BBB Aids Hospice

Our Rotary has been a longtime supporter of the Ban Bang Boon Aids Hospice under the leadership of Khun Prasert Mangkornkarn and Michael Bain.

ROTARY has supported the BBB for 19 years by funding the building (capex 800,000 Baht), with RCBS donating 25,000 Baht per month to its operating costs over a number of years. We continued to support the BBB this Rotary year.

The BBB hospice, located 75 kilometers north of Bangkok, provides palliative care for terminally ill people who have a short
time to live. This year, there have been on average 30 – 40 patients at any one time. Currently, as of April 2020, there are 35 patients. The manager of 20 years is well and remains dedicated to continuing what she terms “her life’s work.”

We have provided additional help to the BBB by providing a clean drinking water system to reduce cost of bottled water and ensure there is enough clean water for the needs of the people.

In addition, RCBS friend Nick Scully, who attended a Service Projects committee meeting, heard of the BBB and some
of the issues and donated 10 fire extinguishers that the hospice badly needed.

RCBS members visit the BBB regularlyvto monitor its activity; ensuring that it remains sustainable so that the RCBS monthly support continues in future years.