Today's Topic: Djoann Fal on
“Digital Economy during Covid-19 Times”.
No. 2841
11 June 2021

Fellow Rotarians,

What an interesting talk we had last from our former member and Past President, Graham Brain… who told us all about the trials and tribulations he has experienced from having caught COVID in the middle of April..!
Many of us last met PP Graham at the funeral of PP Maarten Worp in early April and he had me checking my timeline, but it appeared that it was the week after the funeral that he caught COVID. We all hope that PP Graham continues to recover, and are looking forward to seeing him in the flesh before not too long, but only after has had a negative test and the ‘all-clear’ from his Doctors… of course! Thank you PP Graham for such an excellent presentation, and if any of you were wondering where he was treated or were too polite to ask, it was at Samitivej Hospital.
Due to the COVID restrictions, we have agreed to postpone our Installation Dinner to later in the year and combine it with the 60th Anniversary celebration in August. Rotarian Aaron Henry will continue to update us on what the plans are, and we will need to be adaptable and understanding. Our Yearbook will be distributed electronically with the printed copy coming later.
This means that we will have regular Zoom meetings every Friday in June and that the final meeting on Friday 25th June will involve a handover to next year’s President and Club Board.
The Zoom program continues and this Friday we have a young French entrepreneur from the digital economy, Djoann Fal who will be speaking to us about the “Digital Economy during Covid-19 Times”, another one not to be missed.
I hope to see many of you online on Friday.

Have a great weekend

President David Record

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PP Graham Brain started his talk by looking back as to where he had been leading up to the first lockdown and to help determine when, where, and how he contracted Covid.
In 2020, he was in London in February and then Cape Town in March. He had been in Cape Town for a week when the event he was there for was cancelled on the day it was to start with everyone then rushing back to their home countries. It was then that Graham first heard about Covid, and it made sense as to why the event had been cancelled.
Travelling back was a bit of trouble, but it was not until he got to the airport here that the severity of the situation dawned on him with the airport like a scene from a sci- fi movie and being greeted with airport staff fully dressed for maximum protection.
From April to June, during the first lockdown, he went into a cave, binged watched TV, read books, and did nothing, basically becoming a Zombie. When the first wave was done, he came out, life back to normal, he found places to enjoy a drink and like many, became blasé about things to the point he invited 30 people to a restaurant that sat 24, showing, as he said, “the degree we felt we would not get it.”
That all changed on 11 April – when he had lunch with two friends, shook hands with the owner and friends at the table next to him. Eight days later, three of them had Covid.
Unfortunately, it took a while for him to realize. A week later he was out for a birthday party and then a restaurant. Enjoying the evening, things became very blurry by the end and the next morning he had, what he thought at the time, the usual fuzzy hangover, nothing out of the normal.
However, it did not go away and as the as day went on, it got worse. It was then he realized something was very wrong. Off to the hospital, had the test, which is not a pleasant experience. Feeling quite scared, he then went home to receive call that he had Covid and that they were going to send a van over to pick him up and take him to his new, temporary abode.
Compared to the usual way most of us are used to walking into a Thai hospital, with, smiling people and lots of space filled with bright modern amenities, he was brought in through a back door, met by more sci-fi characters covered from head to foot in protective gear and taken through isolated backwater alley ways to the wing where he would spend three weeks isolated and completely separated from the main hospital.
Then things started to hit him in waves, he was connected, not in a good way, to EKGs placed all over his body along with a blood pressure reading device wrapped around his arm, all of which stayed connected for 12 days. This increased the discomfort and cut into sleep as every 30 minutes the blood pressure machine would kick in with the resulting discomfort waking him up from whatever sleep he had been able to get.
Things got worse as he also developed pneumonia and now needed two drugs, both of which were not available. Eventually, the hospital was able to find a solution with good results everyone who needed them.
First day in ICU, Graham was bombarded with messages and questions, all expecting individual responses. With no desire to answer them, all he put everyone into a single group and kept everyone up to date that way.
After 12 days, when his temperature dropped back to normal and he was off the two machines, he was allowed out of ICU and into a normal room. At first it seemed like a luxury, as it had a TV set, a window, a lounge table - everything – allowing him to catch up on sleep and to deal with his on-going dizziness and shortness of breath.
After two to three days, boredom set in and with no interest in TV or reading, he spent time thinking about life and his priorities. His appetite was back – but it was hospital food, so he had to deal with what he was provided.
The doctors came to see him on his second last day and told him that he had suffered a medium to high Covid bout along with the pneumonia and that they had been quite worried about him. As his 12 days in ICU were just a blur – ‘a zombie nightmare’ he was glad they had not told him how tough things were while he was there but was very appreciative of what and how they shared his condition and what it had meant.
Home now for three weeks, his routine reflects Covid paranoia with meals dropped outside his room and text messages from his wife to get it. Then, last week hoping it was all done, he went to be tested and failed. As such, he remains stuck in isolation for another two weeks with the test next Thursday which he hopes clear.
The aftermath is that as his antibodies are not strong enough to fight back, he needs to stay isolated. His lungs are scarred from the pneumonia, and it could take three to six months to see how much they will recover and whether it will be a high 90 per cent or a low 60. The only thing to do now is breathing exercises with a small machine and when able, he plans to get out of the house and start walking again. Finally, while his blood sugar remains high, he is off the cocktail of drugs he needed to take for a while and down to just one.
Luckily, if anything could be said to lucky about Graham’s misfortune, he had insurance to cover and only needed to pay 32,000 of the total 540,000 Baht bill.
Looking back, Graham suggests he was lucky, but could have been luckier – asymptomatic and while he might have liked to have lost more weight, he did lose some. He also has high praise for the nurses and doctors who helped him as they showed true care and compassion while he was there.
An amazing story, and from someone many of us know for having great stories, this was the first one I have heard from Graham, I am glad I did share with him.
PP Graham – thank-you for an amazing story and for making Covid so real for those of us who might have become ambivalent in our cautionary measures and can imagine that everyone who joined today will have changed that attitude and when we meet again next time, remember to ‘wai’ and not extend a hand in greeting.

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Friday 11 June
Zoom Meeting - Djoann Fal on “Digital Economy during Covid-19 Times”.

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