Today's Topic: Classification Interview
Rtn Lars Svensson interviewed by Rtn Ola Holmgrem & Rtn Joe Ravenscroft interviewed by Rtn David Ravenscroft
No. 2838
21 May 2021
President David still in outer space avoiding the virus

Fellow Rotarians,

Another week of Rotary Zoom meetings has passed; being a Friday Zoom meeting and a Joint Boards Meeting, both held on Zoom.

PP Mark attended last Friday’s meeting for the second reading of the nomination of Rotarian Patrick “Shrimp” Gauvain to be the President of our Club in the Rotary Year 2022-23 and we hope to be able confirm him in his position within a couple of weeks.

The joint Boards meeting was our last major Board meeting of the year, as traditionally the June meeting is held just before the Installation Ball. We had a very productive meeting and completed all our business.

I am pleased to confirm that the club is supporting two new projects to address some of the hardship caused by COVID 19 and it looks like the 60th Anniversary Yearbook will be produced in our 60th year. The Club’s Anniversary Yearbooks maintain a record of the history and spirit of the club and ensure that we remember our traditions and the members who came before us along with their many achievements. The last edition was produced for the 50th Anniversary.

This Friday we will hold another RCBS first, a Club Assembly via Zoom. There will be a different Zoom link to the regular meeting, as the Club Assembly is generally for members of the club, and we hope for a high attendance.

Last Friday program was hearing John MacTaggart speak on the Little Birds Foundation, which is one of many charitable activities in Thailand that John is involved in. This Friday we are back to classification interviews where we will find out more about two of our newer members; Rotarian Lars Svensson will be interviewed by Rotarian Ola Holmgrem & Rotarian Joe Ravenscroft will be interviewed by his brother, Rotarian David Ravenscroft.

I hope to see many of you online on Friday for either one or both of our meetings.

Have a great weekend

President David Record
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PP Dougie introduced his old friend John MacTaggart, who was one of his mentors before he became Chieftain of St. Andrews, and is well know through the Ploenchit Fair and a regular guest at RCBS.
“John is a co-founder of The Little Birds Foundation (LBF) which he’ll be talking about today, which supports orphaned teenagers and young adults living with AIDS and HIV in Bangkok. He’s been living in Thailand now for 20 years and has worked voluntarily in this field for the past 19 years in hospices and community care programmes. John trained in the NHS in the UK as a clinical technician in Bristol prior to coming to Thailand.
“President David, Dougie and Rotarians.... thank you all so much for the opportunity to talk to you today about the Little Birds Foundation (LBF). What I’d like to talk to you about is who are we, how we started, what the current situation is today... as we see it.. regarding HIV and AIDS in Thailand, what do we do and what our long term goals are.

I came from the NHS in the UK and first case of full-blown AIDS I’d ever seen was in 1983... and we didn’t have a clue what we were dealing with. After much deliberation and through our director in the ICU we discovered what he had...AIDS. When I got to Bangkok I worked for almost 11 years as a physical therapist in an HIV AIDS hospice at the Mercy Centre in Klong Toey rehabilitating abandoned HIV/AIDS victims.”
John recounted the story of one young lad of about 7-8 years old. When they first found him his only mobility was on a skateboard using only one arm. John worked on him for just over a year, and despite him being a little lazy, prior to going on leave told the young man, James, ‘if you can can walk when I get back I will take you and your friends to KFC’. On John’s return James sheepishly WALKED into his office with 20 of his friends... culminating in an expensive day out for John! Many of the children we had were all born with HIV with various different needs... James amongst the many.

“Sadly the Centre was closed for various reasons, but the head nurse Usanee, who studied at St. Thomas’s in London, and I got together and formed a group of around 13-14 former patients to see how they were doing and provide extra support and advice which led to us forming an organization/support group that would essentially be run by themselves”.
The current situation in Thailand today estimates 470,000 people are living with HIV of which 375,000 are on anti-retroviral therapy; and it’s estimated there’s 26,000 teenagers living with HIV, with 15,000 who died of AIDS last year. Sadly LBF lost three teens.

“... So anyway the target is really three things. It’s testing, treatment and then looking at the anti-viral suppression... and Thailand was one of the first countries in South East Asia that has been very quick to recognize the problem when it first arose, so we fortunately got the medication free from the government. Because of the awareness of the infections the numbers are falling... between 2010 and 2018 deaths have declined by 32% whilst new infections came down by almost 60%”

John continued to disseminate more details on infections, increases in 2019 and specific social groups and high risk areas... and some of those who have refused to be tested for HIV are now refusing to be tested for COVID. “The biggest infection that young people come back with is TB, which if they are drug resistant requires taking them off the anti-virals for several months before returning, by which time their anti-viral mode would have gone up.”
“So... what do we do? We quickly realized that we needed somewhere larger to meet.

Little Birds was created and given the name by one of our teens... a highly intelligent young guy called Gwen, who sadly is no longer with us.... and his analogy was that the teens who had left home and went through the difficulties of growing up were like little birds... they fly away, face problems and can come back to a place they can call home.”

In a nutshell that was what LBF was set up to do. They found a house, which was also a safe-house for some who faced physical abuse or other stigmas... which is probably one of the biggest self-imposed burdens these teens carry. Some of the teens have jobs and some want to get back into education.

“We have an HIV specialist and several house-mums who stay whenever there are teens staying at the house. We meet bi-monthly, but recently more often in these difficult times. We encourage the teens to run the Foundation by themselves and we help them with counseling, hospital visits, job interviews and micro-loans.”

LBF funding comes from private donations both here in Thailand, Scotland, parts of the UK, Spain and Australia... and two musicians who hold fund-raising concerts for LBF each year. They were lucky to receive Foundation status in 2019 in only 5 years, mainly because of how well-known their staff are.
“We work with Thai AIDS networks, 15 other groups across Thailand, and the Thai Red Cross allows us to use their facility. Because of the stigma we have a closed Facebook page and took down our website, but will be revisiting that next month. Our future goals are to set up more groups across the country and reach out to those in need. We’ve been recognized by UNICEF and Red Cross and we’re working with the Government health care system on regional policies for HIV and AIDS.”
John showed us a number interesting slides of teens who had graduated, an HIV couple who had an HIV-free child, house-mums at work, micro-loans in action and the main team amongst others... he then fielded HIV/AIDS related questions followed by Rtn. Adrian’s Vote of Thanks... who poignantly noted about John, ” ‘If you want something done, ask someone who’s busy’... and John is one of those people who works incessantly on various projects and gets things done, apart from his own.”
Thank you, John, for the incredible talk and amazing work that you have been doing.

Reported by
Patrick Gauvain
PP Mark Butters announces President Nominee for 2022-23
The Club has had no revenue from South Wind for the past 2+ years, so it is our intention to revamp and reintroduce new advertising rate structures to support the club. At the amazing rate of Baht 3,000 (approx.THB 58 a week) you can place a banner ad for the whole year… and similarly a full size ad for Baht 7,000 per annum (approx.THB 134 a week). Commencing June 4th South Wind will remove all unpaid ads… so we look forward to a plethora of fresh new ads! Sponsors logos will remain. For more information please contact Rtn. Patrick ()
In accordance to the by-laws of RCBS, this is the second of three announcements for the nomination of Rtn. Patrick Gauvain as President Elect for 2022-23. This notification will be published in Southwind three times, and subject to any challenges will be formally confirmed as PN on 28th May 2021 during the weekly Zoom meeting. Any questions should be addressed to the Chair of the Nominating Committee, PP Mark Butters
Thursday 20 May 
FELLOWSHIP NIGHT - Rotarians and New Potential Members at The RoadHouse. Postponed until further notice 

Friday 21 May
At 11.00 hrs. - Final Club Assembly
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At 12.00 hrs. - Zoom Meeting
Classification Interview
Rtn Lars Svensson interviewed by Rtn Ola Holmgrem & Rtn Joe Ravenscroft interviewed by Rtn David Ravenscroft

Friday 28 May
Zoom Meeting - Klonnious Blamo
on "Building Resilience in a Discriminative Society" 

Saturday 26 June 
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RC Royal Hua Hin meeting schedule 2020 / 2021
P Brian Anderson of our daughter club , RC Royal Hua Hin , has confirmed the Club’s meeting schedule for the current Rotary year . RC Royal Hua Hin would be delighted to welcome any of our members who may be taking a break in Hua Hin to attend their meetings , with the monthly schedule as follows :

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21 MAY 2021

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