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Steve Young : "A new understanding of
Prophet Muhammad and Christians"
No. 2849
6 August, 2021

I will continue to call out and recognise those Members who make the effort
to call in to our Friday Meetings even though they are not in Thailand. I really appreciate that they choose to stay connected with our Club taking advantage of the regular (nowadays) online format. It is the ‘silver lining’ of being online
for travelling Members and almost the equivalent of them visiting a local Club on their travels. This week we had four Members join us online:

Rtn Arie Bloed (The Netherlands)

Rtn Elmar Lins (Austria)

Rtn John Fotiadis (Florida)

Rtn Peter Upperton (Perth)

Rtn Steve, our Fund Raising Director provided us an update on the reintroduction of our Weekly Raffle, supported by Rtn Dana’s Roadhouse BBQ. I noticed across my multiple Zoom screens from the faces that there were a lot of positive reactions to this announcement and hopefully this coming Friday
Rtn Steve will be able to confirm its reintroduction.

In an endeavour to get information to as many Members as possible and
as quickly as possible, I asked Secretary Yannick to provide a bullet point summary of key decisions or discussion points from our July 19th  Board Meeting. It is planned to do this each month and a summary of our first
Board Meeting this Rotary Year is published below.

Club Assembly is the forum for a more in depth understanding of Club,
Board and Committee  activities and once again we will have our
Club Assembly and District Governor Wiroon’s visit on a new date being Friday 24th September 2021. At this stage it is planned to be at 11:00 am followedby our regular Friday Meeting (if it is online we might start at 11:30 am).

Finally, we were pleasantly entertained with two Classification Interviews of two of our Board Members. Namely Rtn Rakesh who became a Member in 2010 (fifth time on Board), and Rtn Klaus who became a Member in 2019 (first time on Board). Over the years I have found that we know very little about Members until a Classification Interview is undertaken and to this end we will have all
13 Board Members ‘classified’ this year.

See you all online on Friday 6th August.

Finbarr O'Connor
President 2021-22

Please find the link below to join the  Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 886 9644 8467
Passcode: RCBS2122
Topic: RCBS 2021 2Q
       Every week on Fri,
          August 13, 2021      12.05 PM
          August 20, 2021      12.05 PM  
          August 27, 2021      12.05 PM
    September 24, 2021      11.00 AM  
(Club Assembly and DG Visit)

Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system. Weekly:
SAA Rtn Klaus Feilkas and Communication Director
Rtn Rakesh Sodhia interview each other.

Both speakers started with a disclaimer that they have not lived very interesting lives as some esteemed members like P Patrick Gauvain and Rtn Mark Wolf, have led and that this session is more of an interview and less a classification.

Being senior in age, Rtn Rakesh opted to interview Rtn Klaus first.

Rtn Klaus spent his early years in Bavaria growing up with his sister,
parents and grand parents. He said the part of Bavaria he grew up is actually flat land with no lakes, quite unlike the hills and lakes shown in the movie
"The Sound of Music".

He did his high school in Germany majoring in Physics and Chemistry.
He was a kind of trial and error student and would conduct scientific experiments at home, which was not always appreciated by those living in the same house. Then 2 years in the army followed by a college degree from University of Munich in Semi-Conductors and Deep Temperature Physics. Worked with Siemens Germany for a while, got posted to USA but had to leave when he couldn't get a work permit. Moved back to Siemens Germany and worked on mobile chips. He even worked with a team on the first version of iPhone.

He then moved to Singapore where he met his wife. Thereafter shifted to Thailand about 9 years back and had a daughter a year later.

Rtn Klaus has had a multifaceted career spanning project management, research, consultancy, coaching, software development , a project in agricultural equipment, etc.

He joined the club in 2019, introduced by PP Tim Cornwall, and his classification is "Business Development". He enjoys meeting a broad spectrum of people which is a hallmark of Rotary.

Rtn Rakesh was born in Delhi, India where he spent his childhood. His father was a Government servant and his mother was a housewife. Growing up he played a lot of sports - cricket, soccer, hockey, rounders , badminton and table tennis. He schooled at St. Columba's School , New Delhi. Majoring in Science and English literature. Then he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Institute of Technology, Delhi followed up with a Master's Degree in International Trade from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi.
He came to Thailand in 1982 and has stayed here since. He got married in 1984 and has a daughter aged 35 years and a son who is 32 years old.

He worked first with an Indian trading company called G. Premjee Ltd for 19 years, then 9 years with Phoenix Commodities, a company he founded with 4 colleagues. Finally, he sold his shares in Phoenix in 2009 and started his own trading company called Fortuna International Ltd.

He had quite a few stories to relate on his business travels to countries in Africa and Middle-East. Specially of his experiences in Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti, Rwanda, etc.

Now, he is living a semi-retired life playing golf 2-3 times a week. He does the occasional deal in rice , coal and cement clinker purely with buyers and sellers whom he has known for over 30-35 years.

Rtn Rakesh joined the Rotary club in 2009 and has been on the board 5 times. His classification is "Commodities Trader".

Reported by Rtn Rakesh Sodhia.
1. Approval of June 2021 Minutes Approved

2. Matters Arising - nil

3. President’s Comments
The President will send in advance notes that he wishes to discuss during the meeting

4. IPP David Comments

5. PE & Membership Chairman Comments
Report attached
Tim Walton is back on the Club Michael Graham-Hyde will involve his current Club on an international project Since we are moving towards an online club, can we get members from anywhere? P Finbarr Waiting for members who have resigned to fill the exit survey PE Patrick Are Mike Ellis and Colin Hastings still willing to support the Club going forward PE Patrick As of Friday, 30 July 2021, online meetings will be counted as regular meeting and attendance will be counted Approved

6. VP Comments
If we invite RI P then make invitation on behalf of all Bangkok Clubs
Rtn Sanjeev

7. Club Secretary Report
Rtn Manu Mekdhanasarn requested to be an Exempt Member. Approved Recognition of Service Years Awards to be at Anniversary month P Finbarr

8. Treasurer Report
Report attached

9. Service Projects Report
Report attached
1.5 M THB is left for health or education related projects. Support Project for BBB from Anonymous Donor Funds (attached) Approved Kids Day Out is planned for April 7 instead of March 30

10. Fund Raising Report
A weekly raffle even on zoom calls is proposed Check whether Rtn Dana can still support the Club weekly raffle Rtn Steve Check on Prompt Pat capability with Khun Khob P Finbarr

11. Administration Report
Report attached
A glass was raised to Past Administration Director Stephan Sanchez. Our deposit from the hotel is to be refunded to RCBS. Approved Request History Committee to celebrate the club’s anniversary on Friday 7th August
Rtn Aaron confirmed to manage Club Programs. No need for Board reviews

12. Communications Report
Thanks to K. Babe and PE Patrick on work done with South Wind Rtn Rakesh requested support for weekly write-ups when Rtn Sunny is away on leave for two months

13. Foundation Report
Report attached
Projects that are sponsored by international donations will need to be approved by the Board if the money is first transferred to our Club bank accounts
PP Christoph Request Rtn Marcel to talk on recent Danish donation
Rtn Sanjeev

14. SAA Report

15. Other Business
Any Board Member or any of your Committee Members who want time during the first 30 minutes of any Friday meeting please send an email to P Finbarr or K.Khob All A Constitution & By Law Committee has been set up and Chaired by Secretary Yannick  IPP David, VP Adrian & VP Rod

16. Meeting closed at 20.02
Minutes taken and prepared by Sec Yannick Thevenot
  1. VP Adrian Topham
  2. PDG Alex Mavro
  3. Rtn David Ravenscroft
  4. Rtn Dana Caron
  5. PP Dougie Riach
  6. Rtn Klaus Feilkas
  7. Rtn Marcel Dubbelman
  8. PP Nigel Hardy
  9. PE Patrick Gauvain
10. Rtn Sanjeev Chowdhury
11. Rtn Steve Wilson
12. Rtn Yannick Thevenot - Chair


Rtn John Fotiadis - Wondering which beverage he should partake!
SAA Rtan Klaus Feilkas and Communication Director Rtn Rakesh Sodhia had a good time interviewing each other.
PP Philip Baechtold - Ensuring the 2 speakers declare their Classification!
Rtn Ravi Sehgal - Posing a question to a speaker.
Rtn Marcel Dubbelman - Asking the speaker on ladies in Somalia.
P Vasana Mututanont of Rotary Club of Bangkok - Enjoying the meeting.
RCBS thanks PP Tim Cornwall for confirming his advertisement in South Wind for 2021-2022.
The Club has had no revenue from South Wind for the past 2+ years, so it is our intention to revamp and reintroduce new advertising rate structures to support the club. At the amazing rate of Baht 3,000 (approx.THB 58 a week) you can place a banner ad for the whole year… and similarly a full size ad for Baht 7,000 per annum (approx.THB 134 a week). We look forward to a plethora of fresh new ads! Sponsors logos will remain. For more information please contact Rtn. Rakesh Sodhia (
Fellow Rotarians, the link below will download our Yearbook for this past Rotary year under the leadership of the Late President Yod and completed by President David. A full report of our year by all the committees plus some fun photos of the few events we have managed to hold during this year of living dangerously. Click on the link below (140MB) to download and enjoy!
"2021 DC will be held when the COVID-19 situation is getting better"
13 August : 
Weekly meeting via Zoom
Program to be advised

20 August : 
Weeky meeting via Zoom
Guest speaker : Bruno Huber  on "Managing an ASQ Hotel"
27 August : 
Weekly meeting via Zoom
Program to be advised

24 September : 
Club Assembly and District Governor Wiroon's Visit 
(Postponed until Further Notice) :
60th Year Anniversary Dinner at Bangkok Marriott Marquis
Queen’s Park. 
More details to be provided

Chartered in 1972
Meets first and third Monday of each month at Royal Cliff Beach Resort. 
Fellowship from 18.30 pm and meeting starts
at 19.15 pm. 
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Khun Khob’s Club Almanac #2849
6 August, 2021
Happy Birthday
John  Casella
Scott  Ledwell


Wedding Anniversary Greetings:

August 12
August 12


Attendance for 30 July 2021: 72% (Zoom) Active Logged-in 37,
Exemption Logged-in 9, Make-Ups 20, Absent 40, Total 106

Visiting Rotarians:
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Nicklas Ulander
P Vasana Mututanont  


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