Today's Topic: Mr. John MacTaggart
on the "Little Birds Foundation.
No. 2837
14 May 2021
Last Friday I was delighted to share the good news about the deliberations of the Presidential Nomination Committee and their decision to nominate Rotarian Patrick “Shrimp” Gauvain to be the President of our great Club in the Rotary Year 2022-23.

Judging from the joyful reactions and smiling faces that I could see on my Zoom screen, this seemed to be a near-universally welcomed decision, although we will still be following our club bylaws and announcing his nomination for the next two weeks. During this time, nominations from within the club are still welcome of course.

I am still looking forward to seeing you all again, face to face at the Crowne Plaza before not too long but I fear it may be some time, the hotel is not even able to host our board meetings at the moment, so we are stuck in a limbo land wearing our face-masks, gelling our hands and awaiting vaccination.

I attended two Rotary Zoom meetings last week, I virtually visited the Rotary Club of Bangkok, along with our Treasurer to hear about the Eastern Economic Development Development where the Bangkok club had identified a senior government spokesman to speak to them and the developments and ideas on economic hubs and clusters in the EEC sound very interesting for Thailand's future. It was good to see how their club held their Zoom meetings. This week I plan to attend the Bangkapi Club to hear PDG Jason Lim, speak about Global Grants; it has been many years since our Rotary club participated in a Global Grant, so I hope to learn something new.

Last Friday the Program Committee had arranged the second of their new lineup of virtual presenters and we heard Hong Sin Kwek speak on "Crowdfunding with a Difference””. This was a talk which prompted many questions from our members and I am sure that we are all looking forward to the rest of the online program during May and June.

As a quick reminder, for members of the club, please don’t forget to put the 11:00, Friday 21st May in your diary for our first-ever Online Club Assembly.

I hope to see many of you online on Friday 14th May where our speaker will be Mr. John MacTaggart on the "Little Birds Foundation.

Have a great weekend

President David Record
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PP Nick introduced his good friend, Khun Hong Sin as a ‘serial entrepreneur’ who began her first venture in cybersecurity space in 2001. In 2010 she designed the structure of the ASEAN Chief Information Officers Association, a non-profit organization based in Bangkok that worked with CIOs from large corporations and state enterprises and remains deeply involved in the organization in a leading role as a Global Relationship Officer.

Hong Sin is passionately driven to empower start-ups and SMEs to contribute to a better world and believes that funding should never be the obstacle to create and scale such positive impact. This has led her in the early 2010’s to be a key advocate for crowdfunding as a viable alternative funding source, especially for the underserved – crowdfunding at the time was unknown in emerging countries across ASEAN.

For anyone that knows Hong Sin, she walks the talk, so it is no surprise that advocacy alone was not enough and, in 2013, she began the pioneering journey to create Thailand’s first fully licensed crowdfunding platform. SEC approval was finally granted at the end of 2018 and her platform Sinwattana claimed Thailand’s first successful equity crowdfunded transaction last year.

The core of her talk was a focus on ‘crowdfunding with a difference’, how a group such as Bangkok South could avail ourselves of her platform as a fund-raising mechanism and to highlight some of her successful projects that have already started.
In opening her talk, she reviewed what we as a Rotary Club do in finding projects, putting out information, collecting funds and then seeing a project through, is in fact the core traits needed to be successful with crowdfunding. The main difference with what we do, and crowd funding is to put our projects on a platform that gains a great deal more exposure in that it is now no longer limited geographically or to those who know us.

Hong Sin described how a crowd-funding platform works and the need to build and maintain trust with the idea that as we are quite hands on and undertake good work, we want this to be reflected in a ripple effect that sends out our fund-raising needs to more and more people. She mentioned the idea of inclusiveness, where people come together to help, with the current example being India and added that not only funds but also goods or services can be sourced.

She also explained how crowd-funding in Thailand got a boost from last year’s Covid-19 crisis and how within 24 hours her team created a campaign entitled ‘Food for Fighters’ and raised about 1.5M Baht to provide meals for front-line medical staff. Another project they successfully achieved was to do with mask and raised about 2.4M Baht.

Crowd sourcing has different types – two of which she explained in more detail: Reward Funding in which people get something back, for example a T-Shirt and Equity Funding in which donors receive a share in the company and gain dividends or interest if it is a bond instrument, which would be repaid at the end of the process.

However, for a Rotary Club, the first step is to identify a problem, then to focus on who to look for funding. With this understood, content needs to be produced to showcase the problem by creating a storyboard, including content and video, the final appeal is then sent out via social media. Once awareness is created, potential donors come to the crowd-funding platform on which fund-raising progress is tracked. At this stage, she was careful to explain, while all information gathered must be protected based on current privacy laws, donors have the option to be identified or can remain.

Once the project is funded, it is necessary to keep the donors aware of what has been happening, how the funds were employed, and the results achieved. If this is not undertaken, it can make the next time more difficult.

To get a project started on her platform, they need a clear project, people who will be looking after it and an idea as to how much is needed and how it will be used. In fact, they have everything up and ready for a group like us to make it easy to find additional funds. Her platform would charge a group like Bangkok South 10 percent of what comes in as they find charities require more work on their part.

An interesting and informative talk, Khun Hong Sin’s ideas as to fund raising could help RCBS find additional funding sources as we tend to have more potential projects than funding.

Reported by

Patrick Gauvain
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The Nomination Committee is happy to announce the nomination of Rtn. Patrick Gauvain as President Elect for 2022-23. This notification will be published in Southwind three times, and subject to any challenges will be formally confirmed as PN on 28th May 2021 during the weekly Zoom meeting. Any questions should be addressed to the Chair of the Nominating Committee, PP Mark Butters. 


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Friday 14 May
Zoom Meeting - Mr. John MacTaggart
on the "Little Birds Foundation.

Thursday 20 May 
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RC Royal Hua Hin meeting schedule 2020 / 2021
P Brian Anderson of our daughter club , RC Royal Hua Hin , has confirmed the Club’s meeting schedule for the current Rotary year . RC Royal Hua Hin would be delighted to welcome any of our members who may be taking a break in Hua Hin to attend their meetings , with the monthly schedule as follows :

1st Tuesday is Fellowship Night
2nd Tuesday is 12:00 Lunch meeting at Amari
3rd Tuesday is Board meeting only
4th Tuesday is 12:00 Lunch meeting at Amari
5th Tuesday is 12:00 Lunch meeting at Amari (if we have a 5th Tuesday in the month)

The location of Fellowship Night events should be confirmed with P Brian
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Khun Khob’s Club Almanac #2837
14 MAY 2021

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