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No Rotary Luncheon
Her Majesty Queen Sirikit's 90th Birthday
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August 12, 2022
Editor-at-Large: Paul Emmerson
"... we should keep our eyes on the collective good that we do for Thailand, and the importance of maintaining the fellowship we have..." Aaron Henry, President Elect

Last Friday, I took the podium as Acting President in the place of President Patrick Gauvain, who is – thankfully – recovering quickly from COVID-19. I think it went fairly smoothly, which is good, since you will be stuck with me for the entirety of next year. 

Given the demands of the position, we tend to joke about who in the club will take the bullet as President each year. I’m preparing myself for what may well be a challenging twelve months, between running my agency across two countries, and assuming the presidency of the club – I have already started to reflect on this, with two thoughts I'd like to share:

One, that I’m flattered to have been selected, especially as I’m still one of the newer members in our club. And two, that this will be one of the most notable commitments I’ve made in my life – and that applies to my membership in Rotary Club Bangkok South, in general. It will also make up for the fact that I never completed my Eagle Scout badge, in a Boy Scout troop that was not unlike RCBS. In other words, if the national Boy Scouts had ever scrutinized us, we would have been ejected for sure.

All of this brings me to my second point of discussion. As Chair of this year’s Membership Committee. I encourage everyone to help us seek out new, potential members without prejudices. Rotary has a clear statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Without wading into our club politics, we should support that. And supporting it means bringing anyone to the Club, and possibly nominating them, with an open mind. Any Member who is reading this, I suggest saving your arguments for when we have an actual nominee or nominees to quarrel over.

I’m proud of our club, and I think we are going in a good direction. I realize that we don’t all have the same idea of what that direction should be. But we should keep our eyes on the collective good that we do for Thailand, and the importance of maintaining the fellowship we have – as well preserving the club’s “irreverence,” as discussed by PP Philip during lunch. 

Now some of you can pile on me, as I’m sure you will. But if you’re going to challenge theoretical nominees who don’t exist, bring some of your own!

Aaron Henry.
President Elect 22/23


Philip Baechtold took to the podium at our clubs 61st Birthday with an introduction of himself by himself, before regaling fellow Rotaran's with tales of our clubs entertaining history.

What follows is a censored transcript to protect the names of the irreverent...

"It is my pleasure to introduce our speaker. He has been a member of our club since 1987 and served as our club’s 41st president in 1998/1999.

Our speaker is the only Swiss you will ever meet who was born in Accrington in Lancashire. His father was Swiss and his mother a Northerner, which explains his great sense of humour, which his Swiss upbringing was unable to wipe out.

The last time our speaker addressed this Club was in 2017. He was given 5 minutes to speak about Swiss Conjugal Habits. He exhausted the topic in just 2 minutes. As the program committee found his speech quite lewd he was cancelled as a regular speaker at our Club. It is only due to the Program Committee’s utter desperation we have asked him back today.

I give you PP Philip A. Baechtold..."

... with President elect Aaron Henry.
I’m glad to be back after being cancelled for a while. I am particularly pleased to be speaking on our Club’s birthday. After all, as our late PP Brian Baldwin once put it: “Our Club’s Birthday is an annual event, and we do it every year.”

I joined this club after one year of pressure by PP David Sims. But what actually persuaded me to join was the first meeting I attended on January 23rd 1987, which I attended on PP David’s invitation. That particular Friday the club had three internal speakers. 

Rotarian Boonchit talked about his work as a real estate investor. He said he had found the easiest way for making a living. All he needed was a newspaper and common sense. He said put every spare Baht into real estate. (He also put a fair amount of money in our Rotary Club). Boonchit chose the cheapest and least developed land near Bangkok. Then he prayed for a long life. Because for prices to rise, it took time, 5 up to 20 years in some cases. But he had seen prices as low as Bt500 per square wah in Sukhumvit, and Bt1 in Thonburi. These values rose 50 - 100 times, and for some locations by 10,000 times. 

The 2nd speaker was our PP Ishi. He’d been 18 years old and in the Japanese Military Academy when the Pacific war ended. He started a career in advertising and became regional director in South-East Asia for Japan’s advertising agency, Hakuhodo, based in Bangkok. Ishi said advertising was easy. It was no different than the ancient “Chin-Don-Ya” Marching Bands that had spread commercial messages in the old streets of Edo. “Chin” was the bell ringer, “Don” the drummer and “Ya” the trumpeter. They made much noise, which was all advertising was all about. 

Rotarian Frank Rowland, the 3rd speaker, was a marketing man. He basically shared what David Ogilvie had said about marketing: "Marketing is selling with a college degree.” 

I thought that if I could hear such great talks and enjoy such a cheerful crowd every Friday, I wanted to be a member of Bangkok South. I joined the club in May 1987. The late PP Maarten Worp was my mentor. He said that Rotary was like the Boy Scouts, except that we didn’t wear shorts.

When PP Wudh Mekdhanasarn asked me to be president, it took PP Dirk Naumann to persuade me. He simply told me that the best job in the club was Past President. All you had to do was to be President first.

I became President in July 1998 and on the first day of my year two senior members resigned. One, because I hadn’t ordered the wine for the installation dinner for him. The second, because he’d left the installation before the lucky draw. He actually won a business class ticket to Europe, but because he’d gone home, we redrew.

I got another rebuke when at our second meeting one of our members spoke about his incarceration at Klong Prem high-security prison. Our late PDG Rojvit Pereira blamed me for inviting a criminal to speak to our club. "What was I to do? He is already a Rotarian!" I explained to him.

The next rebuke came after I told 'The Milk Joke', the one about a secretary who happily finishes several interviews. The timing was ill-chosen, because it happened to be the day of the District Governor’s official visit to our club. Worse, there was a lady in the audience. I approach the lady after lunch to apologise for telling a lewd story, and she said:. “Not at all, I thought it was quite funny.” PDG Praphan Hutasingh put things right by saying: “Don’t cry over spilt milk.”
... awarding the raffle prize to SAA Tee
I remember Grotty Necktie Day. The purpose of this program was to give each members a reason to wear that unfitting necktie he’d received from his wife, the one she always asked about: “Darling, why don’t you ever wear that necktie I gave you?” All one had to ensure was that the wife saw you leave with that necktie on. The neckties that were worn by the Rotarians that joined the competition were really quite shabby. We had to stop the program after two years as guests had won both annual competitions, neither had known it was Grotty Necktie Day.

At our Club Birthday in 1998, which took place at the Oriental Hotel, we even had a competition for Dandy of the Year. PP Eddie Mekdhanasarn organised a panel of six female judges and while everyone was greatly entertained, nobody actually remembered who was crowned winner.

Similarly Rotarian Adolph Knees, who managed the Triumph underwear and swimwear factory, treated us to an annual Triumph fashion show as a regular program.

We were irreverent, irrespective of who was in the audience. During my year we had a regular visitor from the US, a Rotarian from Rochester NY who was on a one year teaching assignment in Thailand. Every week he would come to our club and bring his wife along. After a year, before the couple returned to the US, they both came to say good bye and the wife said to me: “Philip. Your club has taught me the real meaning of male chauvinism, and you know what? I have thoroughly enjoyed it.”

If some members would like to move back to the Montien hotel, I assume they’ve forgotten how lousy the food was. Bobby de Cozier, who ran Bobby’s Arms and was a member of this club, at one of our Friday luncheons smashed it on the table in front of Rotarian Peter Daetwiler, who was the manager of the Montien. He said: “I can’t eat this shit!”
The fun is we, not the venue.

Happy Birthday, Bangkok South!
PP. Philip A.Beachtold
... presenting a bonus raffle prize donated by Rtn Frank to our winner, Rtn Ragil
The Past Presidents who came to party. From left: Ole, Alex, Mark, David, Dean, Narinder, Finbarr, Tim, Vichai, Dr. Niti, Krit, Nigel, Philip, David, Dougie.
Rtn John appealing to members to help in finding suitable homes for approx. 20 collection boxes we currently have in storage.
Rtn Yannick and PE Aaron inducting our newest member. A very warm welcome to Philippe D’acquet
Rtn John announcing to the Club that Coins on Silom will happen on November 25th. Want to get involved? Please contact John directly.
Rtn Ragil introducing the new system for booking a seat at our regular Friday meetings. Please keep your eye out for emails asking for you to submit your lunch order in advance.
IPP Finbarr, PP Krit
Rtns Nils, Chris, Gareth
PPs Mark, Vichai, Nigel
Rtn Moto, PDG Alex, PP Krit
We join hands in thanking the following donors for renewing their support of another four-year term of the Luang Sit Fellowship.  Your contribution to the Rotary Club of Bangkok South’s oldest charity project is highly appreciated.
Rtn Leo Alexanderson
Rtn Jean Marie Cattand
Rotary Ann Phanee Chantrasmi
PP Per Dibber
Mr. Alan Henderson
Rtn Ola Holmgren
Rtn Pichai Kanivichaporn
Rtn Elmar Lins
PP Ole Madsen
Rtn Prasert Mankongkarn
Rtn Manu Mekdhanasarn
Rotary Ann Jiraporn Meyer
PP Narinder Sachdev
Rtn Mark Wolf
Raining too hard?

Can't get a cab?

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Well this is for you...

Sign up to Rotary eClub One, and you can do your make up online.

- My apologies to Rotarian's who came here for tips that might have added a little glow to the complexion. Ed.
After many years of fantastic support from Mike Ellis and Allied Pickford's staff, the club now has a need for a storage unit with a minimum capacity of some 8 to 10 cubic meters.

We shall be storing all the equipment from previous Coins on Silom Events along with our archives currently stored at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

We have quotes currently of Baht 6,000 per month, however, we're hoping we can locate a unit at a more reasonable cost near or close to Rama 4 which would be preferred, however, we can work around the location. 

Should you have contacts with whom we can discuss our needs please let either PP Dougie Riach or me know.

Thanks your help. 
YIR. PP Nigel Hardy.
Friday 12 August
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