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Mr. Dan Pathomvanich :
The future of Plant based food
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03 September, 2021

Be more engaged as a Member - Join our online Fellowship each Friday 12:05pm - 12:30pm

We now regularly have 20-30 Members and Guests coming online prior to our Friday Program schedule to catch up and have a chat about whatever is topical for the week. Momentum is gathering and you are encouraged to join in to the banter on French country life, life in Miami, the Covid vaccine status, world cricket, Afghanistan or whatever is raised. There is no structure or monitoring,
it is ‘open slather’ and very enjoyable to simply listen in. It also provides a good chance for our overseas Members to catch up with what is happening at home in Thailand and to let us know what their plans are to return.

IPP David provided us an update on the upcoming 2021 Rotary District Conference which will be held on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th September via
a ‘Hybrid’ format broadcast on Zoom and Facebook Live.
It runs from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm on each of the two days and the Agenda certainly is very full so it will move quickly. It is for English speaking audiences. I have already registered and l encourage all Members to have their morning croissant and espresso cafe whilst being part of the Conference given the convenience of the online format. If you join you are requested to dress appropriately. So no dressing gowns please!

Additionally, IPP David sent me the link to the park that was referred to by our guest Speaker Patrick Galvin. It is Somdet Ya Park and the link to it is :

PE Patrick spoke to us about completing the Member Satisfaction Survey
which he has sent out twice. For us to be a Club that reflects the wishes of our Members, it is vitally important that we take five minutes to fill out the survey and return it to Khun Khob. It is very easy to complete and as a result our Membership Committee will be able to make recommendations to the Board, and then on to you our Members about what opportunities that we have to make our Club even stronger than it already is.

Finally, Secretary Yannick gave us a detailed summary of the Board Minutes from our 16th August  Meeting. It is planned to do this each month so as to inform Members of all key decisions that are made on behalf of the Club by
our Board on a timely basis. If you have any questions please forward them to Secretary Yannick.

See you all online on Friday 3rd September.

Finbarr O'Connor
President 2021-22

Thank you to our Members who joined us from overseas:

Rtn Arie Bloed (The Netherlands)      Rtn Elmar Lins (Austria)

Rtn Joe Ravenscroft (UK)                  PP John Quarmby (France)

Rtn Poul Weber (Denmark)

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Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system. Weekly:

"Rotary’s Four - Way Test : The Secret to Building a Personal and                                  Professional Life of Character"

27th August 2021

Guest Speaker : Mr. Patrick Galvin

Our speaker today, Patrick Galvin , is an active Rotarian who has been so greatly impressed by the Rotary's Four-Way Test that he has spoken many times and on different forums on how he appreciates the many benefits of being a Rotarian including wisdom that allows him to better his life both personally and professionally.             

He shared with us on how one can create a higher level of trust in oneself
as well as with our professional colleagues, fellow Rotarians, members of our family, friends, and all the people we meet. Specifically, how the Four-Way Test can help guide our thoughts, deeds, and actions so we can lead an ethical life of purpose while inspiring others to do the same.

"The best way to understand the power of The Four-Way Test lies in the story behind its creation… In 1932, the United States was three years into
“The Great Depression.” Americans had lost money and faith in financial institutions. The unemployment rate was at 23%. All cities, large and small, were full of desperate people begging for food and setting up shacks on riverbanks, parks, and public spaces. Children were going hungry, and many stopped going to school as they wandered the country with their parents who were looking for employment so they could support their families. But suffering wasn’t universal. Some Americans continued to prosper throughout The Great Depression, and one of these individuals was Herbert J. Taylor."

Herbert J. Taylor (39 in 1932) was a successful executive in a tea company when he was asked to help turn around an aluminium cookware company.

He thought about ways to make it the most ethical business in the cookware space. This inspired him to come up with the four-way test in 1932 which has remained unchanged since that day. His executives showed him advertising material which he knew was not true and using the four-way test he refused to allow such material in promoting their products. He shared his test with senior executives in his company to check if it violated any religious or spiritual beliefs and was surprised to learn that no religion was against these 4 principles.
He then gave the copyright to Rotary International.

Speaking on his own experience, Patrick told us that he was first exposed to The Four - Way Test in 2012 and was immediately impressed with how useful it was. In fact when he first read it his immediate thought was he wished he had known about it 10 years earlier. He was offered a contract by a  company to promote and market their products but when he saw the documents and promotional material sent by the company, he realized the documents did not represent the complete truth. He thought about it for 2 weeks and he now  realizes he could have avoided sleepless nights if he had known about The Four-Way Test.

"Over the past decade the Four-Way Test has served me like a pair of reading glasses that have allowed me to focus on building trust.

Business : Made decision-making easier. Never had a sleepless night again when using The Four-Way Test. 
: Helped me recruit right kind of members when I was membership chair (service vs. immediate business gain). 
Family : Gave me an ethical standard to share with my independent - minded 13-year-old daughter. "

He shared a story of his book on business relationship building 
The Connector’s Way : A Story About Building Business One Relationship at
a Time
. People who struggled to have success with the relationship building ideas in the book didn’t have a solid foundation of trust. That prompted him to write another book The Trusted Way: A Story About Building a Life and Business of Character, the only business parable inspired by The Four-Way Test. His books can be bought via :


          Audiobook (Worldwide):

Patrick has allocated 10% of all book proceeds to the Rotary International Foundation and requested that to increase awareness of The Trusted Way in general and amongst Rotarians in particular, it would be extremely helpful if RC Bangkok South members post reviews of any length on Amazon.

The Four-Way Test is a gift that we’ve been given and we need to share it with the world – particularly young Rotarians. He explained the Rotary Club of Portland’s U40 (Under 40) program and how it has made their club more dynamic and provided their future leaders.

We need to know The Four-Way Test by heart so we can apply it to all the things we think, say, or do. He shared how he memorized The Four-Way Test using the information gleaned from Joshua Foer’s excellent book Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything.
In the Q&A session a key question raised by VP Adrian Gundlach was how to live with " Will it be beneficial to all concerned" since this was not always possible. Patrick answered that if the decision was made after due and just consideration, then it passes the test. 
A great presentation and possibly a timely reminder for all Rotarians to consider the four-way test as much as possible in our daily lives.
Rtn Mark Wolf introduced the guest speaker and Rtn Manu Mekdhanasarn gave the Vote of Thanks.

Reported by  Rtn Rakesh Sodhia.
Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard food appeal

PP Tim Cornwall recently donated and actively supported the Rotary Club of Eastern Seaboard  (RCES), Pattaya in their food distribution project to over 400 needy persons.

The food was cooked and then packed and distributed by RCES Rotarians.
Further such food donations are planned for charity homes like The Glory Hut, Take Care Kids, etc which are facing funding issued due to Covid situation.


Visiting rotarians from other clubs
Rtn Mark Wolf introducing the guest speaker
Happy and lucky Rtn Arie Bloed
Rtn Lalit Kumar enjoying the proceedings
Rtn Manu Mekdhanasarn giving the Vote of Thanks
 This is the logo we shall use throughout our 60th year on all offline
and online media posts.

We also plan to make lapel pins using this logo for all members.
Many thanks to PE Patrick Gauvain for creating the design. 
Fellow Rotarians, please be advised that the Yearbook is now printed and available at the Rotary office at the Crowne Plaza should you be in the area. However please check with Khun Khob as she is currently working from home and not regularly in the office. You can still access the digital version by clicking on the link below (140MB) to download and enjoy!

10 September : Ladies day
 Vasana Mututanont :
Being in New York during 9/11

17 Sepember : 
Max Simpson : "Social enterprise
as a platform for neurodiversity
- Enabling special needs children"
      24 September : 
      Club Assembly at 11 AM and              District Governor Dr. Wiroon's            Visit, followed by regular lunch
      at 12.30 hrs.
      (Postponed until Further Notice)

      60th Year Anniversary Dinner
      More details to be provided. 

Chartered in 1972
Meets first and third Monday of each month at Royal Cliff Beach Resort. 
Fellowship from 18.30 pm and meeting starts
at 19.15 pm. 
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Khun Khob’s Club Almanac #2853
03 September, 2021
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Van Tang      

September 9

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