Today's Topic: Classification Interviews;
Rtn David Ravenscroft by Rtn Klaus Feilkas and Rtn Joe Scuderi by Rtn Mark Wolf
No. 2815

Fellow Rotarians, 

Last Friday was the US Mock Election Debate whereby our club entered into the unusual discussion of the politics, liberated and untethered. It was the perfect opportunity to allow ourselves to listen to the convincing debate supporting both sides of the highly anticipated upcoming US Election. By the time you are reading this SW, you should have already seen the US Election result. Whatever the result is, you will be your own judge.
I hope everyone had a fantastic time last week with Halloween and Loy Kratong hybrid celebrations. I’m confident many of you were quite busy with all the festivities with families and friends. As for the important matters about our club, I’m delighted to inform you that we now have a President Nominee and PE Finbarr has worked very hard selecting and finalizing his Board of Directors. We can expect the announcement about these in the very near future. In addition to the recent inductions of Rotarians Alexander Simon and Nicolas Leloup, we also have quite a few numbers of people waiting to be inducted to our club. Thus, it is evident that RCBS is looking healthy and still going strong.
We are now approaching the end of the year and there are still many interesting programs and activities ahead. This Friday will feature another internal program of classification interviews with Rtn.David Ravenscroft interviewed by Rtn.Klaus Feilkas and Rtn.Joe Scuderi by Rtn.Mark Wolf. This shall be an interesting program as we get to know more about our fellow Rotarians.
Looking forward to seeing many Rotarians this Friday.
Have a great weekend.

President Yod Tantianunanont


Before the debate started the voting was as follows:
Biden 23/ Trump 10
PP John Quarmby:
Some people claim that “good old Joe” is unclear about everything… Hmm?!
Democracy is messy because there are 2 sides to every question. Joe can navigate the complexities of these issues, make the necessary compromises, make it happen.
What pragmatism, what flexibility, what a focus on the greater good.
Colin Hastings:
I’m a Brit and qualified to talk about the US election because I’ve had 2 American girlfriends. One a dark-haired beauty with hairy legs and the other showed me the Twin Towers in NYC. Once we got back to her apartment I showed her the Statue of Liberty! So you see, I have intimate knowledge of America. And Trump will be… TRUMPHENT, Triumphant or whatever! The media giants are all biased against Trump and interrogate not interview him. All the Democrats sell their souls like the British Labour Party. Trump never shies away from the tough questions and has done a lot of good for the US. He’s scaled down America’s military overseas, and is squaring up to China… and by the way, I like good ol’ apple pie.
PP Philip Baechtold:
My friends… It’s true that I have enjoyed the Trump presidency. I prefer the America of Trump that is driven by optimism and opportunity. I like that he opposes unfair trade practices and copying, especially by China. I like an America that faces up to its foreign partners who long have been taken advantage of the US. America is lucky to have Donald Trump as president. He is definitely the most entertaining president ever… and I have no doubt that he will win reelection next week.
PP Mike Doyle:
I want to start out by saying that I have the utmost respect for my esteemed and learned Republican colleagues PP Philip and Colin BUT…
Joe Biden is clearly going to win this election… and he will win because he simply is not Donald Trump. Trump just will not shut up.
He creates chaos drawing lines in the sand with anyone who disagrees with him and with all disagreements on national issues. The precise mathematical formula that guarantees Biden’s win is as follows:
F Globalism (again) + F political correctness (again) both how trump won before + a BIG F Donald Trump = Biden win.
A Biden win will create dissension in the Democrat party (from the left: Bernie, Elizabeth, AOC) and nothing will get done for the next 4 years which is the best outcome we Americans can hope for.
At the end of the debate the voting came as follow:
Biden 22/ Trump 10
Biden lost 1 vote; Trump stayed the same.
So, in the final vote, nothing was changed except the vote of one Rotarian who originally voted for both candidates, and got caught by PP Andrew.
In the final vote, he voted for neither candidate! So Biden lost a vote.
By Tyrone Jenkins
30 OCTOBER 2020 
Guest Art Winter and Rtn Tyrone
Newly Inducted Rtn Nicolas and his proposer; P Yod
PP Andrew
Rtn Colin
PP Philip
PP Mike

SAA Yannick, Guest Nick Annett, Rtn Varin
PP John
Visiting Rtn from RC Bangkok; Rtn Greg, Rtn John and 2 guests; Tim Snow and Frank Janik
RHBBQ Winner; Nick Annett and P Yod



RC Royal Hua Hin, FRIDAY 5th FEBRUARY, 18.00, AMARI HOTEL HUA HIN. This is also the weekend of RC Bangkapi disabled Children Day at the beach on the Sunday, plus a fellowship dinner on Saturday Night, so a good weekend to be in Hua Hin.

Please find the link to the 90th Anniversary.
Friday 6 November
Classification Interviews; Rtn David Ravenscroft by Rtn Klaus Feilkas and Rtn Joe Scuderi by Rtn Mark Wolf

Friday 13 November  
Jerry Nelson on "Rotary Action Group Against Slavery Preventing Child Human Trafficking"

Friday 20 November 
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Friday 27 November    
Kevin Beauvais on "Hotels and Tourism in Thailand"  

Friday 4 December
Program to be advised.
Friday 11 December  
No Weekly Lunch: Special Public Holiday

Thursday 17th December

Annual Christmas Dinner at PP Nick's at 18.30 hrs. (Details to be confirmed)   

Friday 18 December  
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Friday 8 January
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