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Bruno Huber on "Managing an ASQ Hotel"
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20 August, 2021

Lucky for us we only have one more Friday 13th in May 2022! That gives us plenty of time to make sure we are back at Crowne and not relying on international Zoom calls. Our first major technical hitch, but understandable. Hard to avoid.

As we now read and see video footage in the news coming out of Afghanistan, in hindsight we asked a lot of our Guest Speaker, Mr Omid Wali to talk to us via Zoom from his home town. More on this later.

Thank you very much to our History Committee who have worked really hard to finalise the RCBS 60th Anniversary publication. It has been quite a task to bring it to fruition and it is going to be in our hands as soon as is practicable given the circumstances we are all are facing today. The Committee has in reality been working on it since January 2019.

Thank you to our 60th Anniversary History Committee:

PP Nigel          Chair

PP Tim             Editor

PE Patrick        Publisher

PP Dean

PP Don

PP Dougie

PP Maarten

PP Mark

PP Niti

Hence is was tremendous that PP Nigel gave us some background on a couple of key events in our six decade old Club.

Our soon to be published 60th Anniversary History Book is in fact our fourth edition. The first was  for our 25th Anniversary, then a in-cycle 36th Anniversary edition followed by a 50th Anniversary edition. The 50th Anniversary edition incorporates all three editions. The 60th Anniversary History Book will only be for the past ten years.

PP Nigel also told us the story about a past fundraising project of our Club that entailed 50 elephants trekking 500km from Surin to Bangkok. It was to be
a re-enactment of a battle between Burma and Thailand. The managing and logistics of the trek was a huge undertaking with the elephants consuming ten tonnes of vegetation a day! Thirty to fourty days later the elephants arrived at the outskirts of Bangkok where they were supposed to re-enact the battles at the Military Stadium at Rangsit. But unfortunately, powers-to-be stopped that occurring. Fortunately one of our Members had a large parcel of land and
a stadium was quickly erected.

So with 3-400 actors and 50 elephants the re-enactment of the battles went ahead and the Club raised over THB 800k. A lot of money back in 1972 when you consider that the average wage was THB 25  per day!

Finally, the plan was to have as our Guest Speaker Mr Omid Wali calling in from Afghanistan. Omid is a Peace Fellow who in 2018 studied Conflict Analysis at Chulalongkorn University whilst he travelled Laos, Myanmar and Indonesia for case studies. His topic was “Working with the Youth of Afghanistan at this Critical Time of the Peace Process”.

Well as we now know, it was very difficult to get a quality connection out of Afghanistan and as much patience as we had, we ultimately were unable to hear from Omid. PP Andrew has been in touch with Omid who has had to leave his city to get to Kabul as it had fallen to the Taliban. There is a lot of pressure from home countries to extract non-Afghanistan citizens but this is mainly focussed on those who work ‘behind’ the Embassy walls. Omid’s work is largely with the youth out in the provinces. Hence he is still on the ground. Given the obvious state of the nation right now, we won’t be be able to reconnect with Omid any time soon. If there are any updates I am sure we will hear from
PP Andrew.

See you all online on Friday 20th August.

Finbarr O'Connor
President 2021-22

Thank you to all of our Members who joined us from overseas:

•   Rtn Arie Bloed (The Netherlands)

•   Rtn Elmar Lins (Austria)

•   Rtn Joe Ravenscroft (UK)

•   Rtn John Fotiadis (USA)

•   PP John Quarmby (UK)

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Working with the Youth of Afghanistan at this

                        Critical Time of Peace Process

Speaker : Mr. Omid Wali, Peace Fellow

Mr. Omid Wali is Assistant Professor at Nangarhar University. Afghanistan

He pursued his B.A. degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) from Nangarhar University, Afg with the partnership of San Diego State University, USA.

He holds his first Master’s degree in English Language Teaching (ELT) from Andhra University, India while he obtained his second Master in Policy and Public Administration from the same university.

Wali was awarded with the prestigious Fulbright fellowship where he taught Pashtu language at the University of Georgia, Athens, USA. Besides this, he was a trainee of methodology of language teaching at University of Notre Dame, USA.

I first met Wali In 2018, I had interviewed him the previous year and also recommended his endorsement be done by D3350 for the Rotary Peace fellowship, I met him when he came to Thailand and joined class 24 of the Rotary Peace Center where he studied Peace and Conflict Analysis at Chulalongkorn University while there he traveled to Laos, Myanmar and Indonesia for case studies.

He is the author of Portfolio Development Project and the co-translator of Peace and Conflict Studies. Moreover, Wali is the proud Alumni of Kautilya Fellow Program where he studied Leadership, Policy and Strategy in India and Singapore.

He further presented numerous papers in various national and international conferences. In terms of Critical Thinking, Dialogue and Debate, he had the honor of being a trainer with United States Institute of Peace (USIP) and Afghans for Progressive Thinking (APT).

Friday 13th August 2021
In the background to our Rotary meeting, our speaker Wali was trying to get connected. Wali was in Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan (I was communicating with him on Line) From his end he was struggling, at first it was very poor signal, then nothing, then connected to Zoom, but then stopped again. He was busy trying to restart his Net, however he then advised that the signal in the town is completely down!

Wali then suggested that he call on the phone and try to deliver his talk, however that option couldn’t be made to work with the set up I had so we gave up as time ran out. After our meeting was finished I spoke with him and Wali offered to speak at any time in the coming week except Monday

After discussing with President Finbarr, I later that evening confirmed with Wali that we would have a special Zoom meeting for him to give his talk on Wednesday 18th August at 12.00 noon Bangkok time. All was well and I was looking forward to seeing Wali on Wednesday!
Sunday 15th August 2021
Just after midday Bangkok time I saw a message from Wali, the gist of which was that his city had fallen to the Taliban and that he had fled to the safety of Kabul, as it was still under government control.

Seeing his message I called and spoke with him, his fleeing for Kabul the previous evening was as he feared the Taliban would soon take control of the Jalalabad- Kabul highway and he then couldn’t get to Kabul. He thought Kabul would be safer for him given his face was well known in the provinces because of his work with the associated projects with US and UK governments.  At this stage he said  that  he was still confident that  if President Ghani would hand over control to former President Hamid Karsai, then the city would remain safe from the Taliban, he was also wondering and hoping that the rumored arrival of an additional 15,000 US troops was a positive sign as they certainly wouldn’t need those numbers just to secure the route to the airport for US citizens to exit the country, at this stage Wali is still optimistic and confident we will see him on Zoom on Wednesday 18th August!

He obviously has a lot of personal feelings and thoughts about how such a situation has come about that he shared with me, but those should be delivered in his talk should we manage to get this opportunity.
Monday 16th August 2021
 I communicated with Wali to ask him about his situation, his reply
“It is good so far, Let’s see what will happen”  also that the Taliban had not yet touched on topics like for example the TV is still continuing its programs as normal including the music…

Unfortunately the situation is no longer suitable to have Wali speak to us on Zoom.

Reported by PP Andrew MacPherson


Rtn Mark Wolf and Rtn Joe Scuderi - Enjoying the chit-chat
PP Nigel Hardy -  Talking about our 60th Anniversary History Book
Rtn John Casella - With a bemused look
Lucky PP Narinder Sachdev
PP Vichai Tantrativud - Raising a query
Rtn Nicolas Leloup - Our inhouse expert on COVID
Visiting Rtn Willem Adolfs from Rotary Club of Bangkapi.
Fellow Rotarians, the link below will download our Yearbook for this past Rotary year under the leadership of the Late President Yod and completed by President David. A full report of our year by all the committees plus some fun photos of the few events we have managed to hold during this year of living dangerously. Click on the link below (140MB) to download and enjoy!
27 August : 
Mr. Patrick Galvin:
Rotary’s Four - Way Test :
The Secret to Buildinga a Personal and Professional Life of Character

03 September :
Mr. Dan Pathomvanic :
The future of Plant based food

10 September : Ladies day
 Vasana Mututanont :
In New York on 9/11
   17 Sepember : 
    Max Simpson : "Social enterprise
    as a platform for neurodiversity
    - Enabling special needs children"

    24 September : 
    Club Assembly at 11 AM and              District Governor Dr. Wiroon's            Visit, followed by regular lunch
    at 12.30 hrs.

     (Postponed until Further Notice) :
     60th Year Anniversary Dinner at         Bangkok Marriott Marquis
     Queen’s Park

     More details to be provided.

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