Today's Topic: Installation Meeting and Interview of PN Patrick Gauvain by Rtn Adrian Topham  
No. 2843
25 June 2021
P David back in the Pub again.

Fellow Rotarians, 

This is it..! The midpoint of the calendar year, the end of a Rotary Year and the last time that I will write the President’s Message for Southwind. From next week, our Incoming President Finbarr will take over these duties.
On Friday 25th June we will host a virtual Zoom Installation to install our new President, acknowledge the old and new boards, the 100% attendees, and the Above and Beyond Award winners. We will also hear more about our Incoming President Elect Patrick. The life and energy of our club continues unchecked.
By this time, you should also have received a PDF copy of our 2020-21 Yearbook, created by our Communications Director and his team. This was a major undertaking, made more difficult by the Work from Home protocols and several members helped by proof reading over the weekend. We hope that we have found all the small errors and omissions before it gets to you and we should send a big “Thank You” to Shrimp and the team for a magnificent piece of work. The printed copy is expected to be completed in time for our 60th Anniversary Dinner.
It has been an unexpected honour to serve as the President of our Club for the past few months and I would like to thank again, all of President Yod’s board for your service and commitment. Given the chance again, I would have chosen every one of you. You have made my life easier and it has been my pleasure to have served with you.
In conclusion, I would like to announce that the fundraising campaign for our late President Yod’s memorial fund closed at the start of this week and through the generosity of his friends, fellow Rotarians and business associates, we have exceeded all our aims. We will keep you updated on the next step.
I hope to see many of you online on Friday to commemorate the next step in the life of our great club and I wish our Incoming President Finbarr and his board a successful year.

Have a great weekend.

President David Record
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Topic: RCBS 2021 2Q

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Top row: Khun World and IPP Tim
Bottom row: Rtn Marcel and PP Nigel
My classification is Logistics Management. I contacted IPP Tim through Facebook and he invited me to come to a meeting. I first started coming to meetings in August 2020 and became a member in January 2021. I had visited another club while I was coming to Bangkok South, but I decided to join because this club has many hard working and friendly members. In addition to my business of logistics, I export and import Xiaomi Cell Phones.
I was born in Hatyai in Southern Thailand and lived there until I graduated from high school. After that, I moved to Bangkok to study at the Civil Aviation Training Center. Most people believe that this university is a pilot school, but in fact, my major was Air Cargo Management.  After I graduated, in 2010, my first job was Customer Service Air Export for a Taiwanese Company, Dimerco Express. The next year, I was promoted to Sales Executive. In my second year I was promoted to Sales Supervisor. I was still growing in my career, and in 2014, I was inspired to start my own company called Worldwide Logistics (Thailand).
Our company started with three people... my wife, and my driver and me. Now, our company employs 30 people.
I have 3 children... the first daughter’s name is Earl, she is 6 years old. The oldest son’s name is Earth, 2 years old and the second son’s name is Earf, who is only 8 months.
I have been asked why my name is World. Many people ask me this question and I still love to reply. My mom has called me World since I was born because she wanted my name to go with her name in the way it is said and not by meaning. Her name is One, my name is World and my younger sister’s name is View. So, people call us One World View... the three names make up an interesting phrase.
As we have children with different ages the best place for us when we have free time is at the zoo. There are many activities for the kids and all of them love it. My wife’s name is Jaa. In fact, she was my client when I started in sales in 2012. After that we started dating and got married in 2014. And then, we started Worldwide Logistics (Thailand) together.
We do many things to do with bringing things into Thailand and getting things out of Thailand. Every step of the way including air, land and sea, from insurance to warehousing. As my main business is from China, when Shanghai Seaport locked down without notice everything stopped. So, my company and all my staff had free time and no work to do for 6 months. But none of my staff was let go, and received their salary every month. As I’m a new member, I look forward to and will accept any good advice from RCBS members.
Marcel in his rich pastoral abode.
PP Nigel began by pointing out that Marcel joined RCBS in 1988, which makes him a member now for 33 years!
I was born near Amsterdam in 1952 near the North Sea Canal, and our house was right on the canal which is where I got my first experiences of swimming and sailing... like any true Dutchman! After High School I studied Economics, which I enjoyed, but didn’t like the Social Democratic Left attitude of the school, so I applied and went to Colombia University in New York which is where I got my MDA. This was from 1971-76 when the world was going through some interesting changes.
After graduation from CU I entered the notorious Wall St. firm of Drexel Burnham & Lambert... some of you might remember the CEO Michael Milken, who was the kingpin of Junk Bonds... that failed desperately because of fraudulent activities. I soon learnt that this was not the world for me.
I moved to London working as a broker on the Board of Exchange for a shipping company, then went on to Rotterdam.. in shipping again... but the industry in the early ’80’s was going through a difficult time... and I was really missing New York..! So moved back and went to work in the area of Multi-nationals, which is my speciality, providing advice to Government as well as other Multi-nationals and how to deal with globalization. I was sent to Africa which was a fantastic experience... then the Pacific and their wonderful islands. But one thing that was instilled in me in all these travels was the plight of the people and the need for good Public Health systems.
So in 1985 I was sent to Bangkok by the company to help the reorganization of a UN organization called ESCAP... which turned out to be a non-starter, but wanted to stay in Thailand. My girlfriend had moved on to a job in Beijing so I had to look around for something to do. It was a difficult time. With a Dutch colleague we started a mosquito net company in the Puttamonthon area developing a range of our own products and suppling brands such as Nike, Adidas and Bloomingdales. The big breakthrough was when IKEA became a blessing and a curse.. a blessing for the consistent business, but a curse because the high volumes demanded compromised our quality policy.
My interest in Public Health and how that connects to our netting business also attracted the interest of WHO and UNICEF helping the protection of disease. We worked with Welcome and other corporations where we incorporated their products into our netting to provide extra protection, which in turn was promoted through their malaria campaigns and was very cost effective.
On the sailing front, I love to go on a sailing trip now and then. The last trip I took was to the Eastern Indonesian coast in January 2020 prior to the pandemic, but then went though a plethora of adventures avoiding officials, customs, gathering food and fuel in order to get back to Phuket, which in itself was an issue as it was in lockdown.
Marcel served on the RCBS Board twice... and specifically in the Services Committee.. and was offer the position of President more than once but has never accepted the nomination. It was principally because of medical reasons and his life changed buying a farm and moving to Khao Yai.
Marcel answered a few questions, and in particular was extended a warm thanks from Rtn. Sanjeev for his support and assistance with a Dutch NGO in raising Baht 500,000 for the Luang Sit Scholarship Programme. A very warm thank you was extended by PP Nigel.. well done, Marcel!
The Club has had no revenue from South Wind for the past 2+ years, so it is our intention to revamp and reintroduce new advertising rate structures to support the club. At the amazing rate of Baht 3,000 (approx.THB 58 a week) you can place a banner ad for the whole year… and similarly a full size ad for Baht 7,000 per annum (approx.THB 134 a week). We look forward to a plethora of fresh new ads! Sponsors logos will remain. For more information please contact Rtn. Patrick ()

Fellow Rotarians, the link below will download our Yearbook for this past Rotary year under the leadership of the Late President Yod and completed by President David. A full report of our year by all the committees plus some fun photos of the few events we have managed to hold during this year of living dangerously. Click on the link below (140MB) to download and enjoy!
It is understood that the reason why Ravenscroft brothers were watching the screen so intensely was because it was split between the Rotary Zoom meeting and Porn Hub. (N.B. David’s gaping action is the big reveal)
2021 DC will be held virtually via zoom
on July 17-18, 9:00-12:00 hrs.
The program in details will be provided and 2021 Governor’s Salute will be held in person when the situation is better.
Friday 25 June
Zoom Meeting -
Installation Meeting and Interview of PN Patrick Gauvain by Rtn Adrian Topham  

Friday 2 July
Zoom Meeting - “President’s Day“ with incoming P Finbarr O'Connor to outline his plans for 2021-22.
Saturday 7 August 
60th Year Anniversary Dinner and  Installation Ball at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park. More details to be provided.

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25 JUNE 2021

Happy Birthdays:

PP Banvech Chantrasmi         June 25

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Attendance for 18 June 2021:40% (9th Zoom Meeting)
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