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Mr. Patrick Galvin: Rotary’s Four - Way Test :
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27 August, 2021

Our plan this Rotary Year is to recognise the Membership Anniversary of our Members in the month that it occurs. Unfortunately we missed two of these back in April 2021 and we are catching up on these ASAP.

This week we recognised Rotarian Chamnarn who joined our Club fourty years ago on the 1st April 1981 when our Club was only 20 years old. What a great achievement and Rotarian Chamnarn is very much aware of his 40th Anniversary and continues to be a very supportive Member. A nice plaque and a congratulatory letter from our Club is being delivered to him this month.

PP Andrew provided us an update on the state of last week’s Guest Speaker Peace Fellow Omid Wali. It goes without saying that any possibility of connecting with Omid who is based in Afghanistan is almost impossible and whilst right now he is safe, we do keep in touch via PP Andrew on his latest status. Let’s hope that there will be a day that we can have a good internet connection and learn more about his activities working with youth in Afghanistan.

Finally, Rotarian Worrakit introduced members of the Assumption University Rotaract Club which our Club supports each year. The AU Rotaract team provided us an update of their new Board  which is always enthusiastically supported by fellow university students. Furthermore, the team introduced their key plans for this Rotary Year. AU Rotaracts have always supported our Club via Kids Day Out, Coins on Silom and any other activities that we request of them. Providing time on our weekly agenda for the Rotaracts helps to build their professional and leadership skills and to enable them to sell items to raise money for their Club. Rotaract moto : Self Development and Fellowship Through Service.

See you all online on Friday 27th August.

Finbarr O'Connor
President 2021-22

Thank you to our Members who joined us from overseas:

•   Rtn Arie Bloed (The Netherlands)

•   Rtn Elmar Lins (Austria)

•   Rtn John Fotiadis (USA)

•   PP John Quarmby (France)

•   Rtn Poul Weber (Denmark)

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Managing an ASQ Hotel 

Guest Speaker : Mr. Bruno Huber

Former member of the RCBS from 2000 to 2003, Bruno Huber, made a repeat visit, albeit virtually this time, to share his experiences managing an Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) hotel.  ASQ hotels are designated as official hotels for those returning to the Kingdom of Thailand from overseas who must undergo the mandatory 14 day quarantine period as per Covid-19 government regulations. 

With over three decades in the hospitality industry, including his current stint as General Manager of Bangkok’s Movenpick BDMS Wellness Resort
(a designated 293 room ASQ hotel), few people are better equipped to explain this new phenomenon in international travel than our very own Bruno!
To note, Bruno was introduced virtually (an RCBS first) by his friend of 33 years, PE Patrick, showing that we, as a club, have really embraced the new virtual world!

The Movenpick started last March (2020) with Bangkok Hospital to implement the ASQ system in their premises. Over 150 calls from repatriating Thais just three days into the quarantine system who were unhappy with their then accommodations in a government facility made  Bruno swing into gear quickly to convert his hotel into an ASQ.  The MoPH approved the scheme within two weeks, and Bruno was on his way. 

Lots of media attention was generated when the hotel was converted to an ASQ, and that’s when the fun started. Many Thai government departments, operating in silos as most government departments do, were involved with the ASQ system, so a lot of bureaucracy kicked in which, for those of us who live here, will come as no surprise.

Bruno highlighted the big differences in managing an ASQ hotel, for example, working with a “bubble and seal” system. What that means is that one hotel team is locked into the hotel for seven days, being swapped by a new team after negative antigen tests are conducted all around. And then the process repeats itself seven days later. 

Carpets are not allowed in an ASQ.  So, to get around this problem, Bruno put in linoleum, as approved by one government ministry. But, then an official from a different government ministry rejected those floors…proof of the silo system in action! So, Bruno had to replace the floors again!

A “Bangkok ASQ Club” was formed by Bruno to liaise with the government and train other hotels, with everyone, including the Thai Ministry of Defense, communicating via the unsecured communication system we all love so well, “Line “. Bruno indicated that the most immediate learning for him from this undertaking was that “digital” does not work when there is a crisis. People did not know how to book an ASQ room, what documents were required, etc.

Overwhelmed by telephone calls from all over the world with people asking questions (with most conversation lasting at least 20 minutes) made him
re-assign around 20 people from different hotel departments to the phones,
24 hours a day.  Digital booking engines were eventually developed, but the whole process started out with just phone calls, reminiscent of the old system
of booking a hotel room in the good old pre internet era.

Saftey protocols were put in place with the help of Bangkok Hospital to ensure no cross contamination. Bruno explained, for example, that cleaning a room is like being in a submarine. The guest goes out of a room into a holding room.
The room is then cleaned by a maid in full PPE. The maid then goes into a separate holding room while the guest is allowed back into their room. And then, the maid must fully change his/her PPE suit and clean the next room.
Any waste which leaves the hotel is classified as medical waste and handled appropriately. Some other interesting facts provided by Bruno to sum up his very interesting presentation:

Food delivery:  350 meals a day are being served through room service within 30-45 minutes…with all staff involved in delivery, including the engineering department.  Food is very important in a period like this when you are locked in your room for three meals a day.  Special diets must be catered to, like vegan, kosher, vegetarian, etc.

Work has changed for Bruno as a hotel General Manager. He doesn’t see a single guest.  Everything is done via “backroom”, a challenge for someone like Bruno who loves to interact with people. To make things more comfortable for the guests, they can rent fitness equipment in their room to give them some more distractions.

One guest was upset because the food was too good and she expected and wanted hospital-type food, and in an ASQ, no alcohol is allowed, but some guests tried to smuggle in a bottle or two, including a guest who tried to hide
a flask in a book! 

Finally, Bruno’s Movenpick Hotel has welcomed 6000 ASQ guests since
25 April 2020.

Reported by  Rtn Sanjeev Chowdhury


PE Patrick Gauvain introduced the guest speaker.
Rtn Jeremy King gave the Vote of Thanks.
P Finbarr O'Connor showing off the club's latest Year Book.
Rtn Dana Caron announcing the winner's name.
Lucky Rtn Chris Trough.
Rtn Worrakit Pholsawad and 3 members of Rotaract club of ABAC.
 This is the logo we shall use throughout our 60th year on all offline
and online media posts.

We also plan to make lapel pins using this logo for all members.
Many thanks to PE Patrick Gauvain for creating the design. 
Fellow Rotarians, the link below will download our Yearbook for this past Rotary year under the leadership of the Late President Yod and completed by President David. A full report of our year by all the committees plus some fun photos of the few events we have managed to hold during this year of living dangerously. Click on the link below (140MB) to download and enjoy!
03 September :
Mr. Dan Pathomvanic :
The future of Plant based food

10 September : Ladies day
 Vasana Mututanont :
In New York on 9/11

17 Sepember : 
Max Simpson : "Social enterprise
as a platform for neurodiversity
- Enabling special needs children"
      24 September : 

      Club Assembly at 11 AM and              District Governor Dr. Wiroon's            Visit, followed by regular lunch
      at 12.30 hrs.

      (Postponed until Further Notice)

       60th Year Anniversary Dinner at         Bangkok Marriott Marquis
       Queen’s Park

       More details to be provided.

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27 August, 2021
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