Today's Topic : The situation in Myanmar by Dominic Faulder
No. 2870
    14 January, 2022

I’m not sure if I believe whether or not some people have the ability to see the future.  I do know though, as a child my mother took me when I was eight years old while we were on a visit to India from Canada to see a very famous fortune teller.  His name was Sathprakash and he was a friend of my now late uncle Gurnam.  

Sathprakash had developed a reputation for being accurate in his predictions, so much so, that one could find ministers from the Indian government often at his home looking for guidance.  Sathprakash told us many things on that “fateful” day but of four major revelations I can say that he was correct in three of them. 

For example, he told me that I would have some problems with my jaw (I had surgery in 1987), that I would have some trouble when I first entered the workforce but would then find my footing and rise to great heights (I quit my first private sector job eight months after starting because I knew I was about to be fired….I didn’t understand a thing I was doing) and then wrote my exams and joined the Canadian diplomatic service (the rest is history) and that I would live in tropical climates with lots of wildlife around me (my postings have taken me to India, Vietnam, Brazil, and now Thailand). 

So, I guess all in all he got it right. But where he didn’t hit the mark is on my marriage.  Sathprakash said I would have a very successful, happy marriage, but now at the age of 53 I am still unmarried. 

PP Andrew MacPherson didn’t assemble any Sathprakash for us to hear on Friday, but our wonderful fellow Rotarians PP John Quarmby, PP Tim Cornwall, IPP David Record, and Ron Livingston were just as good!  They took a lot of time and effort to present some serious, some thought-provoking, and some offbeat predictions for 2022.  Some which if they do come true, will make the world a better place.  Let’s hope that’s the case. 


Acting President Sanjeev Chowdhury


MC - PP Andrew MacPherson 
Speakers :
PP Tim Cornwall ( Technology ) 
IPP David Record (Sport)
PP John Quarmby (Politics)
Rtn Ron Livingston (Environment)
PP Tim Cornwall, stepping in for Rtn Tee, set the ball rolling on the predictions for 2022 speaking on "Technology".
He started by putting a lot of the not-so-young and technologically-challenged members at ease by stating that a topic such as this was ideal for a person who had trouble opening his computer in the morning. A tongue in cheek observation considering he is quite tech savvy himself.
1. Metaverse is the new buzzword these days. With its rise in popularity, half of the people here will own Virtual Reality headsets by the end of this year. We already cannot go without a smartphone and social media so VR should not be as big a step as people think! 
With the big 4 - Amazon, Apple , Google, Microsoft - already controlling a lot of what we say and write and how we live, the Metaverse will take it to a totally different level. 
2. On the same token, we won't need cash and wallet anymore in Thailand. When we leave our home nowadays, a mobile phone is more important to us than a wallet and we are in the age where digital payment is the norm. We couldn't imagine that only a few years back but the cashless society is the reality now. As an example PP Tim talked of Netherlands where he encountered great difficulty paying in cash a couple of years back. 
Receiving and making payments via QR code is the norm
3. On a more downbeat note. Weyland-Yutani and Skynet (of Alien and Terminator infamies respectively) will be replicated in real-life as they continue their world domination. This might take longer than a year but with the news that Apple reached $3 trillion and Facebook all in on Metaverse (even changing its name) and creating adverse impact on its social media platform, who could stop them?
4. Lastly China and US will start a tech World War. China has engaged in plenty of skirmishes down the year and copied a lot of IPs to get ahead, while the US recently fired a shot at its treatment of Huawei. There is too much mistrust for both sides to co-exist any longer and each country in the world, including Thailand will need to take a side
Technology moves so fast and we look forward to seeing what other crazy developments occur this year !
IPP David Record  brought us a list of predictions from the world of sport. Starting with the Beijing Winter Olympics he made the audacious claim that China, who placed in 16th in the last Winter Olympics would make a giant leap up the medal table and win the most gold medals in 2022, this would have nothing to do with anything other than the sporting prowess of the athletes.
This was followed with a prediction about the 1980 Moscow Olympics, where IPP David made the bold assertion that justice would eventually catch up with the pharmacologically boosted female swimmers from the Eastern German Swimming team who would be stripped of all their medals meaning that the GB Ladies Swimming team would win a further 14 Olympic medals. Some of the members were heard expressing their attraction for the photo shown, there is no accounting for all tastes.

In the Qatar World Cup, IPP David made a prediction that we should see lots of fair play and no cheating at all from the entitled young footballers who would be taking their ethical lead from a previous head of FIFA. Not only that, but he predicted a tidal wave of respect and wokeristic posturing from the football players, but sadly, he did not expect much respect at all for the labourers who built many of the stadiums in Qatar.

Formula One was predicted to be a sport conducted as a battle between good and evil on social media and not on the racetrack as it was in the good old days of Nikki Lauda and James Hunt. The members agreed with IPP David that nobody really cared any more as Formula One has gone soft and the days of racing with a splitting hangover are a thing of the past.
In golf, it was predicted that in 2022, Tiger Woods would come roaring back from his near career ending car crash and win a golf match, albeit against his son, Charlie Woods. The clearest and most obvious prediction of the year was that England would get whitewashed 5:0 at Cricket  (Editor’s note – England promptly drew the 4th Test).

IPP David concluded with his prediction on the Australian Tennis Open. He quoted the late Australian novelist and TV presenter Clive James who once said: ‘The problem with Australians is not that so many of them are descended from convicts but that so many are descended from humourless prison officers. This he explained, accounted for the hysterical overreactions and their hard to conceal glee in  incarcerating NoVac Djokovic on his arrival in Melbourne, who IPP David predicted would not be winning the Australian Open whilst locked in his quarantine hotel room.
The next soothsayer was PP John Quarmby  who spoke on Politics.
PP John started by quoting the great W.B Yeats :

“Things fall apart; the center cannot hold Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is lost
The best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity.”

Basically saying bad guys care much more than the good guys do and that is why they always end up winning. The big question in 2022 and beyond is can the best, as Yeats described, regain their MOJO , their conviction to push back against the dark forces. This can happen in 3 ways - by a charismatic leader, by economic forces since changes in economic power will make changes in political power , and have a World War. The third is undesirable as it has bad side effects, the second will take too long , so we are left with the first option. 
But who can be the charismatic leader in today's world ? Not Joe Biden or Boris Johnson or Emmanuel Macron or even the Pope !  Unfortunately none of these can be counted upon to bring about the change we are looking for in 2022.
Predictions for 2022:
1. Slow Joe (  Joe Biden ) will lose his already weak majority in Congress and there will be 2 years of doing nothing. Thereafter armed conflict could take place so there is not much hope in that area.
2. BoJo ( Boris Johnson ) will go in 2022. His party members will throw him overboard if he does not resign. This is the only ray of sunbeam in an otherwise dark atmosphere. However, there are no suitable replacements as most of them are quite old.
3. Jupiter Macron ( Emmanuel Macron )  will lose the next elections so he is out.
So what is the solution ? If America , Europe and Asia cannot save the situation, who will? PP John suggested Mr Volodymr Zelensky, President of Ukraine will be the saviour. He has 100,000 troops ready and will push the trigger thereby inducing a World War - our third option !
The last speaker of the day was Rtn Ron Livingston giving his predictions on "Environment". He said there were 6 environmental issues facing the world in 2022 - deforestation, air pollution, water pollution, loss of biodiversity , natural resources depletion and , global warming. He then added a new one - electric vehicles and self-driving vehicles.
Eliminating emissions from deforestation and promoting forest regrowth could reduce global net emissions by up to 30 percent. 
Prediction - Rotary Clubs in Thailand, by the end of 2022 will have worked together to plant 1 million trees through the support of rural schools.
The pandemic has allowed us to see blue skies. Clean air is vital for health and wellness.  Prediction - Clean Air has become a high priority for the Pollution Control Department in Thailand and a very large fan has been installed South of Bangkok to blow fresh sea air through the streets of Bangkok to eliminate the haze and to reduce AQI levels to Code Green.
Some 80 percent of the world's wastewater is dumped - largely untreated. This widespread problem of water pollution is jeopardizing our health. Unsafe water kills more people each year than war and all other forms of violence combined. 
Prediction -  The Thai Government has hired a smart Canadian guy with an Innovative Canadian Water Cleaning Technology and the Canals of Bangkok are clean and flowing like those in Venice.
Despite some progress, the Biodiversity targets – which range from stopping species from extinction to cutting pollution and preserving forests – were not achieved.  called the Indo- Burma Prediction - Thailand has coordinated global biodiversity efforts with the adoption of a framework that will redefine our relationship with the natural environment. It includes 21 targets and 10 ‘milestones’ to be achieved by 2030 - including the conservation and protection of at least 30 percent of the planet’s lands and ocean
The ocean is the greatest ally in our efforts to address the climate emergency. It generates 50 percent of the oxygen we need and absorbs 25 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions.  Prediction - Thailand has hired a Dutch Company to design and build dams along the coast to protect against the rising sea level and storm flood waters.
Resource security Growing consumption and competition for finite resources alongside climate change is putting at risk raw materials’ production, supply, prices and trade.  Prediction - Working from Home has been adopted by the Government of Thailand as a Circular Economy Initiative. u we reduce the number of cars and energy, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
EVs and Self Driving Vehicles are a disruptive technology that is good for the environment. Electric vehicles are about 90% cheaper to operate than gas-powered cars . Prediction - EV Self Driving Vehicles are common on the streets of Bangkok in 2022 
PP Andrew  MacPherson brought the session to a close with his own set of predictions : 
A) LITHUANIA - Set to be the most popular holiday destination in Europe by the end of the year.
B) The Russian Rouble is set to unseat the Pound Sterling as a trading currency purely due to the demand for Russian gas
C) The Myanmar government is going to announce a find of the largest ever reserves of Rare Earth Minerals in Shan State and watch their currency soar against the neighbouring countries. 

Reported by Rtn Rakesh Sodhia
PP Tim Cornwall predicting the future of Technology in 2022
IPP David Record predicting Sports in 2022
Rtn John Quarmby predicting future for Politics in 2022
Rtn Ron Livingston predicting Environment situation in 2022
PP Andrew MacPherson coordinating the speakers
Rtn Mark Wolf keeping the members quiet
PDG Alex Mavro, Rtn Matthew Nekvapil and Rtn John Fotiadis 
Rtn John Casella, Rtn Worrakit Pholsawad and guests
Rtn Varin Sachayan, Rtn Mark Wolf, guest Bruce,
Rtn Carol Kuhn and Rtn Joe Scuderi
Visting Rtn Gerard Geraets, Rtn Ravi Sehgal,
PP Nigel Hardy and PP Dougie Riach
All paying attention !
PP Narinder Sachdev smiling behind the mask
Rtn Alastair Timblick back at last !
IPP David Record and IPP Mark Butters 
IPP David and Rtn Vinai with his 12 years of Perfect
Attendance Award
PE Patrick and Acting President Sanjeev
Acting President Sanjeev looking mighty pleased
Lucky draw winner IPP David Record who passed the award on to
Rtn Jeremy King.
PP Ken and Acting President Sanjeev did the honours
Rotary Club of Changpuek Chiangmai
Request for help in Chiang Dao District

As mentioned last week in the opening remarks by Rtn. Sanjeev (who was filling in for President Finbarr) the Rotary Club of Changpuek in Chiangmai has approached the RCBS to see if any members would be interested in donating warm clothes such as hats, socks and blankets for people living in Chiang Dao District.

The district is in the high altitude area and the weather will be very cold until the end of January, so the people there (especially old people and children) are in need of the itmes mentioned.

This month (January) the Club plans to hand over all of the collected items to the recipients and they have invited RCBS members to participate in this activity.

For those members who would like to donate, they should be aware of the donation schedule planned by RC Changpuek Chiangmai is as follow : 

First round (16th January 2022) : Winter clothes

Second round (March 2022) : General clothes and any other items, food or non-food

Donated clothes and any other items can be sent directly to the following person & address : 

ADG Samrit Boonma
44/11 Soi 3 Ko, Sripingmuang Road 
Tambon Changklan, Amper Muang
Chiangmai 50100

ADG Samrit Boonma's cell phone number : 097-923 4140

Bangk account details for cash donation : 
Krung Thai Bank Account Number : 549 0 29643 6

Reported by Rtn Sanjeev Chowdhury

Fellow Rotarians, please be advised that the Yearbook is now printed and available at the Roadhouse BBQ or The Rotary Office should you be in the area. Please check with Khun Khob as she is currently working from home and not regularly in the office. You can still access the digital version by clicking on the link below (140MB) to download and enjoy!
Friday 21 January :
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