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In Memoria -
President Vitool “Yod” Tantianunanont
No. 2825



       I was shocked to hear yesterday evening about Yod’s passing, it hit me quite hard, for reasons I cannot explain.

       Very early this morning I realized that it is not only the sense of irrevocable loss, but also of becoming aware that remembering Yod only came with positive thoughts from the times I worked with him on various activities, and at the same time, a realization that I should thank RCBS and its members past and present for being included as a Club member.  I am sure he shared the same thought.

I believe there are many in the Club who feel the same way.

It was no surprise to me that Yod was asked to be President, and that he, a relative newcomer (like me), had seen the value of Rotary and was determined to assist in continuing the work, but in doing so, also contribute to the health of the Rotary organization.

  At this time I also realize that I should express my great gratitude for being accepted into RCBS, a truly amazing group of men, and, in being such, able to express an irreverent sense of humour towards life that is so quickly being lost in many societies around the world to the spectre of political correctness, and also being able to contribute a little, including during the time as Club Secretary when I found myself in contention with some members.  Even that was a life experience that retaught me the difference between the necessity of getting on with business versus nugatory self indulgence, ego, self righteousness, or trying to right a perceived wrong.

I also made some good friends, and have been able to continue a distant membership that has contributed to shared projects.

  This tragedy has also reopened good memories of my time in Bangkok, and just how much Rotary has given to me.

 I am especially grateful that on joining RCBS in 2011 I was handed responsibility for the Ban Bang Boon Hospice project from Gary Worthington, and then to have had a continuing hand in helping Khun Pairach who singlehandedly operates the hospice, in her life mission of what is truly selfless sacrifice for others.

     Of many things, I treasure the sweater she knit for me, and that she gave me when the RCBS delegation and PP Narain officially handed over the new facility to her; how she came up with that idea in 35C weather I do not know, but it fits the climate here on the far southern coast of British Columbia very well.  Also, Khun Khob’s role in this project must be recognized as pivotal.  Without her continuing support the outcomes would not likely have been what they are.

     During the past 10 years, RCBS has at times honestly questioned the BBB project, but never faltered, in supporting what can only be described as a service not only to Thais, but to humanity.  The project, which Khun Prasert took over in a heartfelt way in 2015 when I left Bangkok for family reasons is now managed by Dougie, Michael, Adrian and others.  I remain the Project officer in RCSouth Surrey, and try to keep up with my long distance membership in the RCBS Service Projects Committee.

  The same goes for the Happy Home Children’s Centre, introduced to me by Arie.  Both of these projects have now been embraced by the Rotary Club of South Surrey, and especially Brian O’Ruairc (O’Rourke), Service Projects Director, who many of the members have met, an Irishman who never gives up, and gets things done. Over a period of 70 days in 2019 the two of us, using funds he raised, managed to accomplish a lot of hands on work at the HHCC in Battambang, during which several RCBS members visited.

We were to return in 2020 to repair the foundations of the girls and boys accommodations and now await the lifting of the virus induced restrictions to go back and do that.

   Thanks again RCBS, I shall drink a toast tonight to Yod and remember too, his family at this time.


When you are sorrowful look again in your heart,

and you shall see that in truth

you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

Kahlil Gibran


Chip Bowness

Colonel (Ret’d) Canadian Army (Royal Canadian Engineers) MSM CD PEng (Retired) PMP

Honorary Member RC South Surrey

Life Member United Nations Command Military Armistice Commission, Panmunjom Korea

Member (1985), Order of the Good Time, Halifax, Nova Scotia (Begun by Samuel de Champlain 1606 )*


Dear VP’s David and John and members of RCBS, 
We at Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East are shocked and sadden to hear of the passing of your President - Khun Yod.
I never had the opportunity to meet President Yod, however PP Nancy and PP Stacy both had the opportunity to meet and enjoy fellowship with him two years ago when they attended the Installation Ceremony of PP Dean. They both said that he was such a kind affable man, a true Rotarian who loved his family dearly and who had so much to offer the community.
Please accept our deep condolences. Very sorry for this loss. May President Yod rest in peace. 
Yours in Rotary, 
P Leo


Dear Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Bangkok South,  
On behalf of the Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin, it brings us great sadness to hear of the passing of one of your esteemed club members, President Yod. We extend our sincere condolences to his family and friends, and President Yod will remain in our hearts and minds as a true Rotarian who dedicated himself to the betterment of the disadvantaged and underprivileged in our world. 
May President Yod rest in peace. 
Yours in Rotary, 
Brian Anderson 
President 2020-2021

Two years ago, Thailand became the first Asian country to legalize the production, sale and use of medical cannabis; a significant development with long term implications. Asia has generally been extremely conservative with regards marijuana laws... specifically Malaysia that has a draconian mandatory death sentence for any amounts over 5 kilos.

Charlie Blocker and PP Mike Doyle gave the club an interesting overview of not only what is going on in Thailand but also what has been happening in China and South Korea.

The Chinese Government is building an export model to supply the US, European and Canadian markets worth over US$23 billion. For the past two years, cannabis has been harvested in Southern China to extract THC and CBD oils and now China produces 11% of the global CBD market. However, in South Korea, the Government has allowed the import of a very specific list of cannabis medicine. This was due to heavy lobbying by groups and patients who had certain illnesses. These are for import only with no local production and for Koreans only.

In Thailand there are effectively two Cannabis species... Hemp and Marijuana, the latter being the more powerful with more THC and less CBD. As such Thailand, a natural producer of both has an opportunity for rapid growth in the medical tourism market to assist in the areas of pain relief, acne, cancer treatment, etc. Thailand is one of the top five destinations of inbound medical tourism globally and supports Wellness Centers and Resorts, Nutrition Retreats and other key business drivers.

Because of the way Thailand sits in the mind of the consumer, it is perceived that this is an ideal opportunity for the country to benefit... especially as all the surrounding countries are still behaving very conservatively. In order to produce and sell medical marijuana one is required to obtain a license from the Ministry of Health... and there are two types: Research & Development and Commercial... and, of course, it's the latter that has the attention of the big Pharma companies. However, this is only possible if they JV with a Thai company.

Our two experts continued to expand upon cannabis investment approaches that primarily cooperates with government bodies, and secondarily in operating businesses that cover commercial medical products involving cultivation and extraction or Research & Development.

A very engaging presentation by Charlie and Mike with some fascinating questions and extremely informative answers. If any member would like a recording of the talk or a copy of their presentation please contact Khun Khob.
Reported by
Patrick Gauvain

29 JANUARY 2021
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