Today's Topic: Mikael Steinbach
(Erikson Thailand) : “ What is 5G “
No. 2823
22 JANUARY 2021
Fellow Rotarians, 

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend with the limited cool breezes in BKK. Last Friday we welcomed Rtn. Rick Smith on “M&A Opportunities in Crisis Situation.” covering M&A trends along with the important factors companies look for when considering these kinds of deals. It was interesting to see how companies adapt and seek ways to maximize their returns during these turbulent times.
The Board Meeting this past Monday was also conducted via Zoom. With much deliberation during the Zoom meeting at these uncertain times, I’m delighted to announce that from 8th January 2021 onwards until our regular Friday luncheon meetings resume, your attendance or make-ups are not required and that this will not impact your attendance record for this period. Moreover, some committees are already planning to resume their physical meeting considering the fact that the venue can arrange the seating while still complying with the safety regulations.
Our Zoom meeting this Friday will feature Mikael Steinbach on the real truth about 5G. Since Mikael is currently the Head of 5G Ericsson in S.E.A. and an expert in the field, the subject matter of his talk will sure prove to be an interesting one. Please feel free to log-in from 11:45 hrs for Zoom fellowships and our program will commence at 12:30 hrs. I hope to see as many of you as possible.
Have a great weekend ahead.

President Yod Tantianunanont
Perfect Attendance Records

Dear Fellow Members,

During the first wave of Covid 19 in 2020 we successfully navigated our way through the crisis by holding our regular weekly Club Meetings via Zoom. We had a tremendous response to this change in process with a high level of attendance.

From April 3rd 2020 until June 12th 2020 we did not require that you attend the nine (9) weekly Zoom Meetings nor provide a Make-Up. Hence there was no impact in this period towards your Perfect Attendance record as the attendance requirement was suspended for all Members.

From January 8th 2021 we have once again suspended our regular Friday Meetings at The Crowne Plaza Hotel and replaced them with Zoom Meetings.

Therefore, the same as last year, from January 8th until our regular Friday Meetings resume, your Attendance or Make-Ups in lieu are not required and therefore there is no impact on your Perfect Attendance record for this period.

Once our weekly Meetings start again, Attendance or Make-Ups will be recorded as per normal regulations requirements from District.

P Yod
President RCBS



As per their request, RCBS has formally advised the BMA and the Royal Thai Police that for the safety of the general public and our fellow Rotarians, this fund-raising event has been postponed indefinitely until such time it would be safe for everyone concerned. Our compliance will no doubt be seen in a positive light which should ensure their agreement for us to hold Coins on Silom in the future.

This will be a serious blow to our fund raising efforts; however, we still have Golf so all our efforts, and that of the Golf Committee, will be focused on that event which we hope will still be allowed to proceed… and that all members will support this in the true Rotarian manner.


Rtn. Rick provided the club with an erudite overview of how SME's could take possibly advantage of the current market situation. He reviewed the economy, what the factors are that have led to the downturn and what the positive implications are for M&A (Mergers & Aquisitions) strategies and opportunities.

Rick took a pessimistic view on the outlook of the global economy... a glass half full or half empty... with unemployment down massively and global leadership full of bozos. IMF projections are down with negative growth and in Thailand all sectors have been badly hit; tourism taking a devastating hit with a very slow recovery period. So what's the good news!?

There are some unique factors that might drive a faster recovery. He pointed out that global markets are at an all time high, mainly due to investors chasing returns because interest rates are so low, corporate balance sheets are stronger... cash is the cow... and private equity is buying up businesses.

So what are the opportunities..?
Rick reviewed the business cycle of peak, recession and now going into recovery. He indicated that there was slow growth... but opportunistic deals in a weak economy such as low buy-in prices that yielded higher shareholder returns when the market recovers. He also noted offensive and defensive approaches to M&A, domestic and international approaches and why SME's don't need to be merely targets in terms of M&A. Unfortunately, he sees many SME's that don't have a succession plan; they may be profitable but experiencing low growth, have underutilized assets, and are not inclined to use cash for acquistions.

He also pointed out the key factors affecting firm value when confronting an M&A opportunity such as revenue, profitability, cash flow, track record, etc. and indicated that non-cash deals (also referred to as mergers or share-for-share deals) offer a number of opportunities and benefits to enhance shareholder value. 

The biggest challenges for SME merger deals, however,  include agreeing on leadership, valuation, deal structuring and who pays for transaction costs. In the worst economy ever with low growth, M&A's are rebounding ahead of the economy with opportunities on both the buy and sell side where SME's have opportunities for non-cash deals.

All in all, Rick gave us some extremely insightful and interesting perspectives of how SME's can use  M&A strategies to enhance shareholder value and achieve other objectives. If you would like a copy of his presentation, please contact Rtn. Rick directly.

Reported by
Patrick Gauvain



VIA ZOOM (3rd)

12.00     Photographer: None

12.30     Meeting called to order by President Yod Tantianunanont
12.35     Recognize Speaker (s):  Mr. Mikael Steinbach
12.40     S.A.A. Rtn Yannick Thevenot, to introduce visiting Rotarians, and guests
              (then exchange banners).  
              Happy Birthdays:
              Leo  Alexandersen                   January 22
              Prasobsook Thawilvejjakul      January 24
              Wolfgang Minderjahn              January 25
              PP Vichai Tantrativud              January 26
              Wedding Anniversary Greetings:
              Varin Sachayan             January 25
              Kurt Wachtveitl              January 27

12.47    Anouncements:
              * No In-Person until further notice – P Yod Tantianunanont
              * COS – Postponement until Further Notice – P Yod Tantianunanont
              * Golf 2021 – Thu. 11th March 2021 – Raffle Books to be sent – PP Doug Riach
 13.10   TODAY’S PROGRAM: Now we come to the highlight of today’s luncheon and
            Rtn Ola Holmgren will introduce the speaker(s).
            Mikael Steinbach, Head of 5G Ericson Thailand and other South East Asian         
            Countries on “What is 5G?”
            Rtn Lars Svensson will now propose a vote of thanks
            P Yod Tantianunanont to conclude the meeting
13.25     RHBBQ for Charity (Ceased until further notice)
              Next Meeting: January 29th, PP Mike Doyle and Charlie Blocker on Cannabis     
              Industry in Thailand                                                                                                                                
13.30     Adjournment 
15 JANUARY 2021


 2021 / 2022

Friday 22 January
Mikael Steinbach
(Erikson Thailand) : “ What is 5G “




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22 JANUARY 2021

Happy Birthdays:

Leo  Alexandersen                 January 22
Prasobsook Thawilvejjakul    January 24
Wolfgang Minderjahn            January 25
PP Vichai Tantrativud            January 26

Wedding Anniversary Greetings:
Varin Sachayan                     January 25
Kurt Wachtveitl                      January 27


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