Today's Topic: Larry Dohrs on
"Myanmar Dragged Back to the Brink"
No. 2832
2 April 2021

Fellow Rotarians, 

Another week has flown past and Songkran will soon be with us, when we are back from our holidays, we have the club’s Fellowship evening on the 22nd April at the Road House to look forward to.

Last Friday, we had another very big turn out to welcome Dr. Manoon Leechawengwongs back to our club for the third time to update us on COVID in Thailand. This was a very interesting presentation and it was very encouraging to see many Rotarians staying past 1330, clearly enjoying the fellowship at their tables. 

As I shared with you at our meeting on Friday, PN Mike Ellis has withdrawn from the role of President for the Year 2022-23 for personal reasons. This is very sad news, but we appreciate that he has given us such long advance notice, which allows time to form a new succession plan.

I communicated my intentions with you and I have now consulted with several PPs and our PDG. We have agreed that whilst the club’s bylaws 2015 in Section 4 are clear that a vacancy in the position of any officer-elect or director-elect shall be filled by action of the remaining members of the board of directors-elect, as PN Mike was not an officer-elect until July 1 2021, he was only Nominee whereas all other approved Directors for next year are "Elect”. This means that the role of PN was not covered by this rule. 

Therefore, we agreed that we should reset the PN process and begin with the formation of a Nominating Committee to review all candidates and then propose a new PN candidate to the members in April or May this year. To that end, I have asked PP Mark Butters to head the Nomination Committee, he accepted and will start the process by appointing this committee. He is fully empowered to select his own committee and once formed they will look at all candidates who are eligible as per our byelaws as well as by our club’s conventions and traditions.

This Friday, Larry Dohrs, an expert on Myanmar will share some observations on the developing crisis in this neighboring country. 

I hope to see everyone this Friday.

Have a great weekend

President David Record


PP Niti Meyer welcomed Dr. Manoon back to our club and noted that it was the third time he had been invited to speak; the first time being 19 years ago. PP Niti noted Dr. Manoon’s very impressive credentials, initially at Mahidol University’s Medical School then in New York; first at
Long Island College Hospital and then Mount Sinai Services City Hospital Center and eventually Veterans Administration Hospital, Bronx, New York before returning to practice at Vichaiyut Hospital and is a specialist of pulmonary disease. He is noted for his studies on medRxiv revealing that dengue antibodies may boost immunity against COVID-19.

“Thongchai ‘Bird’ MacIntyre, a well-known singer was invited to be a presenter for the face masking campaign that I launched in November 2002 ‘Wear a mask - spare others’... which was in fact the topic on respiratory diseases that I presented at RCBS at that time, almost 20 years ago with Dr. Niti’s father, PP Walter Meyer.

”Also at that time there was an outbreak of SARS, caused by coronavirus 1, and masks were helpful as a social responsible necessity that helped eradicate the disease. After SARS he launched a ‘hand-washing’ campaign and then combined the two. This was preparing for the next epidemic... over 16 years ago. Dr. Manoon noted how difficult it was to convince the public at that time, but fortunately Princess Galayani was highly supportive and the campaign continued.

“I returned to RCBS four years ago to talk about ‘My long fight against drugs resistance to tuberculosis in Thailand’, So now I have created a timeline of Covid-19. In December 2019 there was an outbreak of pneumonia of an unknown cause in Wuhan City, China.... then on 7th January 2020 the first Covid case was identified.... and on 31st January the first case of Covid was identified in Thailand of a Thai citizen. It was then declared by the WHO as a global public health emergency. By 6th March 2020 a super-spreader occurred at the Lumpini Boxing Stadium an on 11th March WHO declared it a global pandemic. This was the first wave and up until December 2020 there were approximately 4,000 cases and 60 fatalities in Thailand. A second wave occurred through migrants from Myanmar creating an increase to 28,000 cases and 92 deaths.

“Thailand is doing much better than other developed countries simply because Thai’s are compliant in wearing face masks, washing their hands and socially distancing. We have been testing and contact tracing and have been isolating infected people, enforcing quarantine and closing borders.” A  traditional wai is respectful and better than a hand-shake..!
In comparison to the USA... Thailand deaths are a thousand times less... simply because they were against everything that they should have done that Thailand did... and they were promoting drugs that were ineffective.

Dr. Manoon then turned to the subject to vaccines.

“There are different types of vaccines now... Sinovac from China, Sputnik from Russia plus Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, and Moderna... and in Thailand now we have two vaccines available... AstraZeneca and Sinovac and Johnson & Johnson has just been approved. The mortality rate is up to the age group and I can see that at RCBS the membership level’s average age is over 50. So the first group of people who should be vaccinated should be the eldest as well as front-line workers as your chance of dying is around 14%.

”Dr. Manoon continued to outline transmission levels and variants that have occurred in the UK, the US, Brazil and South Africa which has caused considerable concern as the vaccine we have today may not be effective for new strains and variants that are now developing everywhere. He indicated that even if you have a vaccine this year, you will likely need another next year to cover new variants. In Thailand today there are only 2 million doses available, while the US has an oversupply of which at least 100 million doses will expire because of misinformation due to fear of side effects, cancer, blood clots, etc. and has created a large populous of anti-vaccine skeptics.

“Finally, I would like to tell you about a new drug that maybe a game-changer called Molnupiravir...  a new hope and prevention of Covid-19 that stops the spreading and shortens the time of infection. This is now in a test pool under study with the hope that by the end of this year there will be some good news"

Dr. Manoon fielded a number of questions and Rtn Nicholas provided a vote of thanks praising Dr. Manoon on his amazing success as a doctor and a supporter of not only helping the relief of Covid-19 but also being a tremendous supporter of RCBS over the years!

Reported by
Patrick Gauvain
Rtn Ron, PP Philip, PP Andrew
PP Peter-Michael, Rtn Aaron, guest Rudi Treu
Guest Claude Seigne, PE Finbarr
Guest speaker Dr. Manoon Leechawengwongs, PP Dr. Niti
Rtn Moto, guest Mathew Neewapin, PP Ole
Guest Vincent Puorre, PP Mark
PP Per, Rtn Ravi
Rtn Wolfgang, PP John
Rtn Ola, Rtn Rui, PP Ole
Rtn Wolfgang, P David, Rtn Marcel
P David presenting prize to winner of RH BBQ charity draw – Rtn Peter
PP Dr. Niti introducing guest speaker
P David, two new members Frank and John, sponsors PP Mark and Rtn Mark
Guest speaker Dr. Manoon Leechawengwongs with Rtn Nicolas, PP Dr. Niti, P David
Friday 2 April
Larry Dohrs on "Myanmar Dragged Back to the Brink"

Friday 9 April 
Classification interviews – Rtn Bruce Darrington by PP Mark Butters and PP Christoph Leonard by PP Nigel Hardy

Friday 16 April 
No official lunch but the Fellowship lunch with a make up credit at RHBBQ

Thursday 22 April 
FELLOWSHIP NIGHT - Rotarians and New Potential Members at The RoadHouse

Friday 23 April 
Dr Daniel Kertesz (WHO Rep for Thailand) on "The Astra-Zeneca Covid Vaccine for Thailand"

Friday 30 April
Jon Åström Gröndahl (Swedish Ambassador to Thailand) on "Gender and Equity" (LADIES DAY)

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