Luang Sit Fellowships

The Luang Sit Sayamkarn Scholarship Fund

Luang Sit Sayamkarn was the name of a knighthood bestowed on Thian Hock Hoontrakul, Governor of (then) Rotary District 330, Thailand, in 1959-60.

He served in many ministerial positions in various governments and helped found the Rotary Club of Bangkok South in 1961. He passed away at the age of 62 in 1963.

In 1964, during the Presidency of the Late PP Wudhi Mekdhanasarn, our Club’s members voted to set up a permanent scholarship fund in Luang Sit’s name to assist needy children obtain tertiary education.

Thus, the Luang Sit Sayamkarn Scholarship Fund was established in Luang Sit’s memory, and the Luang Sit Scholarship Fund Committee was set up under the Chairmanship of PP Wudhi.

Thanks to donations by members, family and friends, the Luang Sit Sayamkarn Scholarship Fund has accumulated over the years and now exceeds 2.25 million Baht.

PDGSMembers make donations on their birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions. The Fund is held on term deposit under the custodianship of The Rotary Club of Bangkok South and the interest generated provides a limited number of scholarships for needy children.

In 1985, the Luang Sit Fellowship Programme was established. Under this initiative, members of Rotary Bangkok South, wives, relatives and friends can become a Luang Sit Fellow by donating Baht 8,000 per year for at least four consecutive years.

The money is deposited in a separate Luang Sit Fellowship bank account, until it is paid out to the scholarship students. Luang Sit Fellows receive a commemorative pin in recognition of their support.

Every year an amount corresponding to the number of students sponsored is then forwarded to the Foundation for the Welfare of Needy Schoolchildren under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen, which in turn administers the scholarships on behalf of each Fellow and the Fund.

The number of students sponsored each year equals the total number of Luang Sit Fellowships plus the number of scholarships that can be funded by interest earned on the Luang Sit Sayamkarn Scholarship Fund.

Each year 90-100 Luang Sit Fellows support up to 120 students. Many of the fellows are wives or friends of RCBS members.

Like to learn more about our Luang Sit Fellowship Programme either to sponsor, or to enroll for a fellowship? Please click HERE and we will be in touch with you.