in his toughest times he still found comfort in engaging as a Rotarian and joined our call!


A USA citizen who at 74 years of age had a career teaching Business English combined with a passion for providing ‘food advise’ supported by a dry sense of humour. When Rtn Mark entered our Friday Meetings, it may have been slow due to his health, but it was deliberate and wanting. He loved being part of our Club and his presence will be missed by all. Especially by those gents who always sat at the front table with him week in and week out.


Rest in peace Rtn Mark. The Members of Rotary have you in their thoughts.

David L - PP Nigel - late Rtn Mark Shaw and our former Rtn Tim Walton
Mark in Khanuworalaxburi 2018
Mark in KDI 2015
KDI 2015
FORDEC Emergency food package Project, supported by Rotary Club of Bangkok South
Club members may recall that in August, the Board approved a donation of THB 69K to the FORDEC Day Care Centre which serves 150 children (ages two years to six years).  These children come from families that face hardship due to poverty, broken homes, and/or who have been abandoned or orphaned.  With the pandemic, some families whose children are taken care of at FORDEC are finding it even more difficult to make ends meet.  The THB 69K in club funds were donated to provide 86 emergency food packages to the most affected families.
Below is an update and edited thank you to Club members from the Head of FORDEC, Dr. Amporn:
“Distribution of emergency food package to children families affected by COVID-19 pandemic have been successfully given at FORDEC Daycare center, Samutprakarn province.  61 families received food packages consisting of rice, eggs, vegetable oil, fish sauce, soy sauce, canned food, instant noodles, milk, snacks, face masks and cash for meat/fish and fresh vegetables. Another 25 families in upcountry provinces received a cash deposit of 800 Baht by money transfer to their individual  family account. 

FORDEC and all recipients would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the assistance.  It was greatly helpful for the survival for the families who faced such hardship caused by social isolation,  especially if family members or close neighbors were infected by COVID-19.  Some families even lost a parent or grandparent. 

May the act of this special merit reward all donor members of the beloved Rotary Club of Bangkok South with happiness, wellness, prosperity and healthy lives,  safe from the virus.
Thanks once again for all your kindness and generosity.”

Dr.Amporn, Head of FORDEC.
(Submitted by Service Projects Committee RCBS)
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22 October :
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29 October :  Classification Interviews : Rtn Tee Chayakul by
PP Philip Baechtold and Rtn Jan Cederwall by Rtn Lars Svensson

05 November : 
Chris Cracknell :
Challenging times, will it be a better
        12 November : 
   Mr. James Pitchon :  
        The Real Estate Market in       
        Thailand during Covid   

     19 November : 
         Richard Walden : CEO           
         Operation USA

        (Postponed until Further Notice)
        60th Year Anniversary Dinner   
        More details to be provided.

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15 October, 2021
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RC Bangkok, 7 October 2021 2021: PP Dougie Riach, PP Mark Butters
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