Today's Topic: Zoom Meeting : Max Simpson on Social enterprise as a platform for neurodiversity - Enabling special needs children
No. 2855
    17 September, 2021

Fellowship time is your time. If you would like to talk or listen to fellow Club Members then log into our Zoom Meeting at 12:05 pm each Friday prior to our regular Club Meeting which starts at 12:30 pm. This is unmoderated time so you control the conversations!

Not only did we have a very insightful presentation from our Guest Speaker President Vasana on her experience during 911 in New York, Rtn John Fotiadis also provided his personal observations from the same period during our Fellowship time pre our regular meeting.

Additionally, Rtn Sanjeev led the recognition for Rtn Chip Browness of his Ten Year Anniversary as a Member of our Club. This was the second such recognition for this Rotary Year and there are a few more Anniversaries to be highlighted later in the year which will follow a similar format.

…and, it was Ladies Day, but all nine Ladies who joined our Meeting were visiting Rotarians or a Guest of theirs. We didn’t have one Lady Guest. Not one! mmm.

Nevertheless we had a great result for attendance at the meeting with 47 RCBS Members (5 from overseas), 19 visiting Rotarians plus 4 Guests. An excellent result showing the benefit of Zoom. There certainly was a lot going on for the ninety minutes on Zoom last Friday as we continue to make sure the lockdown restrictions have minimal impact on our Club’s programs.

PP Per Dibber sent me a note which I read out during the meeting: Congratulations to Rtn Paul Weber. He was awarded The Icelandic ‘Order of the Falcon’ for his duties as Honorary Consul for Iceland in Thailand.

Thank you to PP Dougie for giving us an update on our Club's donation to the Good Shepherd Foundation which was processed through the Service Projects Committee.

See you all online on Friday 17th September

Finbarr O'Connor
President 2021-22

Thank you to our Members who joined us from overseas:
Rtn Arie Bloed (The Netherlands)      Rtn Chip Browness (Canada)
Rtn Elmar Lins (Austria)                     Rtn Joe Ravenscroft (UK)                 
PP John Quarmby (France)

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Being In New York During 9/11
10th September, 2021

Guest Speaker : P Vasana Mututanont

PP Andrew MacPherson introduced our guest speaker P Vasana Mututanont of Rotary Club of Bangkok as a highly accomplished executive with 36 years work experience in Board of Investment in Thailand (BOI ). She retired as Deputy Director General including 13 years in 2 separate periods in BOI, New York.

P Vasana started by saying she had previously visited our club only once out of curiosity as our club only had men as members !

She now celebrates her birthday on 9/11 as that day in 2001 she got a new lease in life having been treated and cured for 40 pct third degree burns on her body. Both her husband and she worked in the twin towers. She was on the 37th floor in North Tower and experienced the catastrophy first-hand. At 8.44 am she entered the building and walked towards the elevators. She felt as if the building was shaking slightly but that did not alarm her as this was quite normal until she saw thick black smoke coming towards her. She ran towards the exit and felt a sudden push of hot air on her back and landed face down in a bush near the ramp of the North Tower. She looked around and wanted to stand up but could not. At that point she thought she was going to die and the first thought that came to her mind was who would look after her parents. She prayed to God and made a promise that if she survived, she would look after her parents very well. Seems her prayers were answered because at that time she heard someone calling out her name. It was her husband who had not entered the building as he would everyday but not that day as he had some errand to do. He helped her to get up and move further away from the building. It was then a man came over and offered her his shirt to cover her body. All this while she was in some kind of shock and has no clear recollection of what was happening. 

The police had arrived and questioned all who were outside. She insisted on moving away from the North Tower to a building across the road. She did not panic and kept thinking on what to do next. Both of them were taken to a hospital. And then the treatment began. After 18 hours of initial treatment in that hospital, she was sent to a specialized hospital for burn patients. After 4 weeks of skin grafting and physiotherapy she began to recover very slowly. She spent her time speaking to donors , TV and press both in USA and Asia recounting her experience. 

After 2 months in the second hospital she returned to Bangkok. She was very frustrated as all her personal work had to be done by her husband who was cook, nurse, etc. During this period she never cried and was advised to see a psychiatrist. At the first session she cried her heart out for 45 minutes ! After about 10 sessions with the psychiatrist she began to feel better. In December 2001 she went back to New York and rented a new office and apartment in the same area as rentals had dropped 50 pct. 

She learnt 3 lessons from this incident.
1. Never give up and always try your best.
2. Be mindful. Focus everytime. Anything can happen anytime.
3. Love your family.       

She also learnt there are many good people, generous people in this world. When you need help, even strangers come forward to help you. This is the main reason why she joined Rotary. 

Rtn Rakesh Sodhia thanked the speaker for the moving and emotional recount of the incidents of 9/11 and how it must have pained our speaker to relive those moments once again. For most of us listening to this talk, it was the first time we had heard personal experience from one of the victims of 9/11.

Reported by Rtn Rakesh Sodhia


Rtn Sanjeev Chowdhury honoring Rtn Chip Bowness for 10 years club membership
Our guest speaker P Vasana Mututanont
PP Andrew MacPherson introducing the guest speaker
Rtn Rakesh Sodhia giving the Vote of Thanks on behalf of the club
Ladies Day guests
Lucky winner Rtn Jan Cederwall
Rtn John Fotiadis relating his own experience of 9/11
AG Santi Chartterjee attentively listening to the proceedings
Gang of 3 : Rtn Mark Wolf, Rtn Mark Shaw and Rtn Aaron Henry
Visiting Rotarians
Hat competition !
Service Projects committee in action
PP Dougie Riach
PP Tim Cornwall
Rtn Sanjeev Chowdhury
Rtn Joe Scuderi
Rtn Steve Wilson
Rtan Nicolas Leloup
Rtn Marco Casanova
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24 September : 
Club Assembly at 12:30 pm during our regular Friday Meeting along with District Governor Dr. Wiroon's Visit

01 October :
Khun Voranai Vanijaka : Topic TBC
08 October :
Alan Brown (RC Royal Hua Hin) : 
Keeping connected to Rotary 
while stuck in Melbourne.
      15 October : 
      Classification Interviews :        
      Interviewees TBC

      (Postponed until Further Notice)
      60th Year Anniversary Dinner   
      More details to be provided.

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