Today's Topic: Siddharth Sehgal on
“Doing Business in COVID Times”
No. 2835
30 April 2021
Fellow Rotarians, 

It is starting to feel like we may have had our last face to face meeting for a while and that Friday meetings virtually by Zoom, are here or a few weeks to come yet.

With this in mind, I have discussed how to keep our Friday meeting program interesting and engaging with Rtn Ragil, the Head of the Programme Committee,  because the Zoom meetings represent an opportunity as well as a problem.
Many of our existing line ups of speakers have told him that they prefer to wait until they can present face to face to the club and in my opinion this is perfectly alright, because this is what they were asked to do, but Zoom gives us the Program Committee a chance to spread their net over the whole of Planet Earth. This means our club is now open to a presenter from any country in any timezone who has an interesting topic to  present to our members and I think that we might find that we get some really fantastic speakers which compensate for the lack of  Friday meetings.

With this new situation, if any of you, who are not on the Program Committee, have a good contact who you think could speak for us from any country in the world, please do reach out to Rtn Ragil at the Program Committee with your offer of help.

Last Friday we enjoyed some entertaining classification interviews. PP Philip helped us learn more about Rtn Nicolas Leloup’s past in France and the USA, his reasons for coming to Thailand. For the second interview, Rtn Mark helped us find out more about one of our newest Rotarians, John Fotiadis
To update you all, PP Mark Butters’ Nomination Committee is hoping to identify a candidate for the role of President in the Year 2022-23, it has already met, and hope to propose a candidate to you very shortly.

I hope to see many of you online on Friday where Siddharth Sehgal will speak to us about “Doing Business in COVID Times” and we also plan our first online new member induction.

Have a great weekend

President David Record

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Topic: RCBS 2021 2Q
Time: Apr 23, 2021 12:00 PM Bangkok

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Philip began enquiring about Nicolas’s family name Leloupe.... meaning wolf... to which he replied his ancestors were probably people from the forest where the wolves live. So now Rotary has three wolves... Nicolas, Mark Wolf and Wolfy!

His classification is Health Care... and works in the Pharma business. Philip was immediately curious as to the current Covid-19 situation, to which Nicolas made it quite clear he was not a doctor but a marketeer.
“No private hospitals at this stage have the vaccines on hand and they must be ordered from the Ministry of Health and it looks like the orders are only around 60 million which is certainly not enough for everybody... and my guess is that July will be the earliest”
It appears that AstraZeneca and Sinovac have been approved, Johnson & Johnson is on hold and Pfizer’s has made an FDA application. And since the Thonglor outbreak the testing demand has become almost unmanageable.

In 1984 when his father was in the French air force they were living in Libya during the time the PanAm Lockerbie plane went down and we were all sent back to France. “I kind of lost my French-ness as I moved to the USA to do my MBA... and my mother said don’t marry an American lady, they’re all divorced... so I found a Thai lady! After 5 years in America of living with the same type people and a cheerleader-like mentality that I found monotonous, I returned to France and then they drove me nuts too!”

Once he had his degree, finished his internship and found a his to-be Thai wife he worked  at Eli Lily Pharmaceuticals initially doing competitive intelligence; the company was restructured and they sent him back to the USA to Chicago! After various marketing issues that involved the Iraq war he was posted back to France, but not without flying to Bangkok first and proposing to his now wife!
Nicolas has a son, a daughter and a dog and has been working at Samitivej Hospital in expat marketing… and more recently overseeing a project in Myanmar where he was posted for two years. ” I’m now back in Bangkok reviewing how health care will rebound in the future. Thailand offers the best affordable health care services in Asia... but I may have to also learn Chinese the way things are going! Finally I would like to say how much I enjoy being part of this Rotary Club. Thank you!”
Mark began by asking John which Rotarian recommended you to join the club, who turned out to be Ron, Joe and Mark himself! John had had so many good times with these three guys in the past who often spoke of Rotary, he finally popped the question ‘how do I join?’
John’s classification is IT Law & Litigation which means he’s yet another Rotary lawyer!

John’s heritage is Greek and his last name literally means ‘Man of Fire’ and grew up in New York City and has really only lived in three places.. NY, California and Thailand. “My parents are retired and living in Florida and still pretty active... if you call fishing active!” Following Mark’s question on girlfriends and wives, John retorted “I think girlfriends are on a time reference of one or two months... but I’d rather talk about wives.... as I have 5 children with 3 different women... two whom I was legally married to and the third was about to become my wife but we separated.  He finally remarried a fellow-diver and had an underwater marriage ceremony in Trang followed by two subsequent ceremonies in Las Vegas and Isarn. His current daughter is 18 months old and a real doll!

“Primarily I do IT law, data privacy and litigation... and also do international family law. My most recent client was MindGeek who runs the website PornHub.” John made one last comment after admitting his vices of whisky drinking and cigar smoking... which was how similar he thought the Americans are to the French... “they’re proud, they eat rich food and have no difficulty offending other people..!!”

Reported by
Patrick Gauvain
Fellow Rotarians,

We’re starting a new section in South Wind called “ROTARY RAP” that will consist of short snippets of important information, news, comments, ideas, complaints, bitching, jokes, etc. to keep members up to date and have a bit of fun…. they should be short 2-3-line statements that doesn’t require a long story. Everyone is welcome to send me info and/or images and photos () that I can include into ROTARY RAP!! All members are encouraged to contribute as and when they have something that they would like to share, be of benefit to the club and to other members and it’s a great new way to engage with others. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

It seems that the requirement to wear masks in cars is only applicable in Bangkok (so far):

Publishing the Yearbook rests on your generous support.. we’re close to achieving our goal but still need more ads… no matter how big or small. Please dig deep into your pockets and support the club. we still have a few more days! :pray:
Friday 30 April
Zoom Meeting - Siddharth Sehgal on “Doing Business in COVID Times”

Friday 7 May 
Zoom Meeting - Programme to be advised.

Friday 14 May
Zoom Meeting - Programme to be advised.

Thursday 20 May 
FELLOWSHIP NIGHT - Rotarians and New Potential Members at The RoadHouse. Postponed until further notice 
Friday 21 May
Zoom Meeting - Programme to be advised.

Friday 28 May
Zoom Meeting - Programme to be advised.

Saturday 26 June 
Installation Ball at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park
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If you missed the Luang Sit Foundation Dinner, then you missed a great evening with Jim Newport talking about Hollywood and Siamese Vampires… and the opportunity to purchase his books. However, Jim is still offering his books at a discounted rate to Rotarians, of which 50% of the proceeds will go to the club.

Books 600THB
CD’s 100 THB -  DVD’s 200 THB
2 Books & 1 CD 1000 THB
Full V.O.S. set 5 Books 2000THB
Plus Postage

The Vampire Of Siam Series:
The Reckoning
The Siamese Connection
A Dark Christmas

Tinsel Town - A Hollywood Story
Chasing Jimi - Jimi Hendrix Story

To place orders please advise Khun Khob or contact Jim Newport directly on  or call 098-902-2410

Chartered in 1972
Meets first and third Monday of each month at Royal Cliff Beach Resort. 
Fellowship from 18.30 pm and meeting starts
at 19.15 pm. 
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RC Royal Hua Hin meeting schedule 2020 / 2021
P Brian Anderson of our daughter club , RC Royal Hua Hin , has confirmed the Club’s meeting schedule for the current Rotary year . RC Royal Hua Hin would be delighted to welcome any of our members who may be taking a break in Hua Hin to attend their meetings , with the monthly schedule as follows :

1st Tuesday is Fellowship Night
2nd Tuesday is 12:00 Lunch meeting at Amari
3rd Tuesday is Board meeting only
4th Tuesday is 12:00 Lunch meeting at Amari
5th Tuesday is 12:00 Lunch meeting at Amari (if we have a 5th Tuesday in the month)

The location of Fellowship Night events should be confirmed with P Brian
For more information about the best Irish Pub in town click below:
Khun Khob’s Club Almanac #2835
30 APRIL 2021

Happy Birthdays:

Bruce Darrington        May 7

Wedding Anniversary Greetings:
Leo  Alexandersen      May 1
Poul Weber                 May 1 


Attendance for 23 April 2021: 40% (Zoom Meeting)

Active Logged-in 39, Exemption Logged-in 5, Absent 64, Total 108


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Recent Makeups:
Fellowship Lunch at RHBBQ, 16 April 2020:  Adrian Topham, Dana Caron, Dean Douglas, PP Dougie Riach, PE Finbarr O’Connor, Mark Shaw, Patrick Gauvain, Peter Upperton, IPP Tim Cornwall
Board, 19 April 2020: P David Record, PP Doug Riach, PE Finbarr O’Connor, Patrick Gauvain, Sanjeev Chowdhury, IPP Tim Cornwall, Worrakit Pholsawad, Yannick Thevenot
2021-22 Budget Prep., 21 April 2021: PE Finbarr O’Connor, Peter Upperton
Zoom Weekly Meeting, 23 April 2021: Adrian Topham, PDG Alex Mavro, PP Andrew MacPherson, Arie Bloed, PP Christoph Leonhard, David Ravenscroft, P David Record, Dean Douglas, PP Dougie Riach, Elmar Lins, PE Finbarr O'Connor, Jan Cederwall, Joe Ravensrcoft, John Fotiadis, PP John Quarmby, Joseph Scuderi, Klaus Feilkas, PP Krin Charnmaytesakul, Lars Svensson, Leo Alexandersen, Mahannop Panasaratool, Manu Mekdhanasarn, Marcel Dubbelman, Marco Casanova, PP Mark Butters, Mark Shaw, Mark Wolf, Mototoshi Kakiuchi, PP Narindar Sachdev, Nicolas Leloup, Patrick Gauvain, PP Per Dibber, PP Philip Baechtold, Rakesh Sodhia, PP Renato Porzio, Rod Vergara, Ronald Livingston, Rüdiger Treu, Sanjeev Chowdhury, Scott Ledwell, Sievert Larsson, IPP Tim Cornwall, PP Vichai Tantrativud, Yannick Thevenot       
Virtual DTA 2021-22, 23 April 2021: PE Finbarr O’Connor, Rod Vergara, Sanjeev Chowdhury, Yannick Thevenot

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