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PDG Alex
Mavro : "Honoring Rotary International’s first Lady President"
No. 2846
16th July, 2021

       Our meeting on Friday provided us another opportunity to meet two of our Committee Chairs who introduced their Committees as well and some high level thoughts on key programs and projects to kickstart this Rotary Year.

PP Christoph introduced the Foundation Committee who over many years have had a very stable committed group of Members supported by quite a number of key long standing projects.

PE Patrick introduced the Membership Committee and whilst there were many carry-over Members from the previous Rotary Year, there is a number of new Committee Members to enrich the discussion and support our key objectives of
Acquiring New Members, Retaining Members and Engaging Members.
PE Patrick also confirmed the Committee’s desire to move forward with both
a Member Exit Survey and a Member Satisfaction Survey. Excellent news!

Our Guest Speaker was Dr. Pinnaree Tea-makorn who spoke to the subject of Artificial Intelligence and therefore do we over time start to look like our spouse. Dr. Pinnaree noted that whilst over time there is grounded science for behaviour/emotional mimicry and the the convergence into physical appearance, the science is yet to prove it. That’s the beauty of science.

The Fellowship that occurs before our Friday Club Meeting which starts at
12:30 pm is quite engaging and I have had some feedback to increase the time available. Hence we will open the Zoom online access to all Members from
12:05 pm (previously 12:15 pm). Whilst we are in the online format this will provide Members an opportunity for Fellowship that we all so much miss from our lunches at Crowne.

Hence if you wish to catch up with what is happening in an informal way, please feel free to join Zoom at 12:05pm and as usual our Club Meeting will be called to order starting at 12:30pm.

Finbarr O'Connor
President 2021-22

Please find the link below to join the  Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 886 9644 8467
Passcode: RCBS2122
Topic: RCBS 2021 2Q
          Every week on Fri,
          July 16th, 2021   12.15 PM
          July 23rd, 2021   12.15 PM
          July 30th, 2021   12.15 PM

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Dr. Pin Pin Tea-makorn

     When discussing topics like relationships and marriage, we can always expect an interesting conversation. This time was no different with PP Nick introducing a world renowned scientist specializing in computational, artificial intelligence, and data science. Dr. Pin Pin Tea-Makorn graduated from Stanford, was awarded the King’s Scholarship, and is involved with startup ventures involving serverless communications and artificial intelligence,
in addition to being a newly joined professor at the Sasin faculty.


While debates swirled amongst Rotarians on how much they like their spouses, Dr. Pin Pin Tea-makorn, showed us how to use scientific and quantitative reasoning to answer the question if we tend to look like our spouses over time. While looking more like your spouse is probably a positive thing for most Rotarians, is it true? Dr. Pin Pin helped us answer that question by showing us her methodology in trying to find patterns in the world.

Some of the insights she shared include that we do not look like our spouses over time, however there is evidence that birds of the same feather flock together as people tend to partner with those that share similar interests and physical characteristics. Dr. Pin Pin used both human and AI analysis to review hundreds of publicly available wedding anniversary photos to analyze the changes of faces over decades of time. Modern technology and computational artificial intelligence has helped her conduct experiments at a much faster pace, especially when compared to traditional methods that typically focused on random samples of mostly university students. Now scientists are able to compare large data sets quickly and efficiently with relatively high accuracy though technology.

Other fun facts shared during the session included that scientific evidence does exist that dogs and their owners do tend to look alike, that extroverted people are perceived as more attractive, that couples that look like each other over time tend to be most satisfied with their relationships, and the fact that couples who are happy early in their relationship are more likely to remain happy later
in life. 

In summary, Rotarians listen to your spouses' universal advice that a happy spouse leads to a happy life.

Reported by Rtn. Sunny Patel.

A. Foundation Committee : This consists of 8 sub-committees and Director           PP Christoph Leonhard introduced each with names of respective Chairmen
     and the committee members.

 1. Paul Harris Fellows : Chaired by PP Ken Hoon  
 2. Humanitarian Grants : Co-Chaired by PP Krit Wongsaengarunsri and
     Rtn Rod Vergara
 3. Luangsit Fellows : Co-Chaired by PP Ole Madsen and
  PP Manu

 4. Polio : Chaired by PP Vichai Tantrativud
 5. Youth : Chaired by Rtn Worrakit Pholsawad
 6. Four Way Test : To be announced
 7. Twin Clubs : Chaired by Rtn Van Tang
 8. Japanese Twin Clubs : Chaired by Rtn Moto Kakiuchi

B. Membership Committee : Chaired by PE Patrick Gauvain
  1. PE Patrick Gauvain (Chair)
  2. PDG Alex Mavro 
  3. IPP David Record
  4. PP Doug Riach 
  5. PP Ken Hoon
  6. PP Mark Butters
  7. PP Nick Pisalyaput 
  8. PP Nigel Hardy 
  9. PP Tim Cornwall 
10. PP Vichai Tantrativud
11. Rtn Aaron Henry
12. Rtn Dana Caron
13. Rtn Jeremy King
14. Rtn Manu Mekdhanasarn
15. Rtn Mark Wolf
16. Rtn Tony Kowatanawinta
17. Rtn Ragil Ratnam 
18. Rtn Rui Belo (absentee: July - October)


PP Nick Pisalyaput - Introducing our speaker.
PP Christoph Leonhard - Introducing his Foundation committee.
PE Patrick Gauvain - Introducing his Membership committee
PP Dean Outerson - Offering vote of thanks.
The Club has had no revenue from South Wind for the past 2+ years, so it is our intention to revamp and reintroduce new advertising rate structures to support the club. At the amazing rate of Baht 3,000 (approx.THB 58 a week) you can place a banner ad for the whole year… and similarly a full size ad for Baht 7,000 per annum (approx.THB 134 a week). We look forward to a plethora of fresh new ads! Sponsors logos will remain. For more information please contact Rtn. Rakesh Sodhia (
Fellow Rotarians, the link below will download our Yearbook for this past Rotary year under the leadership of the Late President Yod and completed by President David. A full report of our year by all the committees plus some fun photos of the few events we have managed to hold during this year of living dangerously. Click on the link below (140MB) to download and enjoy!
16th July :
PDG Alex Mavro: 
"Honoring Rotary International’s first Lady President".

23rd July :
Billy Curryer : "The Karen Hill Tribe Foundation".

30th July :
Weekly meeting via Zoom.
Program to be advised.

6th August :
Weekly meeting via Zoom.
Program to be advised.

13th August : 
Weekly meeting via Zoom.
Program to be advised.

(Postponed until Further Notice) :

60th Year Anniversary Dinner at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park. More details to be provided.

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Meets first and third Monday of each month at Royal Cliff Beach Resort. 
Fellowship from 18.30 pm and meeting starts
at 19.15 pm. 
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Khun Khob’s Club Almanac #2846
16th July, 2021

Happy Birthday :
Arie Bloed    July 17th

Wedding Anniversary Greetings:
Michael Bain                             July 20th
CP Chumpol Phornprapha      July 21st

Attendance for July 9th, 2021 :  57% (Zoom)
Active Logged-in 38, Exemption Logged-in 7, Absent 60, Total 105

Visiting Rotarians:
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Rotary Peace Fellow Orientation Zoom Meeting, 7th July 2021:
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Membership, 7th July 2021: Dana Caron, IPP David Record, Jeremy King,
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PP Vichai Tantrativud

RC Bangkok, 8th July 2021: Adrian Topham, PP Narinder Sachdev
Zoom Weekly Meeting, 9th July 2021 : 
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Nicolas Leloup,PP Nigel Hardy,
PE Patrick Gauvain, PP Philip Baechtold,
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