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Mr. James Pitchon - The Real Estate Market in Thailand during Covid   
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    12 November, 2021

We’re Back!!!!!!!

On Friday the 3rd December 2021 we will return to The Crowne Plaza Hotel for our regular Friday Club Meeting. The last time we had an in-person meeting was Friday 9th April 30 weeks ago!


A lot has happened since April and we maintained a strong Zoom Meeting presence connecting and engaging with our Members all across the world for the entire period of Thailand’s lockdown.


…but now it is time for us to re-engage and catch up in-person over extended Fellowship and a great lunch along with some Guest Speakers.


There won’t be much change in our Meeting format other than we will treasure more our Fellowship time before the Guest Speaker who will start at 13:00 pm. The intention is to present our customary information updates during the President’s time and then have extended Fellowship amongst the Members and Guests. Let’s talk amongst ourselves rather than having us talk to you like we have been in the Zoom meeting format.


It has been nice to see two of our Roadhouse BBQ Weekly Raffle winners coming from Members who were overseas at the time of the draw. Congratulations to Rtn Arie Bloed and Rtn Poul Weber for winning a nice bottle of wine via Rtn Dana.


PP Nigel as Chair of the Nomination Committee recommended Rtn Aaron Henry as the Committee’s Nominee for Club President for 2023-2024. Congratulations to Rtn Aaron. Additionally, PP Nigel also presented PE Patrick’s Nominees for the 2022-2023 Board. Congratulations to all the Nominees.


Finally, well done to all Members of our Club for having received a Rotary Club Citation for Rotary Year 2020-2021 as presented by IPP David.


See you all online on Friday 12th November.


Finbarr O'Connor
President 2021-22

Thank you to our Members who joined us from overseas:

Rtn Arie Bloed (The Netherlands)      Rtn Elmar Lins (Austria)

PP John Quarmby (France)              SAA Klaus Feilkas (Germany)                    

We are back!!!
On Friday December 3rd, RCBS will resume our regular, in-person meetings at the Crowne Plaza. As the hotel has asked us for a head count 1 week before the meeting,  please RSVP to K'Khob at and or Administration Director Aaron Henry at to notify us that you will attend. 
Program will be advised soon.
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Speaker : Chris Cracknell
5th November, 2021

“It’s Better To Give Than Receive”
Chris Cracknell, a highly accomplished businessman currently with Grant Thornton is also Chair of the British Chamber of Commerce and a Director of the Thai Chamber of Commerce/Board of Trade.   

Throughout his career Chris has been keen to promote sustainable business models defining business success on multiple criteria which include a better society for now and the next generation.

Chris’ thoughtful talk to the club centered on an issue many of us know to be true but don’t often address, that being how the pandemic has really affected us, our loved ones, and society. Much has really changed during these stressful times and Chris set out to tackle the subject head on while giving us hope for the future. Chris began his talk by congratulating the club for its work within the community.  He mentioned that he saw this as a key message and example that could be shared more widely within the business world.

He outlined how Covid has given us a chance to reflect on how business can be a positive force in the world.  Creating wealth for shareholders used to be the business mantra, but now business has many more stakeholders including the community at large.  But has business gone far enough?

Chris sees Covid as an accelerator and noted the following:  some positive developments (more use of technology), and some negative developments (global GDP is expected to be around 6% lower this year than last).   Some other negatives that have emerged from the pandemic :  China testing its strength on the world stage, America becoming more introverted, and China and India flexing their new economic and political clout.  Damage around the world is substantial:  supply chain shortages, higher unemployment, and polarized views (extremism).  There’s very little middle ground, and these polarized views are creating significant tension.  Consensus has fallen by the wayside.  There is resistance from many employees to return to the office, and businesses worldwide are going to have to think very hard on how they will re-engage their staff.

The wealth gap is increasing, and that will lead to social unrest on a global scale.  Taxes may go up because of social programs which need to be paid for.
Not all in Chris’ talk was doom and gloom.  He sees a better future being possible with education as the key.  He says we must start with education, better training and an opportunity for all who wish to pursue an education given the ability to do so.
He also feels that we need to move on from short - term decision making to long-term decision making.  Vision is important which  sadly tends to taint making tough decisions as politicians try to win re-elections.
Chris is adamant though that all is not lost!  He mentioned Clark’s shoes from the UK who house and educate their employees and the communities which surround their business as a model example of a company doing the right thing.  
Chris also highlighted the great work of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) around the world.  Many SMEs kept employees on their payroll during the pandemic even if it meant losing money as these types of businesses realized the impact on their communities if they laid off their employees. 

Thailand he believes is in for a tough recovery given high household debt here, lower than expected GDP growth and a slow recovery in the tourism sector.  He does see however a vision through the BCG (bio-circular-green) policy for the Eastern Economic Corridor adopted by the Thai government with a focus on  health and well-being, digitalization, decarbonization, logistics, and human resource development.

Finally, Chris touched on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and was encouraged to see businesses of all sizes getting interested in these goals.  He reiterated that businesses could and shold move from being mostly takers to being mostly givers to make a fairer world for all.  The type of future we want is our choice by how we nudge governments to set priorities and how we act as citizens of the world.  The time he said is now and should not be missed.
Reported by Rtn Sanjeev Chowdhury


 Guest Speaker Chris Cracknell 
Rtn Frank Janik introducing our speaker
Vote of Thanks given by Rtn John Casella
Birthday boys of the week
PP Nigel Hardy thanking the Nominating Committee for selecting the Board of RCBS for 2022-2023
Lucky winner of RHBBQ - Rtn Poul Weber
President Elect 2022 - 23
Patrick Gauvain
Immediate Past President 
Pres. Finbarr O'Connor
President Nominee and Membership Director Rtn Aaron Henry
Vice President
Rtn Marcell Dubbelman
Vice President
Rtn Sanjeev Chowdhury
Rtn Tony Kowatanawinta
Rtn David Ravenscroft
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Rtn Nicolas Leloup
Fund Raising
Rtn John Fotiadis
Rotary Foundation
PP Christoph Leonhard
Rtn Matthew Nekvapil
Rtn Ragil Ratnam
Rtn Tee Chayakul


Dear Club Members : 

In early November, your Service Projects Committee, at the request of the Rotary Club Royal Hua Hin, agreed to make a donation of THB 10K to an initiative to raise some funds for 170 families on Samui (mostly working in tourism field) who have lost their livelihood due the pandemic. The fund rasing drive, called "Food4Life", is led by the Rotary Club of Samui - Phangan and provides one food package/month to the 170 registered families until the end of this year at whick time the tourism sector is expected to rebound on the island. Each food packet contains 12 eggs, 4 packages of instant noodles, 5 kilograms of rice, 5 cans of sardines, and one bottle of cooking oil.

The following thank you message to RCBS members was received from former guest speaker and Rotarian Alan Brown, which we wanted to share with you.

Good Morning Dougie,
Thank you to the Rotary Club of Bangkok South for your support on an inter club basis to our sister club the Rotary Club of Samui - Phangan. Inter Club support is very much appreciated especially during these difficult times in Thailand.

Kind Regards - Alan
12 Scholarships finance by Ban Adri with the assistant of Laung Sit Fund
Rtn Manu Mekdhanasarn and
PP Christoph Leonhard representing RCBS
Representative of Ban Adri,
Mr. Jan Willem Paijens handing over a scholarship
Stichting Welzijn Zuid-Oost Azië Foundation, Netherlands in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Bangkok South and the Foundation for Needy Students under Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen generously donated Baht556,500 for educational scholarships at Kuakarun Faculty of Nursing, Navamindradhiraj University on the 5th November 2021.  Present were the President, Khun Surawat  Chompoopong and officials from the Foundation of the Needy Students, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Mr. Jan-Willem Paijens of the Stichting Welzijn Zuid-Oost Azië Foundation, Netherlands, PP Christoph Leonhard, Rtn. Manu Mekdhanarn and Rtn. Marcel Dubbelman. The money is used to help funding education for 10 practical nurses and 2 university students under the Luangsit Fellowship program.  
For more information on the Foundation of the Needy Students/Luang Sit Fellowship, please follow  the link below for video clip.  
Reported by Rtn Manu Mekdhanasarn
What is a Rotary Citation?
A Rotary club can earn a Rotary Citation for achieving goals that strengthen Rotary and the club. These Goals can include increasing club membership, developing sustainable service projects, giving to The Rotary Foundation, and building awareness of Rotary in your community etc. Each year the Club President and the Board should review the 25 goals from Rotary International and then select at least 13 of them and set their own club’s targets against the goals. The are updated online in Rotary Central.

The President and Secretary review their club’s goals with the DG and AG during their annual visit to the club and the then the President, the Board, the Committees, and the members work together though the year to achieve those goals.

At the end of the year the Rotary club will report their achievements against the targets which they set at the beginning of the Rotary Year; if the Rotary club achieves at least of their 13 goals then the club is awarded a Club Citation.
I am pleased to confirm that in 2020-21 the was awarded a Club Citation. Please accept my thanks and congratulations to all of you who participated in achieving our Club’s Goals in 2020-21.

Reported by IPP David Record

After months of locked-up agony and frustration, PP Nick hosted a  splendidly decadent luncheon at HARVEST on Soi 31. Photo shows all the guilty parties who need no introduction. Suffice to say Chair Ragil covered many aspects of important Programme issues before the wine was uncorked..!
The Membership Committee, Chaired by PE Patrick, has one final online meeting and discussed potential new members, general attendance records and the distribution of the Membership Satisfaction Survey... which you all should have received by now, completed and pressed the send button… guilty…? Then please respond as this Survey will be closing on 19th November. In addition in Q1 2022, there will be a District Leadership Training Seminar. Any member interested in more information and enrolling into this programme please contact the Committee Chair at

Fellow Rotarians, please be advised that the Yearbook is now printed and available at the Roadhouse BBQ or The Rotary Office should you be in the area. Please check with Khun Khob as she is currently working from home and not regularly in the office. You can still access the digital version by clicking on the link below (140MB) to download and enjoy!
19 November : 
Richard Walden : CEO           
Operation USA

26 November : 

03 December :
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         60th Year Anniversary Dinner   
         More details to be provided.

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12 November, 2021
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Tee Chayakul           

November 18

Attendance for 5 November 2021: 55% (Zoom) Active Logged-in 40, Exemption Logged-in 9, Make-Ups 9, Absent 47, Total 105

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