Today's Topic: Zoom Meeting - Dr. Pinnaree Tea - makorn: "Do we look like our spouses? Let's get A.I.'s opinion"
No. 2845
9th July, 2021

Friday 2nd July

The first Friday post 1st July each year is designated as President’s Day.
An auspicious occasion whereby each year the newly appointed President is provided the platform to outline his key areas of focus for the new Rotary Year. Apart from having our own Rotarians and Guests attend, we were also honoured to have a number of past and current Presidents from other Clubs join our online meeting.

For the first 30 minutes of each weekly meeting I am hoping to provide an agenda that presents general Rotary and Club information to all of our Members. To kick start week one we had Rtn Sanjeev our Service Projects Director present his new Committee and major areas of focus. For me, the key take away was just how many of you have volunteered to join the Service Projects Committee. Nearly 25% of our Members! Fresh thinking and renewed energy combined with another enthusiastic Director augurs well for another successful year for our Service Projects team.

As this week’s ‘Guest Speaker’ a summary of my speech is noted below, so I won’t repeat what I said on the day other than to highlight some of the key messages.

We have 60 years of history with our Club steeped in a rich heritage of leaders across all aspects of our operations culminating with over 600 Members over this period of time.

Online meetings are likely to be around intermittently for at least this calendar year and we will need to rethink how we deliver our Friday meetings to this format in a more focused ‘online’ way. A lot of Guest Speakers for example just do not want to do online presentations for us. They want to be in the same room.

Being a Member of a Rotary Club is different to being a Rotarian. This is a rallying cry from Rotary International and sobering for us all to reflect on our contributions to Rotary this year.

So finally, let us focus on three key areas that will make our Club stronger:

•   Acquire New Members

•   Retain Existing Members

•   Engage All of Our Members

Finbarr O’Connor
President 2021-22

“The full text of President Finbarr’s speech is at the end of this week’s South Wind” 

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Passcode: RCBS2122
Topic: RCBS 2021 2Q
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Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.
Your Service Projects Committee members work tirelessly to find and implement projects that benefit the less fortunate in our community. Our projects are not restricted to Bangkok and can be found in many provinces in Thailand and some other countries in our district. Projects we like to focus on fall under the following Club guidelines:

1. Disease Prevention and treatment
2. Health and wellbeing including child health education
3. Education, learning skills, literacy
4. Special consideration is given to joint projects with other Rotary Clubs,
to support both fellowship, and understanding of other clubs support in the community.

Signature Committee projects which you may have heard of before:

Library Kits

Clean Drinking Water for Schools (CDWS)
The Ban Bang Boon Aids Hospice
The Mae Tao Clinic

Kids Day Out

Rotary Club of Bangkok South

Clean Drinking Water for Schools
Our signature program since 1996
613 systems installed
• in nearly 40 provinces
• water for over 130,000 children
and their families
Modern Technology (Reverse Osmosis)

We work with local Rotary Clubs, sponsors, villages
and schools to install and ensure on going maintenance of the systems.

Your Service Projects Committee for 2021-22

Chair:  Sanjeev Chowdhury
Vice-Chair:  PP Dougie Riach
Clean Drinking Water:  PP John Quarmby
Low Income:  PP Nick Pisalyaput
Health and Wellness:  Marcel Dubbelman
Education:  VP Adrian Topham
Disabled and Disadvantaged:  PDG Alex Mavro
Ban Bang Boon (BBB) Aids Hospice:  Michael Bain
Kids Day Out 2022:  Nicola Leloup (new Committee member)
PP Tim Cornwall
Marco Casanova
Mark Wolf
Joe Scuderi
Steve Wilson
Klaus Feilkas
The Ravenscroft brothers:  David and Joe
Arie Bloed
Poul Weber
Chip Bowness

Special thanks to Rtn: Prasert Mangkornkarn, one of the “BBB Boys”, for his help with Michael on BBB.


PP Dougie Riach - Relating his COVID experience.
The Club has had no revenue from South Wind for the past 2+ years, so it is our intention to revamp and reintroduce new advertising rate structures to support the club. At the amazing rate of Baht 3,000 (approx.THB 58 a week) you can place a banner ad for the whole year… and similarly a full size ad for Baht 7,000 per annum (approx.THB 134 a week). We look forward to a plethora of fresh new ads! Sponsors logos will remain. For more information please contact Rtn. Rakesh Sodhia (
 Please click the link :   
Fellow Rotarians, the link below will download our Yearbook for this past Rotary year under the leadership of the Late President Yod and completed by President David. A full report of our year by all the committees plus some fun photos of the few events we have managed to hold during this year of living dangerously. Click on the link below (140MB) to download and enjoy!
2021 DC will be held virtually via zoom
on July 17-18, 9:00-12:00 hrs.
The program in details will be provided and 2021 Governor’s Salute will be held in person when the situation is better.
9th July:
Dr. Pinnaree Tea - makorn: 
"Do we look like our spouses?
Let's get A.I.'s opinion"

16th July :
PDG Alex Mavro:  "Women in Rotary" in acknowledgement of

23rd July :
Billy Curryer: "Karen Hill Tribe Foundation"
Saturday 7 August 
60th Year Anniversary Dinner at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park. More details to be provided.

Chartered in 1972
Meets first and third Monday of each month at Royal Cliff Beach Resort. 
Fellowship from 18.30 pm and meeting starts
at 19.15 pm. 
Facebook group: Rotary Club of Pattaya (Thailand)
News Link:
Rotary Thailand E-Magazine (English Version)
January - February 2021 

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Khun Khob’s Club Almanac #2845
9th July, 2021

Happy Birthdays:

Chris Trogh                July 14
Lars Svensson          July 15

Wedding Anniversary Greetings:
PP Krin Charnmaytesakul      July 11

Attendance for July 2nd, 2021 :  68% (Zoom)

Active Logged-in 41, Exemption Logged-in 13, Absent 51, Total 105

Visiting Rotarians:
Local Club
PP Abdullah Alawadi                      RC Bangkok
P Francois Van Den Bosch            RC Bangkapi
AG Santi Chatterjee                        RC Bangkok
P Vasana Mututanont                      RC Bangkok

PP Jerry Nelson   RC Ending Human Traffic, USA


Recent Makeups:
RC Feldkirch, 29 June 2021: Elmar Lins

60th Anniversary Book Preparation, 30 June 2021:
PP Nigel Hardy, PE Patrick Gauvain, PP Tim Cornwall

RC Nicosia, 1 July 2021: Sievert Larsson

Zoom Weekly Meeting, July 2nd, 2021:
Aaron Henry, Adrian Topham, PDG Alex Mavro, Andrew Hamilton, PP Andrew MacPherson,  
Arie Bloed, Chris Trogh, PP Christoph Leonhard, David Lawrence, David Ravenscroft, IPP David Record,  PP Don Lavoie, PP Dougie Riach,
Elmar Lins, P Finbarr O'Connor, Frank Janik,
Jan Cederwall, Joe Ravenscroft, Joe Scuderi,
John Fotiadis, Klaus Feilkas, PP Krin Charnmaytesakul, Leo Alexandersen, Manu Mekdhanasarn, Marcel Dubbelman, Marco Casanova, PP Mark Butters, Mark Shaw, Mark Wolf,
Moto Kakiuchi, PP Narinder Sachdev, PP Nick Pisalyaput, Nicolas Leloup, PP Nigel Hardy,
PP Ole Madsen,PE Patrick Gauvain, Peter Upperton, PP Peter-Michael Schuster, PP Philip Baechtold, Ragil Ratnam, Ravi Sehgal, Rod Vergara,
Ron Livingston, Rui Belo, Sanjeev Chowdhury, Sievert Larsson, Steve Wilson, Sunny Patel,
Tee Chayakul, PP Tim Cornwall, PP Vichai Tantrativud, Worrakit Pholsawad,                                  Yannick Thevenot      
Friday 2nd July 2021
Fellow Rotarians,
Let me start off by saying Happy 60th Birthday to each and every one of you.
On 27th March 1961 in the Normandie Grill of the Oriental Hotel approximately 50 gentlemen agreed to form a Rotary Club. This was the third Rotary Club in Thailand. And on the 7th August the same year Rotary International granted us our Charter and henceforth the Rotary Club of Bangkok South was formed.
Understandably we don’t have any current Members from our first year but we do have Rtn Manu who is the son PP Wudhi a Charter Member. We also have PDG Praphan who has been a Member for 57 years having joined our Club on the 10th April 1964 at the age of 32. At 89 he is also our oldest Member.        Our youngest Member is Rtn Geng who is 27 and who joined our Club on 5th March 2021. I estimate that we have had over 600 Members over the years. There have been over 60 Presidents of which 24 are still Members today. We have had the honour of four District Governors in the late PDG Rojvit,
PDG Praphan, PDG Xanxai and PDG Alex.
We have changed our meeting venue three times over the years. From the Oriental Hotel we moved to the Montien, then to the Hyatt now the Holiday Inn and finally we landed at the Pan Pacific Hotel now the Crowne Plaza…and so today we again find ourselves in a new venue being online via Zoom.
Not because of technological  advancements but because of a health pandemic. Not even Rotary is immune from the impact of the past 18 months.
So this brings us unexpected and unpredictable challenges for which I certainly don’t have clarity, of how we maintain momentum in an online Rotary world? But we need to find that clarity as a Club. How do we do what Rotarians do when we cannot meet in person? With many new Covid cases a week across Thailand, Rotary for us is going to be online for quite a while. Zoom is no longer a short term filler, it’s the Rotary norm.
We will operate meetings and Committees in an online way for as many months as is required. But we have to think about how we hold attention, how we make the meetings meaningful and how we still make our Club attractive for existing and new Members. We don’t want to dilute our effectiveness for our beneficiaries or our Members.
Our Committee Members will continue their good work but mainly via online Zoom meetings for the most part of this Rotary Year. It won't be quite the same, but the engine room of our Club is the work undertaken by our Committees. I therefore urge you, if you are on a Committee, please join the Zoom Committee Meetings. Please make sure that robust Committee Meetings occur. The Fellowship side will come back.
 Now let me talk about some key areas that our Board will focus on this year:

Being a Member of a Rotary Club is different to being a Rotarian
Shekhar Mehta, the President of Rotary International, has stated he would like us to achieve:
1. Member Engagement through impactful projects and fellowship.
2. Partnering with specialised organisations in areas of focus.
District Governor Wiroon has targeted:
1. To increase Membership of District 3350 by 5% to reach 3,350 Members.
As a Club we do a tremendous amount of successful activities like Service Projects, Charity Events and supporting multiple Foundations. But for me, this is a point of parity. This is the same as other Rotary Clubs do month in day month. And we are very successful at planning and executing all of our activities throughout the year.
This year, I would like to see an elevated caring of our Members and make this our point of difference. The sense of camaraderie is key to our success. It really is our core culture. When new Members speak for the first time they all reference camaraderie in some form naturally even if they don’t use the exact word.
We must look after each other, especially in times that we are facing today.
It is about caring and sharing with others, especially our own Members.
Hence as a Board we will focus on three key areas in addition to our traditional Committee-driven projects being:
-  Acquiring New Members
-  Retaining Members
-  Engaging Members
Our new Board will meet later this month and we will have the chance to discuss various processes and activities that will address the above.
Examples for consideration:
1. Member Exit Survey - 11 Members left last year and 3 so far his year. Fortunately we acquired 16 new Members. Let’s understand more as to why in a structured format.
2. Member Satisfaction Survey - let’s listen more on what is important or maybe not important for you being a Member of this Club. What can we do more, less, or better.
3. Ensuring Members get the opportunity to engage in Committees and Projects.
4. Let’s challenge ourselves to stay connected with older Members who don’t want to join Zoom calls. Let’s keep in touch with those who aren’t able to join our meetings in whatever format they may be.
5. Reach out to our Rotaracts and see if we can support them.
In Summary:

Our Club is steeped in a rich 60 year history and many Members have been with us for this entire journey. We have created many great Rotarians and community leaders in PDGs, Presidents, Board Members and Committee Members who collectively have supported over 600 Members since our inception.
But our world has changed forever. We are all effectively locked in Bangkok, and in some cases, Members aren’t ever going to leave their homes out of safety. New processes will need to be created as we embrace a very different world.
I think many of us have seen the great value of our camaraderie despite us being unable to meet in person. It’s not the same having a sandwich at home, watching a weekly meeting, or participating in a Committee via Zoom. I know.
So how do we successfully Acquire, Retain and Engage New Members? This is what I see as being the focus of the 2021-2022 Board.
Reported by Rtn Sunny Patel.
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